BRE Cancels Kuomboka

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) of Western Province has canceled this year’s Kuomboka traditional ceremony on account of less water in the Barotse plains.

According to reports by the Barotseland Broadcasting Network,  Ngambela of Barotseland Mukela Manyando made a statement in Limulunga this afternoon to the effect that this year’s Kuomboka ceremony had been cancelled and “it will not take place”.

According to the report, the cancellation of the ceremony has been attributed to insufficient water levels in the Barotse plains to facilitate movement of the Nalikwanda barge from Lealui to Limulunga.


“…the BRE regrets the cancellation of the annual traditional event,” Ngambela Manyando said of the event which also attracts regional and international tourists.

He said a survey conducted by the Kuomboka/Kufuluhela  organising committee headed by Induna Mukwalwakashiko established that the water levels were not good enough for the event.


  1. mubiana

    too bad

  2. Lulu

    Too bad for us

  3. AK

    Not too bad, instead of wasting money for preparations of a ceremony, more money will be saved in your pocket

  4. Eddie Wiseman

    Its ok to avoid the incarceration & imprisonment of some factor politicians.

  5. BM

    This makes sad reading. Anyway i pray for unite always

  6. Mukelabai Liamba Kennedy

    We now thank God for the low water levels as our ceremony is abused by politicians , the unity Majesty of the King , the spectacular array of event , the food and cultural display of diverse cultural performance, showers of cooling joy, love and marvel it used to impress on our hearts , Its a symbol of Unity , Kola in Kasai region DRC the Lunda empire and the Kololo Mafokeng dialect of south Africa, Swaziland ,Botswana with Europeans all converge in BAROTSELAND to form a mega hybride nation , KUOMBOKA is a practical union of all ,the Nalikwanda barge is made by a European clan (Matepeta ) in Lozi or Harringtons , Porters of Chairs , all furniture and utensils the Sipula clan a Kaonde descendants of Mshima , Luposhi and many , Drum bearers are the Linda clans , Xylophone bearers are the Nkoyas , cattle beards men are Tongas of monbo, and the Archers with bow and arrow the Mbunda a tribe out of intermarriages, Luvale – aluyana, Love of all was expressed as all join hands to rescue the Litunga from the flood plains that claim lives every time it came, a zebra is right symbol that describe diversity , it says it all black and white , For sure God can not allow as to celebrate while the subias of sesheke suffered such humiliation unnecessarily. Even if the water levels were normal or above , Edgar Lungu would not be welcome to escort the Litunga (King of Barotseland ) and grace the Kuomboka ceremony as the masses are still agrieved by unprofessional police conduct sponsored violence praised by cabinet minister Kampyongo PF only to be normalized by Dora Siliya MMD , the language reveals the agenda behind scenes , we don’t trust Zambian Government official any more , in 2012 Winter Kabimba clearly stated on ZNBC that the BAROTSELAND is abrogated we really didn’t pay attention to the meaning of the terminology then but its clear now that no Government can fund unprofessional police to brutalize its citizens unless you know that they are not citizens and actually a burden economically , or a thorn internationally , Tanzania gave Zanzibar. Sudan gave south Sudan , a referendum, only fools will not respect humanity , peace, harmony, love and wisdom of BAROTSELAND

  7. Wise Leader

    Mukelabai Liamba Kennedy behave like a person who had entered class and sat on a desk before.primitivity must not be your life agenda and pride,this is a modern world.i now support why mmd killed hundreds of people in february 2011,thanks to then authorities for sweeping that dirty under the carpet.
    One Zed,One Nation

    • Reystings

      But he said the truth imagine kuomboka in zambeef shirts its now for selfishness and money

  8. Reystings

    Thank God because no politicians will under value our ceremony

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