Zambia’s ‘Golden Girl’ Catherine Wins Hearts in Nairobi Bout

Zambian female boxer Catherine Phiri was left feeling robbed after being defeated by Kenyan fighter Fatuma Zarika in the World Boxing Council (WBC) bantamweight fight.

Phiri had Zarika on her tentacles in the 10 round bout but the judges awarded the result on unanimous points to the Kenyan.

It was the second time the Kenyan had defeated the Zambian boxer.

The two boxers last met in December 2017 in Kenya.



  1. Josia Chapuswike

    Congratulations Catherine you are a good boxer , you are fitting better than your opponent, If you can meet her again you will be winning by knock out, that’s why she says no more fitting with you, she knows how tough you are, even the world see s that you are the best

    • Youngdoer

      Big congrates Cathrine,u hav made us proud!!!never give up & keep it up!!!!

  2. legendurykrafti

    seems she was fighting a man,

  3. maybin kabuswe

    Comment our catherine is being robbed of the belt. let the two fighters fight in Europe

  4. Jabulani Makabile

    Catherine you are the best Baby, just contain the injustices and respond to your opponent with a rematch and see what they will get. God bless you and please stop sobbing we behind you, we got you covered…

  5. Haggai

    It was lovely but to be fair zarika deserve it.indeed is a man..

  6. Lawrence

    Bae it happens never loose hope focus on what the future holds for you

  7. Owen chipuluka

    Learn to accept the defeat don’t be like ba ummmm

    • Mpengo

      She won that fight. What a sham of boxing judges. That Kenyan girl lost the fight and she was as good as the commentators. Shame to Kenyans and shit judges

  8. Lawrence

    Cathreen you are a good boxer

  9. Phillimon Amigo

    Catherine u ‘re strong nd u can fight.You won the fight i just blem the judges.

  10. zed

    Catherine phiri… Be like Joseph chingangu.

  11. Stephen Chishiko

    The judges were not fair. Never lose hope. Neutral ground is needed for such an explosive fight.

    We were happy to see prevailing over that chap.

  12. Chipasha

    Catherine our precious girl was fighting with a man.. And clearly she was robbed..

  13. Son of the soil

    Thanks Cathy!!!!!

  14. Lucianah

    Thumbs up my iron lady with iron fist

    • Mpengo

      That “man” lost to Catherine square and fairly. He had a cut and was hammered.

  15. Lucianah

    Phiri that was really amazing

  16. Wina wanfwa

    Comments reserved

  17. Perry joe

    She was robbed the points even if she was to win on technical knock out .weldone Cathy congratulations. From me and my family.

  18. Bana Leonard

    Baby girl, to your sisters and mothers and aunties, you are the winner.

  19. Farmer

    Those who understand boxing will agree that Catherine lost. She had no plan B as she continued to head hunt when her opponent kept nonbinding and weaving. Let’s not blame her though. These are frailties of a poor technical team. To win that fight all she needed to do was fight from outside and jab. Jabbing is what you do if the target is hard to get. She took too many body punches as a result of too much infighting.

    • Daniel Banda

      Farmer, you understand boxing well. Catherine could have won the fight if her handlers had prepared her adquateade like the Kenyans did with their boxer. Catherine needed to be psyched technically. There’s no boxer who having dazzled an opponent who goes staggering g to allow the opponent to recover as she did. In a fifty-fifty situation the champion usually is favoured. Hard lack.

  20. Bana Leonard

    That is to all of us the female folk here in Zambia. You are the winner. You got our support all the way.

  21. mubiana

    wel done ba cathy


    It’s a pit I didn’t watch which makes it difficult for me to comment! Hope the commentators are impartial!

  23. Helen Chimbelu

    For a while I thought she was fighting a man… The physical make up and appearance of the opponent looked masculine… Is there a way that these boxers are examined for gender… Otherwise young Catherine you are a big Star… Getting to 10th round is no mean achievement. Dust your self up… And look forward to greater success… God Bless.

