Police Arrest Sean Tembo

Police in Lusaka have arrested Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo for allegedly defaming the Republican President in his posts on Social media dated March 15, 2019.

Police spokesperson  Esther Mwaata Katongo has said Tembo is currently detained in Police custody.


“More details will be given in due course,” said Katongo.


  1. This

    Leave the man alone ,don’t you have something else to do f******

  2. FGM

    Our clinging to colonial laws is suffocating our democracy. Colonial laws should be shelved in the archives.

    • Chendabusiku

      What is so democratic about calling a head of state insane or mentally ill without an medical proof? These chalk stand called presidents must be made to realise that they cannot just come into politics to fulfill their bellies or hide from their past sins or theft.

      • Nickdimms

        That’s why he is calling for the constitution of a medical board to test him. The proof will come from there. Let the President learn to be a thick skin. Mwanawasa was called cabbage. He never invoked the police. RB was called nyama soya, he didn’t unleash the police. Currently, twalapwa! Have a big heart my President.

    • True Zambian

      Foolishness is not the same as democracy. Sean Tembo is foolish. Unfortunately ECL is too weak to put this character away. Sean should disappear from the face of the planet

  3. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Kindly don’t release this fool on police bond these people have gone very far democracy or freedom of speech has no room to insult the president who is at the same time a family man iwe tembo you are just a very or tiny fish in a ocean you cannot influence any election. Zam bia you are only showing your stupidity to your family not. Zambians pipo don’t know you


      Bwana democracy means speaking out your opinion now does it mean we should never have pressure groups? In MMD we use to Express our opinions freely what’s so special about PF that anybody who airs his/her view should be prosecuted when those idiots stole money and evidence was found and the case was overlooked? Nimwebo bakandile naimwe!

  4. Wise me

    We have a very bad culture among our citizens especially those aspiring to be leaders at highest level. Why do they like demonising the country’s leadership? Would they like the same treatment should they become president themselves?


    Give us some details about his arrest , bcos what we have seen in Zambia more opposition leaders have been arrested since 2016 general election be independently

  6. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad

  7. Thambuli major

    This is wat I ko sh***

  8. Leon

    Looking forward to a new page in 2021

  9. DC10

    We shd t allow insults like what Tembo sais about th head of state. Surely you shd call his atterances and insults on th head of state democracy? Awe he must hv respect fr th president. He can’t call th president insane. Does he hv medical proof tht th head of state is indeed insane? Let him prove it mu court. Pa last at th judiciary is compromised. Let him prove it tht th head of state is insane…Vozifunila ivi…

    • Nickdimms

      He said ‘mentally sick’. It’s you saying insane. If you call someone sick, that’s not an insult.
      My President Fr Frank Bwalya called baSata ‘Chumbu-munshololwa’. He was arrested but acquitted. Muleishiba utuntu!

  10. Lavu Zulu

    Sean Tembo can politick in any way he pleases, but insulting the persona of an individual is far from being a democratic right.
    Tembo is extremely bitter. What is causing him to be bitter is something I shall never understand. He knows that he has no chance of going beyond his one man excuse of a political party. He can’t even dream of being a republican president.
    He needs to apologise and ask to be forgiven. If he committed an offence going by our laws, let him be prosecuted.


    Mr. Lungu should understand that the throwing of stones and insult from habitats are disadvantages of being a leader.

  12. Aaron

    Too bad that’s how politics is

  13. Chendabusiku

    These pseudo politicians, and thieves who think that they can just wake up one day and become a president. When that does not happen they start insults and other uncalled for behaviour must answer. They think that they can hide behind the name of opposition and just say anything. Let him tell the police what he means. If he is a medical doctor he must produce a certificate. We have no time for jokers. There is the whole country to develop. If you have finished the Pulas you store in Botswana go back and steal some more.


    Every one must give respect to the Head of state even though he’s also a politician who can violet some laws

  15. Razor

    Should this case go to court then the President will have to go for a medical exam to disprove this man’s claims.

  16. Sean Tembo

    amai ine banichinda pamatako pababa ahhh guys heeeeeelp

  17. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    This man Sean Tembo he is deaming his colleagues in pact alliance. Infact,i don’t know why hh is working with parties that has no counselor, no MP and no structure. These people are upto bring confusion in upnd so that ordnally members of upnd should reft out when it comes to choose the president and the running mate. Hh is popular and he can defeat PF on its own. Hh and gbm think twice.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      The problem is hh Nimunshololwa.He is so desperate to get to state house to the extent of associating with these “nashala neka” parties.

