Suspended NDC Official Accuses Kambwili of Nepotism

Suspended National Democratic Congress (NDC) Kitwe chairman Steve Chewe has charged that the party is on the path of self destruction because those at the helm are exhibiting high levels of nepotism and dictatorship.

Chewe, who was suspended after he argued with the decision to suspend Mwenya Musenge, the NDC secretary general, has accused party consultant Chishimba Kambwili of imposing his relative as candidate in the Roan Parliamentary by elections.

“As a founder member of NDC, I am very disappointed at the way the party is being run by Mr Kambwili. There is no democracy and whoever wants to stay in NDC has to dance to the tune of Mr Kambwili, whether the song is in bad taste or not,” Chewe alleged.

He said the NDC was not founded on grounds of nepotism and dictatorship.

Chewe has further said despite an announcement having been made through the media of his suspension, he had not yet been served with the said suspension letter.

Confusion started when Roan Constituency Women secretary Mutale Mutale led other party members in denouncing the adoption of Joseph Chishala as the party’s candidate in the April 11 Roan parliamentary by-election.


  1. Doubt Katwishi

    Chewe just come out of NDC and start dancing to Kaleza song.

  2. Mwamba

    Every one knows that Chishala is Kambwilis relative.First he wanted his son to stand Yaluma then he tried his wife .Wife has no voters card she has never voted .She is English .Then he had no choice but to impose his relative.NDC family affairs.

  3. One k

    So that was the game.nepotism and dictatorship not democracy.maybe chishala is more popular than others.wako no wako.

  4. Mwila Clement

    Only GOD knows where we’re going


    Pipo of zambia why do u like exposing something or someone when u are corrupted ad then open your mouth against ,wen u were together u did not say anything but wen u come out dats wrn u expoz hidden agenda, better kip quiet before putting yourself into trouble.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      @Emmaus, may be Steve chewe did not know where the party was going when he joined. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

  6. But why

    Some politicians in Zambia create cliques to cause confusion in other political parties. So be wise and sober up when commenting. Selfish motives at their peak. God help Zambia

  7. John

    The man has a right to express himself.If things are not going on well in NDC,they should be exposed.Abash dictatorship and nepotism !

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