  24. mwango Patrick

    Cathy was the best of the two the other boxer was just big headed without proper boxing technique. she had muscles but poor timing and the officials were not fair to award the Kenyan victory.

  25. Raphael

    Yes,I think you guys should fight from Europe coz even the way the commentators were commenting,we could tell that they were on one side.

  26. Emmanuel

    Catherine won the bout,she was better than the Kenyan. Zarika was always hitting below the belt but Catharine gave her a big blow which resulted in a cut on her cheeks

  27. Chrispin

    Cathy won that fight but the judges were biased. That was daylight robbery. Why didn’t they pick judges from North Africa or Asia. Neutral ground is needed for the next fight if at all that man from Kenya will agree to one. Congrats Cathy for putting up a good fight. We’re proud of you.

    • Karim

      How many times have your boxers fought on neutral grounds? All i know is that your boxers have won on home ground. Expose them to foreign soil they fail. Its better to accept failure than complain. I hate spirit of complaining when youn know very well that your input is not there.

  28. Freddy

    Go Catherine, you’re a good boxer, as Zambians we lift our hands for you, you faught well, don’t loose hope my dear you will grab it next time

  29. Emmanuel Banda

    Lets look forward,as the reward awaits us,congraturation cathy im behind you forever……

  30. 2baba

    Ala kusumina fye

  31. Chibuye Andrew

    Catherine was surely robbed of her victory. Through out the fight she was the best. African, we must be fair. Even Kenyan commentators were saying Catherine was the best from round one up to the end. With all fairness which round did the Kenyan boxer performed well. Even people who were celebrating knew it that their own had lost. Other boxer had multiple injuries on a face but Catherine came out clean. Did you see the reaction of the referee when results were announced? He was shocked. Such discourage future boxers.

  32. paul usona

    I suggest they come up with a different way of recording points bcoz I watched the fight and to be honest I didn’t see Catherine losing,if anything a draw would have been fair.

    • Qozi Qazima

      It was a mistake to accept that the rematch fight take place in Kenya again, they should have chosen a different venue like in RSA, Nigeria, France, Germany or even the USA and not in Kenya again that was biased, it wasn’t a free and fair venue for the Zambian fighter anyway. Why didn’t the Zambian officials talked about this and raised it was a concern? Let’s ensure the next time such happens Zambian officials have to do something about it in what ever upcoming games in the near future.

  33. Gerald

    Well done Catherine…… you won the fight by far. I think the judges did their work before the fight and never concentrated on what was happening in the ring during the fight.

  34. eric

    cathrine won but lost on infamous hometown decision.since when have you heard of points being announced before end of match as if its a football match that zarika is leading.thumbs up to cathrine and technocal staff

  35. make


  36. Ogz

    Without doubt Cathy is a very talented boxer but her technical team is letting her down. Well fought match,she gave her best.If you understand boxing,she lost that fight period.Her current trainers can’t take her further than this,reality is to have a more experienced technical bench.Boxing is not just about throwing punches and hope that one punch will land into a knock down.Ask George Foreman!This loss is purely due to a lack of tact from her bench.Catherine has all it takes to be a world champion.Dont give up beautiful

  37. Gwen

    Cathy you’re good boxer don’t lose hope you get it next time…yes the charges were unfair you won that match

    • Referee

      Catherine I am so proud of u for ur performance. U won the fight but Zarika got a home decision by corrupt guys who were paid by the sponsors. If that fight was outside Kenya u cud hav been given a result. We urge Chris Malunga to protest & that a rematch be held outside Kenya this year.

  38. Geolun

    Sister Catherine, please remain yourself, you are a strong boxer compared to the Kenyan Zarika. She knows that’s why she openly refused a third fight with you. Keep it up my girl, the world is behind you. Remain blessed.

  39. Nizzo Ernest

    Now you know why like football.
    Nway Catherine you’re great
    They Robbed you the belt
    They Robbed us the victory.

