NDC ‘Fights’ Not Over Yet

National Democratic Congress secretary general Mwenya Musenge has hit at party consultant Chishimba Kambwili again, telling him to stop parading himself as party president.

Musenge, who is just from serving a suspension slapped on him, charged that Kambwili does not hold any position in the NDC and “should stop parading himself as such”.

He stated that the position of President in the party will only be discussed at a central committee meeting in due course.

“We have noticed with regret and concern that the latter [Kambwili] is masquerading as NDC president in Roan constituency where he is campaigning for the NDC candidate in next month’s parliamentary by-election,” Musenge said.


He has further warned Kambwili against making any appointments of office bearers or holding any meetings under the name of the NDC.


“For instance, Mr Kambwili has appointed a campaign team in Roan constituency without the blessings and endorsement of the party,” said Musenge who further advised Kambwili to stop using vulgar language and be civil as he assists with the NDC campaigns in Roan.


  1. Alain kabwe

    Respect urslf mr kambwili

    • tobomutwe

      Imwe ba Musenge, ala Kambwili te mwaume wakunyelako masushi.

  2. Simpito Mukandwa


  3. Valentine

    Bakambwili kuwayawayafye

  4. One zed manex

    It’s true what musenge is saying kambwili is power hungry & is a gride human being,he has taken NDC as his personal to holder part, like his friend ha ha,what does it mean to be a consultant? If we understand then it’s easy to judge kambwili & his actions.he thinks he can get to state house easily & that Zambians are simple minded people,who you can just manipulate & boo you are in state house. I pity him & after the roan by election it might be a good reason for him.coz PF is winning this by election,let’s hope he will not behave like his new friend who always cries that there was rigging and our votes were stolen.coz his friend is still living a dream like he won till now from 2016, kikikikiki this politicians how they could have learnt from sata.

    • Dube

      Mind yo stupid mouth use it properly,Zambia siya nyoko.

  5. Pablo

    Comment we are in NDC because of kambwili expel him we will go with him

  6. job

    these two awe mwandi

  7. Isaiah

    Ubukuluku efyo waaba what goes round comes around

  8. chansa

    As NDC Member I AM SAYING THAT Please Mr Mwenya Musenge And Dr Kambwili, Lets Stop Pointing Each Other The Fingers, NDC Came Two Work For People Lets Not Be Sulting Each Other Rather Lets Tell People What We Will Do For Them As NDC

  9. Gessik

    NDC should have let UPND go it alone in Luanshya than bringing this mess @ this point in time.

  10. Gessik

    NDC should have let UPND go it alone in Luanshya than bringing this mess @ this point in time.Personally I want to believe that this is just spoiling UPND ‘s chances of making headways on the C/B .



  12. Kabuki katombela

    The reason why CK lost his parliamentary seat is because he crossed the floor of the house to NDC by stating that he was a leader.

    That is the time when Musenge should have come out to defend CK from losing his seat by writing to the Speaker that CK was not a member of NDC.

    Otherwise, CK’s crossing over to NDC and his specific revelation of being the leader of NDC is what cost him the Roan Seat.

    So can ZCID bring these two politicians together so that they can iron out their differences. ZCID should also reconcile Nevers and Felix and not only focus on the national dialogue. Instead of competing with the church, ZCID can start their track record now.

    • Edward musonda

      You are wise. How many of us think like you.?

  13. Wise Leader

    Tom & Jerry party,these two fat brainless boys are going nowhere politically and I thinks it’s high time Kambwili goes back to his scrap metal business and Musenge too may continue his mealimeal smuggling into the DRC which cost his parly seat after Mwila Mutale’s camp exposed him during 2016 polls

  14. Chris

    The so called Dr Mbwili is a pure dictator watch out

  15. Kings

    Musenge Mwenya Is A Very Stupid Person Working With Pf Thugs To Finish Ck. Now What Is NDC Without Kambwili? Mwenya Musenge Alesenga Kambwili Kukumupwisha, Niwe Shetani Mune.

  16. Dr Fonicks

    one thing for sure is that NDC can’t form government because they are failing to reason with one another. your friends are busy mobilizing themselves, there you are squabbling internally. The status quo is not healthy for an emerging political party. don’t you that some other party is enjoying themselves because of your wrangles ? concentrate on mobilizing people to vote for you not ifyo ifyabushilu. lf you don’t know others are making a laughing stock of you. sit down and sort out this mess. it is never too late. if you don’t know, someone is fueling your problems because you seem to be a disjointed group. ine naleka ukusosako pantu some of you “it is like applying fertilizer in dry maize”. muleumfwako ku bantu, namukula. CK na MM please learn to tolerate and embrace each other.

  17. Godfrey kamweka

    Edward musonda I like your wisdom if we had two of you in the country there was going to be sanity.

  18. Kenny 1

    Biggy man ba mwenya NDC gained popularity because of kambwili nomba ninshi mwaamba ukulanda

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