Zambia U23 Win Away in Malawi

The Zambia Under-23 National Team recorded a significant 1-0 away win over the junior flames of Malawi in the Egypt 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

Belgium based Fashion Sakala powerfully headed in the winner in the 76th minute to keep the ‘Bola Na Lesa’ spirit alive.

Zambia was unlucky to have Patson Daka’s effort that could have taken the tally to 2-0 not allowed by the referee on account that it did not cross the line.

The two sides will now face off in the return leg on Sunday at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

Coach Beston Chambeshi will be happy the bulk of his 2017 Africa Cup winning side lived up to their pre-match hype and will be hoping to dowse the junior flames before the home ground.

Winner over two legs will face either Burundi or Congo Brazzaville in the final qualifying round for November 2019 Olympic qualifying tournament.


  1. Osei

    Brave under 23 not if fimbi

  2. One cc

    That’s Zambia we know go Zambia go thanks to our boy’s will finish the job in lsk on Sunday

  3. paul usona

    Well done guys

  4. Coswell Banda

    Fashion Sakala has always been a good player but his weakness has been holding on to the ball for too long.If he works on this which me has been doing these past weeks he will once again regain the glory he once had.

  5. Leonard

    Our dream team again we have scored via sensational F.sakala wait on Sunday 3nill Malawi will crawl

    • Norman Chimankata

      Nice nd easy, we need more effort on Sunday guys.

  6. Alex Mwanza

    Wow!Well done our boys,you’ve done us proud.. Thambs up Chipolopolo.

  7. Laurent

    We should not be too proud as Zambians but be able to overcome the upset which might be manufactured in future engagement either in Congo or Burundi. But the way I know the boys they are not a let down as others are.

  8. Anold

    bravo to the guys keep it up

  9. Fabian

    Well done boys keep it up

  10. Alex Jr

    well done guys

  11. kunda dee

    Comment ebola tungatambako fye iyabaiche,mwati nibalya abafilwa ukwingisha na keeper talimo ba ngonga

  12. jackson

    well done future chipolopolo

  13. kk peter


  14. Ubusuma bukakulya

    That’s the team I know not the like of shamujompa kaya

  15. Naoka

    Nice one keep up guys!!

  16. Considerate

    Thanx ba Beston na team

  17. Mekelani mvula

    Keep it up ,job well done .but don’t put politics in football I have seen one of the vehicle carrying supports with stickers of PF .lets leave football alone please ,Thanks

  18. siulapwa

    Well done lads that’s the pride of Zambia we cherish you

  19. Clarence lungu

    Well done chipolopolo, you always hit like a bullet…go guys keep the spirit.

  20. Elijah Chisenga

    Well done boys,let’s what the senior will do on Saturday

  21. Kafute R

    keep going boys. this is good we are proud with you.

  22. Kongo

    Well done boys let’s finish the job on Sunday.

  23. Elias

    job well done,i think this team in future time,might bring us more joy mwe,internation level u are doing fine and come local,fine results,lets go zambia

  24. bliss wanes

    congrats…that’s lovely..more goals pa home

  25. Dcm

    Well done boys

  26. frank mutale

    U have made us proud

  27. Morgan

    God we thank you for what you have to us as Zambians, go Zambia go, we are proud of you.

  28. Samuel

    Well done lads..keep the same spirit of winning.

  29. Farmer

    Zambia’s defence worries me. Someone needs to educate our coaches that territorial marking and the concept of watch the man without the ball needs to be drilled into their tactical awareness.

  30. Tompwe

    Zambia high pressure

  31. Mwa

    Well done Fashion Sakala. Your skill is still as good, am sure you ll even get better!

  32. jeromy musonda

    go Zambia go chipolopolo

  33. Teezon FekkySavage

    Zambia pa top
    Bola Na Lesa

  34. Moono

    Go Zambia go

  35. kelzee

    well done guys that’s the team of Zambia we know go forward guys

  36. Richard sichone

    Fashion is blessed with good quality to offer.go fashion go chipolopolo go

    • Paul Bwalya

      Comment Go lads go, do it again. You are Zambia’s inspiration. Wishing you all the best.

  37. Chris

    Comment fashion and patson are still in under 23 kkkkkkkk

  38. Mathews Lungu

    Am proud of my team win or lose.

  39. Under 23

    Bola na lesa… Zambia awina ichungulo


    Beston Chambeshi uli mukali i meen U are a good coach.Many thanx to fashoni sakala for neting which have make chipolopolo win.

  41. Don

    Well done guys go zambia

  42. Simpito Mukandwa

    Mwabombeni job well done

  43. Schwerzi

    Go Zambia Go we believe in you

  44. Gilbert

    Comment Let’s troop to the stadium on Sunday and watch the glamour boys quench
    the Flames congrats lads for the job well done

  45. Chembo nickson

    Well done our best team in zambla, thanx patson daka

  46. levy

    keep up guys, we trust you!

  47. Stenford

    These boys are awesome

  48. chile

    just hoping they don’t change the team again.. it’s a good start.

  49. Sterne Kanyoni Mwase

    Congrats boys. Don’t be complacent.

  50. Paul

    We are so happy, go Zambia go

  51. rashid paulino

    criticism builds we are on truck now guys.keep it up and continue raising our flag

  52. Allan lungu

    This is good and also encouraging for us funds.
    Keep it up Guys, but this issue of fans being transported with a branded vehicle for PF is not good.
    Let us separate the two.
    Congrats Chipolopolo

  53. Christopher Ngulube

    Weldon boys, let’s finish the job in our proudly capital city on Sunday. All the best in the second leg. Go Zambia Go.

  54. isaac phiri

    Comment Go Zambia Go bola na less



  56. Joko

    That was a powerful header son ,keep it up boys.

  57. Sakala

    Congratulations 🎉 guys 👏👏👏👏, Go Go Zambia 🇿🇲 Bola Na Less zoona.

  58. Don

    go Zambia go boys fight and counqur

  59. Damisiano

    congulaturation zambia

  60. promise

    keep it up guys, we are behind.

  61. Ba Barnes

    Go guys go ni bola na lesa, we are all behind you


    i like that spirit from our boys continue the same hope guys one zambia one love nation wish u all the best ahead

  63. Luck Muwaya

    Congratulations chipolopolo boys for beating flames of Malawi. Wish you the very best in the fixture.

  64. NQ

    Well done

  65. George phiri

    Fantastic ,we ar really doing well chipolopolo


    This is the only reason why I like fashion Sakala and his excellent Mr betstone head coach. We are thank so much Guy’s!!!!

  67. Kelvin mulenga

    keeping a team for some time is important for player understanding each other on the pitch.congratulations young chipolopolo(U23).

  68. Victor

    well done?
    and did Mwepu feature?

  69. Michael

    Wow! Am looking forward to see Malawi craw back home with straight 4-0 lose. What time will the match start on Sunday?

  70. Michael kaluba

    Congratulations ba Zambia this is Zambia l know under 23 go chipolopolo go🇿🇲🇿🇲


    Don’t allow us to faint

  72. Tubu

    i love fashion go and finish them ,because you are now in your ring

  73. Kabongo Daniel


  74. Brizo

    This Sunday?

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