  40. Elijah Chisenga

    Why! Why! Judge be fair with whatyou are doing,Catherine won the fight

  41. JOSEPH

    cath next fight to take place in a neutral ground period. tech bench team wake up. u shud av complained y results were anounced b4 de end of de ft. complain 2 WBC they were watching.

  42. MCY

    That kashikulu was harangued such that ‘she’ looked as if she was rescued from a sunamy while our golden queen looked very fresh even after the fight.. Just wacth the fight again and notice that, the spectators were so quiet and scared of how Caty was pounding kambayumu… Watch the ads as well before the fight… So biased as if kashikulu was fighting with a nonentity. The technical staff for mbayumu realised this and congratulated Caty. Don’t be surprised if they switch camp in future… With limited facilities? Our girl is super fighter….

  43. Sylvey

    Comments reserved coz didn’t watch the fight

  44. Sylvey

    Just keep on working hard god will reward u

  45. Daniel Banda

    Catherine is a good boxer let her try training abroad.

  46. FGM

    Aim to win by a knock out . The judges will have no tricks to use. Remain focused.

  47. The Guy

    All the staged fights were fare and square except the first one.
    # If only the sport adopts champions advantage rule.
    ‘Championship cannot not change hands by unanimous decision.’
    That would add more flare to the challengers’ fight.
    Otherwise, well done Cathy, you have that man a good fight!

  48. Teezon

    U would have drew

  49. Friday Konkola

    Cathrine You Are A Good Fighter Dear , You Fought Very Well And I Dont Understand Why The Judges Gave It To Your Opponent

  50. Betty Muwowo

    Comment Catherine you really made us proud keep up girl!!!

  51. Didier

    U did us proud, dnt lose hope. There is always next time….. Boxing council consider bring former world champions to motivate our girl

  52. Namaleka Mulife

    Comment Cathy you are indeed the best in world…. go for a KO next time,,hope it will be outside Africa..proud of your courage, you did put up a good clean fight…by the way, Cathy are you really sure that was a girl???? you could be fighting a man in a woman’s coat…. her gender should at all cost be checked.

  53. Pethias

    Catherine won the game.

  54. Musonda

    Congrats Catherine

  55. mourihnio

    catherine you are a great boxer i think boxing are for the Esterners they have really dominated the boxing history of zambia, Just to name a few Lottie mwale, Chisanda Mutti , Esther Phiri

  56. juvensio

    Catherine, u did us proud… just work on straight punches, to reduce on misses!

  57. Eddie Wiseman

    Zarika 33 yrs old she won by chance to Catherine our sister , if they have another chance in future phiri was going to win but unfortunately zarika has given up to fight Catherine again. Zarika he’s not a lady ?

  58. Mn

    Kwenawaume.ulufyengo. Kenyan boxing association on Catherine.u will not improve were as far as boxing iz concern

  59. DC

    In the first place, I tend to support those who doubt whether Zarika was female. I am not sure if there is anyone who would believe Catherine’s opponent was a 33year-old lady.

    Anatomy of Zarika, if independent medical examination was done to determine her/his real gender, would not tally with her/his physique- even if she/he had muscular build-up. Nangu kupompa, awe ka Zarika ka ‘muBoys’

    Congrats Catherine.

  60. Kent

    Sad to see Our Catherine, much talented,hard punching enter the ring without knowing what to do. This is what has killed our sports pa Zed. I thought after the first fight our coaches had the inside of Zareka. The worst fight Cathy has ever fought,missing of punchs could not get the target. In as much Zareka was elussive but Cathy still remains the more skillfull of the two and can easily beat Zareka with good game planning.

  61. chomba

    Well done Catherine. I may not understand boxing but Zarika winning shocked me. God forgive me if iam wrong. Even the Kenyans didnt celebrate much becoz they knew the truth. Catherine, this is just a stepping stone, learn from it and come out stronger. Be encouraged.

  62. D y Flow Mr Flow

    Catherine u the best boxer Nomba corruption Yabakonse

  63. Tika

    Congrats Cathy the sky should be your limit. Keep on working hard soon that belt will be your. You made that conference become quiet most of the time reason bcoz you were up to task. Just wrk on few mistakes otherwz u are a future champion.

