6 Months No Pay: Kitwe Zampost Workers Protest

Unionised Workers at the Zambia Postal Services (Zampost) Kitwe Branch have gone on a sit in protest, demanding payment of their six months’ salary arrears.

A check at premises revealed that offices remained closed while unionised workers who reported for work were spotted outside.

The situation has paralysed operations, affecting RTSA, Zamtel, Nkana Water and Sewerage Company, among others, who are housed in the Zampost building.

Those spoken to have complained that they have been forced to work for six months without pay without any effort from government to clear the salary arrears.

“We have been working for six months without our salaries and this is becoming difficult. All along, we have been patient hoping management will attend to our demand but that has not been the case. So we have decided to go on a sit in protest, hoping this will force management to pay us,” a representative who opted to remain anonymous said.

The workers say they will not resume work until their salaries are paid.

“So how do they expect us to continue coming for work when we are not being paid? We will only resume work after our salaries are paid. Our national union has been engaging government over this matter but is seems there is no luck,” another worker added.


  1. Edger

    I beg you to continue working guys plz, you will be payed soon .Ifintu nafikosafye

    • terry

      Edger you should have an extra thought I beleive.. don’t be a coward, do you have an idea what people are going through?

    • Kalyamani


    • Florence

      Would you yourself agree to work without pay for so many months? And what would you use to take care of your financial needs? Most people making comments don’t seem to have the capacity for serious, objective thought that’s why the system is failing because there’s no one to hold the relevant authorities accountable. Unfortunately for most people, everything is a joke. That’s so sad.

  2. Youth movement

    My beautiful Zambia why? where have we lost it?

    • Jonas

      Kosenipo tabakwata luse kamonga in bye election

  3. fk

    Do we have a president in Zambia. Why he is so quiet on this issue? Where are the line Ministers? Where are the national values much talked about? Where is Zambia going?? What crimes did we do to deserve selfish national leaders????

  4. Leon

    We told vote HH ati akaleta ingombe Vote pf again

  5. Nat

    Yeah continue to vote of guys, that’s what you want so continue instead of vote for hh now have you seen.

  6. Nat

    Repeat again to vote for pf guys.

  7. Hev rena

    We shall fire all those on strike and employ others from the streets.Even as govt we have no money.Let them wait till till October or December.

  8. Onisher nakajola


  9. Onisher nakajola


  10. Joke

    More poverty in your pockets that is PF

  11. Tha Triple

    Can Ministers go for 6 months without being paid? Why can’t it be opposite sure?

  12. Razor

    Dununa reverse syndrome.

  13. Emmanuel

    We choz for this nanayo at dununa reverse.

  14. Dr Fonicks

    This is really sad. how does the govt think these people fend for their families? where is the so called listening government. The problem is the line ministry is silent about this case. They are not considerate because they have food on their tables. If it was a private company someone like a minister could’ve gone there. surely, how can some one go six months without a salary ? This is totally unacceptable. muleumfwako uluse ku banenu. akuba by election nga namubapela ama salaries. please mwe bantu feel pity. The President was quoted as saying that he wants to organize aid for the cyclone victims in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. why can’t he think of these ? What justification is there when you help outsiders leaving your own suffering? the Bible clearly states that you cannot take out a speck from your friends eyes forgetting a log in your own eye. Can you see the uselessness of giving help to other people? am not implying that we can’t help but first sort out domestic issues.


    Give them their money imwe bantu

  16. Ancient

    But why are you surprised with this situation? They told you that ni dununa reverse_and you were facing. What is the meaning of reverse? Answer this question and you will realize your mistake


    If the ministers who illegally stayed in office during the general election campaign period in 2016 paid back the money they stole while masquerading to be on duty, the govt would have had money and paid the salaries of these Post Office workers. The court of law order them:’ PAY BACK THE MONEY!’But because the Zambian law seems to be tailored to suit the whims and caprices of those in power, no citizen, no law enforcer, and no court can dare question this dare-devilish criminality of refusing to pay back, just because they can further manipulate the law. May the Almighty Lord remember Zambia and free it from these leaders who are worse than our colonial masters were.

  18. newbie

    How much was that useless jet that PF purchased for Lungu? A few million USD, but same government can’t be bothered to pay salaries??

  19. Danielle

    If I may ask a question, President Lungu is also a civil servant just these post office workers, how come he still somehow manages to get paid, and yet his salary is 100 times the salary of these poor souls. God please, help our leaders to gain human hearts.

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