  18. Jimmy shaba

    Freedom of expression has got a limit.

  19. Nimrod

    Most people when they join upnd they become contaminated with upnd cadres insults. Listen to any media and here them awe mwandi. It has become a new culture for our colleagues.

  20. Kufahakurambwe

    How many people will you arrest! Amazing how quick you are to arrest citizens who express their views and slow to do the same to your thieving ministers. Yes, it is very possible Chakolwa’s hamster is long dead but the wheel is still spinning. He is not a God. Talk about double standards.

  21. Mr dangerous

    Me just for buying castle i was insulted. N didn’t prosecute him elo natekafye imbwa what more ichalo.are we out of democracy nangu shani?2021 come fast tufilile musenga…it’s too much

  22. The Truth

    Me ne nganda yandi nifwebo Bachibulo tuchina uku talkina pantu we can be arrested.. So mailo tukakukamo mu Zambia ta tufwaya ulubuli..lwenu…

  23. wills

    What Mr Tembo did was wrong, nevertheless, from what I have seen in Zambia insult have become the way of campany’s in today’s politics. Most of you have done just the some thing in comment and if really you want peace to ruin in our country Zambia best advice the best way to resolve the issue of such nature. It sad that our readers are the ones trying to destroy peace and order in the name of political party’s. Love your people , love your country and love your creator the almighty God . My appeal to you all that judged Mr Tembo , I hope the head of statu Mr President will pardon his mistake and look the other way. God bless you

  24. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Ving’anda Ku vivwaha kwahi mwambumbu mwa shole.

  25. Dr Fonicks

    Iwe tembo, unpalatable language is not good. are you a medical doctor who has examined President Lungu ? we must be careful with what we utter. freedom of expression also have limits. in bemba we say “akanwa katali, kaletelele mfungo”. ukusosasosa tekuti emano, awe !!! Mr. Tembo you are reaping what you sow. Whether you like it or not, ECL is the Head of state. if you hate him tame your mouth. nikwisa wamona ishilu liteka abantu ? Elyo naimwe ba PF, mulesulako fimo. abantu bamo balifulungana. Sean Tembo is just a nonentity in politics. Mulesulako ifipuba fimo, pantu imwe bonse kwikata. ngatamwishibe tembo wine eshilu. abakwikata bengi sana. examples include chitotela na sichalwe pantu ebali ne milandu iilondolweke. Tembo alifulungana ena.



  27. BTK

    People talk according to the situation they are facing currently,honestly how are we going to survive with daily increment

  28. Joseph B. Munyimba

    Plot one inaleta kantu. It’s like insulting the President is now a way of life to some people. See now this Tembo fellow is in trouble.

  29. Sj

    English language has proverbs, figure of speech, opposites, lieteral meanings,etc. If Sean felt the Head of State was/is “mentally sick” he may have drawn his conclusion from what he knew best.
    Why can’t he be given chance to explain what he meant instead of having him dragged into courts of law? This is not to say anyone is siding with his sentiments. Comment

  30. Daniel Banda

    It’s childish for Sean Tembo to feel secure in violence the Alliance and start applying mob psychology. Even if people want to show brave faces, missing ones bed and family just for hours is telling enough and embarrassing.

  31. Kings

    If You Think By Saying He Is Mentally Ill Mr Tembo Was Wrong Without You Proving His Words Then You Are Wrong, Let The Man Prove To The Nation That We Voted For A Mad Mam. The Medical Personel At Chainama Will Help Him To Do The Tests. Now Let Me Advise The President, Release Tembo Becoz The Police Are Just Wasting Time To Be Dealing With Such Individuals Who Have No Political Wings. How Many Are You Going To Arrest And Deprive Them Of Their Freedom? This Is A Democratic Nation Mind You, Let The People Talk But Not To Insult. Complicated, But Muleicailako Fimo Naimwe Ba Buju Cadre.

  32. muyo olimba

    ubumfumu bukashikisha amenso.

  33. Daniel Banda

    I am sure if he told someone at a drinking place, he would end up in hospital with stitches. He will understand that that there are better ways of getting to State House than the one he is pursuing now.


    thats under politics that mr tembo is exibiteng sonta apo wabomba yalimilubanya coz everything is in place where development is concened people like him prefer to insult the president in order to be popular kuwaya wayafye zebige ba tembo.

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