PF Dismiss Zesco Letter

The ruling Patriotic Front has dismissed a letter circulating online purporting that Zesco Limited has made a payment of K3 million to the party.

A letter addressed to Zesco managing director Victor Mundende purportedly from the company’s finance director Saidi Chimya is alleged to be in response to a request of K10 million from the PF, but only K3 million was said to have been made available.

But PF media director Sunday Chanda has stated that the ruling party “does not receive any funding whatsoever” from Zesco Limited or any government institution.

“It has come to our attention that there is a letter purported to have been issued by ZESCO authorizing a payment to the Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila. We wish to inform the general public that the said letter is the imagination of small and disgruntled criminal minds. PF does not receive any funding whatsoever from ZESCO or any government corporation; neither does any corporation pay anyone at the Patriotic Front Secretariat. These parastatals are audited and its therefore a no-brainer that no such funding exists,” Chanda has stated.

He advised Zambians to disregard the letter “emanating from those who refuse to accept that Patriotic Front remains Zambia’s number one (1) Party of choice”.

“We are actually shocked at the lack of creativity characterizing the Opposition’s propaganda machinery,” stated Chanda.



  1. Gangsta grabs

    Imwe bafikala everytime baka kusopololoni ninshi ni opporsition yalenga.why is zesco not saying anything?

    • P.M

      Exactly Gangsta. Why is zesco not refuting this. Does Chanda work for zesco or is he the pf party treasurer?.This boy must learn to keep his beak shut at times. Time is fast approaching for all these pf thieves to account and pay for their crimes. Come 2021 they will be running like ba koswe

  2. CJ

    Iwe Sunday,shut up nkala zee leka benebake banalemba nkalata batiuze not koswe.

  3. Ngwazi Yosaoneka

    Anything is possible with PF,these people can never be trusted with impunity.Everything is in a mess.De economy z in intesive care unity,corruption z at its peak,no jobs,more taxes & no food in the country.We shall mek sure that pf is voted out come 2021.

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