Katete Defilement Suspect, Victim’s Family Relocate to Unknown Village

Police in Katete are looking for 25-year-old Patrick Mwanza who has been accused of defiling an eight year old.

Mwanza, according to police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo, has since relocated from his Malanda Village in chief Mbangombe’s area to an unknown place after he was made to pay cattle.

The family of the victim has also left the village, Katongo has stated.

“Police made a follow up on information circulating on social media in which it is alleged that a 25-year-old man of Chief Mangombe in Katete District of Eastern Province defiled a girl aged 8 years and that when the matter was taken to the village headwoman, the suspect was made to pay two cattle. The findings of officers are that there is indeed information alleging that Patrick Mwanza, aged 25, of Malanda village, which is located 85 kilometers from Katete , defiled a girl aged 8 years of the same village on 11th March, 2019,” Katongo stated.

“However, at the time when officers made a follow up to the report, the parents of the victim, the victim and the suspect had relocated to unknown place. When the headwoman was questioned, she indicated that at the time she called the parents of the victim concerning the matter, it came to her attention that the relatives to the victim, including parents, had already resolved the matter by making the suspect pay cattle…Investigations have been instituted in the matter. We appeal to members of the public with information on the whereabouts of the parents of the victim, the victim and the suspect to inform the police so that the perpetrators of this crime are brought to book.”


  1. tm

    sad stroy inocent girls virginity swapd with cattle so she will b married by the same man

  2. Alick

    why why people, surery how can u do such a thing? what if it was your doughter,how can u feel? and for u village headwoman how can u reasove the mater like that ? you’re a very corrupt woman. i wish it was your doughter shame on u!

  3. Jeremy

    The suspect and the parents of the young girl must be arrested.!!

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