Lungu Considers Help for Countries Hit by Cyclone Idai

President Edgar Lungu says he will soon sit with some government officials to see how Zambia can assist neighboring countries affected by cyclone Idai.

Speaking on arrival in Chipata this morning, President Lungu said Zambia needs to mourn with Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe that were

affected by cyclone Idai.

“We want to give them little food that we can afford, so we should think of our colleagues affected. So I am asking you to be praying for our colleagues who are faced by this big problem. Like I said, mzako akapya ndevu mzimile. so we have to mourn with the people in Malawi, we have to mourn with the people in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The fact that we are not hit doesn’t mean that we are not affected, we are affected. I would urge those of you who have food to look after the food properly,” President Lungu said.


And Mpezeni, the Paramount chief of the Ngonis, said he was grateful to President Lungu and the government for supporting last month’s Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people.

Mpezeni said this when the Head of State, who is on a three-day working visit to Eastern Province, paid a courtesy call on him this morning.


President Lungu also paid a courtesy call on Kalonga Gawa Undi, the Paramount chief of the Chewas, before proceeding to Sinda to commission the district administration block.


  1. MiltonMuienga sholeloko

    Love is not what one say but what one does.This is good leadership,remember chaona muzako chapita mawa cilipaiwe

  2. Matthew

    He was in eastern province… But why can’t he check chadiza vubwi road……. please help us

    • coolman

      He is still in eastern province may he can check


    that is good his exelence lets morun and support our neighbours who are,in need this time

    • PM

      Yes you and the pf can Morun while the rest of us can mourn

  4. Josia Chapuswike

    To help this three countries for the little which our country can afford it’s good and God will bless our country in doing that, our president his honest and I ask the group who will be responsible to deliver goods please be honest not be like Ananiya and his wife in the Bible , to do good things to people in needs God will help our country in so many ways

  5. John Likando

    The bible says ‘ LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR THE WAY U LOVE YOUR SELF’ Well done Mr president we will vote for u again in 2021

  6. Truestory

    Mr President well done in advance, but please make sure this help reaches the intended victims. Pantu bambi muli iyo ine bala kulililamo ama mansion yabo, twapapata mwichite fyo.

  7. the eagle

    your excellence i salute your warm heart to embrace everyone surely you are Gods chosen leader

  8. One zed manex

    That’s my president never selfish ECL 2021 & 2026 they will be no opposition,so PF will rule for another 10yrs,try maybe 2031 guys as of now,it’s not things sivinthu

  9. Spy

    Remove the spec in your eye before you remove the log in your neighbours eye. In bwana presdo fix your hospitals and roads .Kazungula – sesheke rd , mazabuka rd etc Ba chikamba

  10. jafar

    Zambia is not well but bzyy hlpng ather countrya

    • Isaiah

      We need to do the needful dear it’s sharing and suffering together with them in their pain as of yesterday people were still hunging on roof tops and in trees what will they cloth eat and stay in when they come down so it’s only human that we share in their suffering

  11. Ba Barnes

    We salute you your excellence

  12. job

    enjoy now and suffer later +mukobeko

  13. Mwale Jackson

    That is a good heart,mankind is not good in everything

  14. Isaiah

    It’s worth it and the church should really be seen to be working here not to wait ft or the president the ministry of national guidance and religious affears should step up and sheke the church 75percent of us we belong to one or two church mother bodies we are not that special compared to our friend countries we need to act and act fast like the meccodoniane church.And God will reward us in a special way

  15. Josia Chapuswike

    The idea of helping the countries mentioned above it’s a great move, no politics please if you want to bring politics in this situation it’s better you keep quiet, for this subject it’s need to remember one Zambia one nation motto.to helping our brothers and sisters out there in prayers and in material things, remember no man his an island, last year we had empidemic in Lusaka, are we fitting Alon, it’s not the out side countries who helped as .

  16. sj

    You have ZAMPOST employees who have been reported to have gone for 6 months without their monthly salaries, why not use the Disaster Management Money to pay these needy workers?

  17. space

    if we are helping other thats mean our country is strong and stable.
    so stop fooling around and watch.

    #not a fan of any party.

  18. axon

    Farmers Are Not Yet Been Paid There Money,2017 to 2018 farming season. then you are busy pleasing the so called governt.

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