Drought and Flooding Not a National Disaster, says Veep

Vice-President Inonge Wina says government has no intentions of declaring the current drought and flooding in some parts of the country a national  disaster.

During the question for oral answer session in Parliament this morning, Vice-President Wina said it was not possible to declare the current situation a national disaster because the happenings were only in selected areas.

She said this in response to a question from UPND Chief Whip and Monze Central member of parliament Jack Mwimbu, who asked Vice-President Wina whether government would consider declaring a national disaster following the drought and flooding and ask the donors to come to the country’s aid.

“We are aware that there has been precedence in this country that whenever there is a severe drought situation and flooding, we always declared a national disaster and we ask the donors to come to our aid. Are you considering to ask the donors to come to our aid and are you considering declaring the drought and flooding situation as a national disaster so that we mobilize the resources that are required?” asked Mwimbu.

However, the Vice-President said if  there was to be such a declaration of a disaster, it would then be a localized one, “but for now, the government has no intentions to declare the current situation in the country as a disaster”.

She said no government in this world can run without resources and “no government in the world can say that they have more than what they need to take care of the many developmental in their countries’.

Vice-President Wina said the government was on the ground and would take care of any situation “even under the  adverse weather conditions…”

She cautioned  Mwiimbu to note that the dry spells experienced were mainly in the Southern part of the country,Western and parts of Central Province.

“But the Northern part of Zambia enjoyed some good rainfall and the Northern part will be able to feed the nation for the coming months and years. To declare a disaster situation for the whole country is not attainable at the moment,” Vice-President Wina said.

And when asked by Kalabo Central member of parliament Chinga Miyutu on what measures government had put in place owing to the number of people affected affected by the extreme weather conditions to combat the looming hunger, Vice-President Wina said the government was not oblivious to what was happening to the country and to the devastating effects of climate change.

“…Government is promoting livestock and aquaculture, especially in rural areas to improve the livelihood of our people. Government has embarked on a number of projects to address the issue of energy generation, especially the area of greener energy sources. Government has also taken a number of interventions to cushion our people against the adverse effects of climate change [such as] the promotion of tree planting and environmental protection, among other issues,” she said.

Vice-President Wina further disclosed that to cushion hunger among the people, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) had started distributing relief food in all districts that requested for relief food.

“And I believe Kalabo in particular received an allocation of 100 metric tones of maize as of last week,” she said.


  1. Contriver

    If Floods or droughts destrovs our living system.Is it not a dissaster

  2. Sk

    You vice president, you are seen every thing normal just because you few up there & your families are enjoying .although some parts of the country received good rainfall but you failed to give farmers inputs .this should be declared a national disaster because three things are involved such as delayment inFRA payment, FISP distribution &drought.

    • John Simukonda

      Comment That accessment is not accurate kindly visit, just areas not far from Lusaka town you will see. The report to suggest that things are a isolated is not very true. The situation this time is more dear, than the previous years.
      So I appeal to the relevant authority, to make an accurate accessement of the situation that you.

  3. concerns

    Disaster or national disaster the reality should stand you are telling the nation that you are blind why having that position if you cant look for solutions

  4. Teacher Ngulube

    Just go and visit the affected areas simple!!! Then you will see how people are suffering, mind you madam wina that is your strong hold.

  5. Daniel Banda

    What kind of thinking do some people have? Please stop the blame game. You are always blaming fellow human beings for natural problems. Why don’t you wait upon God and see whether the government will manage the situation since the VP was answering the question on behalf of the entire country. When are you going to be humble in times like this? It’s time you believed in God’s word. You think being arrogant while you look for sympathy is a solution? Stop politicking and know that human beings have limits. Even if the government pronounced that there is a national disaster now would that give us food on a long time basis? Where is your faith, in God or fellow human beings. The Bible is very clear about these times and what type of people will manifest. Let’s be careful about who to look to for help or our situation might worsen. God is the same yesterday, today and for ever. What happened to those who had no faith in him and abused his creation he punished and those who recognized him he delivered from the Lions and fire, those who persecuted his children and followed them as they were being delivered he drowned. So it will be.

  6. P.M

    Banda keep your blind faith to yourself. The God you believe in is so different from my God. My God gave me resources and brains to manage my affairs. He set me free so that I can enjoy the fruits he has provided and worship him as I indulge in the goodies he has provided. He also gave me brains to sustainably manage the resources that he has so abundantly provided so that I wouldnt have to go to him for help everytime I have a problem that can be solved by the brains he so lovely crafted and gave to me. I dont have to have a day of national prayer everytime I am faced with economic hardship for the Lord has provided resources and brains. Unfortunately majority of African black people are so ungreatful to God that they have rejected to sustainably use the resources and brains…but have opted to be thieves and everything God didnt want them to be. Get your ass up, roll up your sleeves and do work that will please God and after that we can all go and worship God. Amen

    • Daniel Banda

      What’s the use of condemning others if God has given you all that you say you have? What is clear from where I am standing is that you lack wisdom, as seen from your condemning those whose relationship with their own God you don’t know. May Jesus deliver you so that you know my God whose people have no grudge against his creation.

  7. amc

    It true we can’t blame the government in natural matters most who blame others they are not doing anything even help anyone in need.God said we must sweat to have bread on our tables. Our job is to plough sow do weeding and then God give us rains not govt we like to blame God have solutions in such cases.God allows disasters to happen so that he brings in New things we are subborn nowadays we don’t worship God in truth we have not seen disasters yet we are own when starting projects but we fail we blame others it’s you and me to do something we are the government it starts with us and let us be bitter to one and another if we see mistakes in our friends it’s opportunity to pray for each other not to insult God is supreme let us trust Him and respect each other God bless us and our neighbors

  8. amc

    Secret things belongs to God to sort them out we don’t question and what He reveals to us He will give us wisdom to do it better without blaming others and insulting govt or individuals if you are in their shoes you can’t do anything them they are even trying give the current government space to work and pray for them.dont insult the positions you want because you will be insulted when you be in office we can’t collect each other without insulting we can give support to our neighbors before government comes in to contribute to their efforts we are each others keeper let us not celebrate when our enemies are in trouble,let us help them it’s not about alot we know good speech influence we have how wise how qualified it’s about unite to stand for better solutions let us celebrate the achievements of current government and pray for them and ourselves God wl see us thru

  9. Prince Mande

    Drought and floods are natural calamities and the government is equal to the task and will ensure nobody dies of hunger. We count ourselves lucky we were spared of the cyclone Idai and the floods we are talking about are simple and sporadic heavy rainfalls that are localized. Be assured government will handle this.


    Zambia has 10 provinces do you think only Northern province can manage to feed the whole 9provinces.The people whom we voted for are now politicing HUNGER which is very unfair, some of you get paid every month but many depends on farming and Businesses as a true mother you have to think about others.

  11. Nat

    Here in Zambia they is no president.

  12. One love

    Let us put our thought to our Almighty its our chance for repentance ,second let’s learn to grow our tradition crops cassava ,millet,sorghum mostly my children you Tonga’s it is list a hind take it or leave it.

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