    • Paul Maseko Phiri

      It was very un fair, Catherine won the fight


    lov u

  65. davis kamisa

    cathy you the best!

  66. Chilandu

    Catherine,,,, you fought a good fight. Congrats

    • T.J muloba

      Chriss malunga Orienatal quarries and all involved Must be arrested for promoting Gender based Violence!Period!!!!!!!

  67. Shi aliko

    Cathy cimukuta ncima

  68. Evergreen

    Junta nabene Anthony mwamba mufana iwe

  69. Kunbucha

    Maybe kalinamimba

  70. Sheks

    Our gail did the best she cud. Hweva, somehow my blame goes too to the trainers. Catherine is unable to identify her target hence throwing punches in z air. Trainer, let z boxer kip her eyes open wen throwing those punches so that they land z opponent at aimed position. That ka opponent wasn’t impressing at all and cud hav BMW knock down.

  71. Chitalu

    It was the first time I saw the winner beaten, injured, holding and waiting for the final bell. Again it was my first time to see the loose refreshed, relaxed no injury powerful and composed. May I call this a good loser and a bad winner. Comments reserved. Catherine jou have my support!

  72. Chitalu

    It was the first time I saw the winner beaten, injured, holding and waiting for the final bell. Again it was my first time to see the looser refreshed, relaxed no injury powerful and composed. May I call this a good loser and a bad winner. Comments reserved. Catherine you have my support!

  73. Goodson

    A draw,not a lose for cath,that’s unfair and poor sportsmanship in africa,stage that event on neutral destination and see how that zerika will dance to the tune.And you also ringside announcer,ATI cath 33years instead of 26.”……balls”!

  74. christabel kandale

    I still can’t believe she lost.. Catherine you are a very good fighter whatever the case to me you are a champion and am proud of you

  75. Mkonzi

    How is Fatima doing today after the merciless beating she got?

  76. Hendrix Mbozi

    Congratulation madam Catherine you are a good boxer don’t give up next time you will do it.

  77. Mike Owen's

    Cathrine won the march, if so let them fight 🤜🤛 again

  78. Joshua malumo

    I did not watch but i heard how good you did it carthy .. You are our champion now matter what ..
    We all believe in you

  79. Chongo nkandu

    Thumbs up Cathy u showed that man that u r tough that’s why he is refusing u rematch he knows how bad u will beat him.

  80. H.M

    The huge majority, the Specters and all the Boxing fans of the World, are all still heart broken, angered, torn apart, As a result seeing Cathrine Phiri not crowned WBC champion after the end of 10 rounds. Mr Malunga seek for a rematch in a neutral nation.

  81. Emma

    Congratulations Cathy.
    We saw it,you are worthy that bout.
    Keep the flag high4Zambia

  82. Emma

    We saw it,you are worthy that bout.
    Keep the flag high4Zambia

  83. Grace nawila

    We are so proud of you coz that man was something else and you are still strong, never give up we are proud of you

  84. kiss jae smooth

    Nice sis

  85. Daniel Kaoma, Lusaka

    The surest way to beat any defending champion in boxing is to go for a strategic knock-out. Short of that result, the judges will, more often than not, give the decision in favour of the incumbent as was the typical case in the Fatuma ”Iron Fist” Zarika Catherine Phiri title fight.

    • Elisha

      True. Knockout was the way to go but the Kenyan boxer was good escaping punches. A tactic Catherine couldn’t realize in almost all rounds. She was firing in air but if those punches were to the target, the story should have bn different. Otherwise, she is a good fighter.

  86. chris mulenga

    Am so disappointed with commentators who were so biased, that was very unprofessional. They kept saying that Catherine punches were not landing on zarika but we all saw that zarika was swollen & injured.

  87. Belteshazzar Kanyembo

    I thought that she was fighting with a man,but after the game that’s when I realized that she is girl not even a woman because Catherine taught her how to be a good boxer

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