PF, UPND Resolve to End Political Violence

The ruling Patriotic Front and the UPND have resolved to work together to end political violence that has in the recent past characterized by-elections.

This resolution was made after the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) conferred with the PF, UPND and the Zambia Police following the “violent and unacceptable behavior exhibited during by-elections”.


The ECZ further expressed concern over the fatigue that the Zambian people are experiencing as a result of acts of perpetual violence during by-elections.


In the meeting, the PF and UPND unanimously resolved to uphold violence-free elections and that it would be an offence to be found with any offensive weapons in an election area.


“…that the two parties will provide a conducive environment for the police to work professionally and that youths from the two political parties during campaigns should be demilitarized and should not be dressed in military attire, masks etc,” a statement read.


“Further, they have also agreed that there will be no hate speech, tribal remarks, and distribution of money, campaign schedules shall be strictly adhered to and any changes should mutually be agreed upon with exemption of the President, among other agreements.”


The PF was represented by  Party national youth chairperson Stephen Kampyongo, deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri, Women’s League representative Nkweto Luo, legal chairperson Brian Mundubile while the UPND had secretary general Stephen Katuka in the meeting.


Zambia Police Deputy commissioner Bonny Kapeso represented the Zambia Police Service.

Last year, these two political parties signed a similar agreement with the aim of ending political violence but continued to engage in the vice, with the recent Sesheke by-election being one of the worst.


  1. Edward Tembo

    That’s a good idea, let’s hope it will work.

  2. Zambia

    The pf have got a gimmick to Blas firm the upnd!!!wait and see

  3. Chris

    That’s being real Zambian one love

  4. Ba somebody's bae

    Hope this will work coz……..

  5. Razor

    Good move but will your party cadres on the ground follow what you pipo on the top have resolved?

  6. Leon

    Zambians are peace but I think there is one devil incanite fueling violence


    Hope this will work otherwise innocent people will run this country come 2021 it’s a good move

  8. Musi

    Good move but the solution is to get rid of by-elections altogether; through voting for political parties during general elections instead of candidates. This will also stop political prostitution and maintain discipline and loyalty in parties since each party will maintain it’s number of seats up to the next general elections. MPs were going to be appointed within the ranks of each political party. Resulting in no political violence, wasting much needed resources and evil deeds that accompany by-elections.

  9. Simpito Mukandwa

    Powerful that’s what we want

  10. chief

    assault each other you fools. as long as my account is being credited

  11. FGM

    Zambian politics are daily becoming dangerous because of the unnecessary by elections. And they also suffocate the national treasury that is already limping. If the ruling party means well, it should use the constitution refinery process to burry the By elections. By elections are not adding value to our democracy.

  12. Son of the soil

    I pray it will be for real.

  13. Dr Fonicks

    The biggest problem is that some of the top leaders are just saying it on paper. if these leaders can tame their cadres, I think we can’t experience violence. The cadres don’t start without being instructed. a cadre will never start anything minus not being told what to do. Elyo naimwe mwefipuba batuma, please stop. ico mulaba cakuti you fight your own country men. please desist from all forms of hooliganism. Those stupid leaders who finance violence must be exposed so that the law visitd them. mwefibantu ifikulu muletuma abantu ukula cusha abanabo. muleke ubupuba. twanaka nenu !!!

  14. Lyvinia ngoma

    The best news ever this week.let love lead we are one family

  15. Ndoleshafye

    The system of importing party carders into areas where by – elections are being held should come to an end this is what is promoting violence during by- elections.You know what I mean.

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