Tutwa Asks Speaker to Rule on Nkombo’s ‘Zesco’ Letter Presentation in Parliament

Patriotic Front Deputy parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has asked Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini to make “a serious ruling” on whether or not UPND Mazabuka member of parliament Garry Nkombo can be referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for possible prosecution over allegations on Wednesday that PF secretary general Davis Mwila received K3 million from Zesco Limited for the by-elections.

Ngulube, who is PF Kabwe Central member of parliament, in his point of order raised in parliament, further asked Speaker Matibini to also rule on whether Nkombo was in order to abuse his privilege as a Member of Parliament by presenting to the assembly “a forged, fake , falsified document” with intent to “embarrass the PF SG and also to bring odium and scandal on Zesco a public utility”.

“I will lay on the table transcript of the point of order raised by Nkombo, the letter from the office of the chief whip and  the response from Zesco which also states that even the signature purporting to be that from a Mr Jenia is fake,” said Ngulube.

But Speaker Matibini said he was not in a position to render his ruling given the nature of the point of order and also the issues raised.

” I need to study the material and also carefully reflect upon the matter,” Speaker Matibini ruled.

Ngulube informed the House that on Wednesday, Nkombo raised a point of order saying he woke up in shock on online revelations that Zesco Limited had given K3 million to  Mwila and went further to produce the the purported letter which was in his possession but never mentioned the source of the document.

Ngulube said in his  belief and understanding, Nkombo was the one who made that letter he produced on the flow of the House or “he knows who is behind that document”.

“Following up on that, the office of the Chief Whip took up the matter and wrote to the Director of Zesco Limited to find out whether such allegations were substantiated…and in that letter delivered on March 20, the office of the Chief Whip sought to clarify whether  indeed it was true that government abused Zesco…as put by Nkombo,” he said, adding that Zesco had responded and denied every writing such a letter.

Ngulube told the House that Nkombo’s allegations were aired on both Parliament Radio and Television.


He said Nkombo ought to have known that “he dragged innocent people into his allegations” which have now been proved to be “fake, false and malicious”.



  1. Simpito Mukandwa

    Mmmmmm Zambia

    • Dominic

      My prayer is that Hon Nkombo can prove his allegations.Nkombo is one of the young people that exhibit traces of upright leadership and my hope is he can successfully prove his allegations to avoid going to jail and place his political career in smoke.

      • SOMETIMES...

        Nkombo is generally a nice guy…..
        BUT Sometimes he is too partisan & motor mouthed ‘no kufulungana kwati achilala kwi Ule’ .

  2. Sibweni

    Fake letter is crimal 2 produce it and he want 2 bcom a hero after bin arrested bcoz he lack this quality 2 b upnd president anyone jailed.kikikiki.. Fake letter frm online and found with a hardcopy then he wrote it and parliament must give mr nkombo chance 2 call who gave him a letter frm zesco. Zambian politics of lies wil take our country no where but truth wil remov it. Time 4 mr nkombo 2 go 2 jail

  3. One zed manex

    Nkombo is an intelligent man how did he think so low & be cheated by some in this manner,he is being mislead by kambwili,look @ how kambwili brought up a by election in roan, just to hear on radio he was fired,he rushed to the media I’m NDC president & NDC is me,just that statement he was gone from PF the party he dearly loved & never wanted to leave,he even lost a graduaty & now he is a common man like me.stop listening to kambwili nkombo you are a smart intelligent guy,look now what is happening to you,I’m highly disappointed with you nkombo now.

  4. Alkado Daniel Kapakala

    Gary Nkombo is an intellectual and I just wonder how he could have found himself in this sort mesa.Let’s veryfy the authenticity of the source of the information before we run with it please guys.Otherwise muzapeza at I mwayasha mulilo muziko monga my Ruanda ka!


    Gary wake up……
    Is this a letter or a Memo ?
    Can a Director of Finance generate such a poor & feeble Memo ?
    No reference of the originator & typist of this Memo.
    Banene, Bada – you have asked for it !

  6. FGM

    Its a known fact that parastatals do fund the ruling party’s elections. Directors that refuse to oblige do lose jobs under the guise of incompetency.

    • JB

      Zesco is a cash cow for PF so it wouldn’t be surprising, campaign time is best time steal.

  7. Kabuki katombela

    Common sense is that Nkombo believed that what he was producing b4 parliament was true. If it is proven that it is not true, the speaker will rule him out of order as he did to minister of finance.

    There is no need for criminal prosecution coz of the immunity that they enjoy on the floor of the house.

    Whosoever wants to take him to court for defamation should do so and that should not be the Speaker.

    Just as the Speaker ruled against Minister of Finance so shall it be with Nkombo.

    Tutwa Ngulube can find better things to do than scheming for by elections whose expense is a drain on the already scarce national resources. Do not put partisan expediency ahead of national interest.

    I have respect for the Speaker who is far level headed than most MPs, both from opposition and ruling parties.

  8. Ramz,

    Reals issues… Real issues.. Why are u neglected..

  9. Razor

    PF has been milking Zesco to such an extent that Zesco has now been forced to apply for tariff increments of more than 150% just to feed the hungry PF machinery & this increment to be Bourne by poor zambians.

  10. person

    i wish to differ on a school of thought exhibited by kabuki on the issue at hand. lets be factual .dose it mean when some body is delibaletly trying to tarnish another persons image by presenting fasel truthy just to win or gain political mileage is not worthy protecting.his motive is bad.in this case nkombo is wrong and as such he has much to explain the source of the facts he has in posetion.what was he trying to prove?

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