GP Says Zesco Tariff Hike Outrageous

Green Party president Peter Sinkamba has described as outrageous, unthinkable and an insult to Zambians the proposal by Zesco to increase electricity tariffs.

Sinkamba said it is a pity Zambians have been taken for a ride by parastatals like Zesco who have “capitalized on the docility of the general populace”.

“You see, the general populace sacrificed a great cost to recapitalize Zesco through the Eurobond loan in 2012, running in hundreds of millions. We were promised that once the recapitalization of Zesco is complete, then power would be cheaply available to the nation. That was a plausible sacrifice the Zambians populace made,” Sinkamba said.

“…[but] seven years down the line, Zesco comes with weird excuses to justify the more than 300 per cent increase.”


He said the proposal for a tariff hike is clear admission that the new equipment and infrastructure procured from the Eurobond and Chinese loans were sub-standard, hence the higher generation costs.


“Under normal circumstances, such incompetence deserves instant dismissal of all management and board of officials involved,” Sinkamba said and asked President Edgar Lungu to intervene and stop Zesco from proceeding with a tariff hike.


“How on earth do you increase connection fees from K769 to K 3,126? That is lack of sensitivity on the part of Zesco board and management. Where do you expect workers and unemployed people to get such colossal money? For those on minimum wage, it means sacrificing entire salary for the month to connect to ZESCO only.”



  1. Simpito Mukandwa

    Awe chashupa nomba

  2. Dominic

    Reading through ZESCO’s proposed increased rates,one wonders what caliber of professionals can embark on such crude and unjustifiable increments.Look at the metered ResidentialTariffs.From 15 ngwee to 47ngwee (213%),89ngwee to K1.94 (118%).New Connection from K1,709 to K7874 (361%),From K769 to K3,126 (313%),from K4,887 to K12,557 (157%).
    Why is ZESCO behaving worse than marketeers who would be very reluctant to push up prices by these margins particularly considering the general liquidity levels in the nation.The increments must be rejected by all well meaning Zambians.

  3. Krychiowiak

    It’s over for now.

  4. Corruption now will be worse

    Total mismanagement and lack of competence and also lack of leadership on the part of government. This goes to show that the purpose for which this current government opposide the MMD and campaigned for a better Zambia was a sharm. What is better today? Mealie meal prices are high at 305% from 2012.Everything which they had found well -organised is in shambles! The schools with unaffordable high fees etc speak for themselves.Their economic policies are misplaced. They have taken advantage of the high ignorance levels in the nation to trumpet their continued stay in power. It is morally wrong to cheat people when you are in power for the purpose of fattening your pockets.The word MORALITY has gone begging in this country. The sense of shame is no more. The words like integrity have no meaning to some people especially those who call themselves ‘ leaders’. Even the opposition seem to have no direction, their cry is only to be in power. Gone are the days when we had men and women who could stand up to the occasion and provide leadership!

  5. Kapijimpanga

    It is rapidly demeaning. Zambians every is now thinking of enslaving to the point of eating human waist thank. God you are there

  6. malama Edwards musonda

    We are in trouble

  7. Bliss

    No pit and opposition parties so called big strong are quiet and minimum wage like security companies are still getting k850,900 and highly paid 1000 after duction but minister of Labour just zzzzzzzzzz .just enslaving people

  8. Bliss

    E.g. pre-secure, magnum,and g4.minister implement the presidents program and bonman help please

  9. Truestory

    What are they thinking? Kupeno uku batwaleni Ku Chainama baka bapime. There brains are confused.

  10. Sir mo

    Why is it that today’s government all wat it needs is inriching itself without considering the poor Zambian,unemploymt,tuition fees,mealie m,water,electricity,tv levy,tollgates etc.pipo of zm open yo eyes especially hower woman’s today u ar givng telela chitenge & nshima with boiler chickn da next day u vot 4 them.

  11. Sir mo

    Miners in Zambia contribute a lot but salaries don’t match with produce,here comes a minister of 🤩dash agree to hike tariffs,do u even pay yo electricity bill & some other bills.dont think for yoself think outside de box.guard gets 800per month u u get a pension of a guard who labour’s fo more than 20yrs,is it that u pipo are educated or it is just an opportunity u av occupied those offices.

  12. Sir mo

    Days are numbered pipo of this lovely nation called zambia,it is up to us to build or destroy.

  13. Tuli Bantu

    People of Zambia let’s vote them out, enough is enough, Tariffs, meal m, Tollgate, TV levy, and every thing is expensive, do you saticify your family with food, do you hold a troly to shoprite like them? It high time we sober our minds guys, for now we have been brainwashed, let’s standup and makes change

  14. mk

    is a welcome mov so that 2021 no spc for them baka- ala ba pfool

  15. Razor

    We saw the letter from PF demanding for money from Zesco which was just one of many. With such letters coming every month zesco has no choice but to increase to collect the same from the poor people and hand it over to PF.

  16. Indoshi palupe

    Tukacivivule one day ba zed!

  17. Daniel Banda

    I think it would only be fair that ZESCO sinks and let the incompetent managers who have wasted the Euro bond facility meant to uplift citizens’ lives loose their employment. It’s a question of who should be sacrificed the customers or the few ZESCO mismanagement group.

  18. FGM

    From time the late Sata increased salaries for civil servants, how many times have electricity and fuel been hiked and by what percentages? Sata ‘s increament has been diluted by over 60% and the extra taxes introduced after 2016 have defeated the premise on which pf won the 2011 elections. I believe responsible Zambians have noted the campaign paradigm shift in the pf camp. And an appropriate verdict will soon be passed.

  19. Madiba

    They want to increase the tariff’s so that the can easily fund PF campaigns,

  20. foreskin nyirenda

    Its a tyranny of incompetence,the people ku zesco are extremely sick

  21. Mr Peace

    This where I salute the late Dr Fredrick J.T Chiluba.MHSRIP.I personally have never looked down to his privatisation ideas even though there were parts that had negative impact on our economy but belive you me,this other side was completely splendid.There is no need for the Gvt to cling to companies they fail to run.Usually Gvt is very good at imposing rules and laws regulating the way private companies should be runned and yet it fails to meet the same rules in the companies it runs.Before FJT privatised transport and chain stores for example things were as cumbersome as he’ll but after the process,journeying and buying became so easy as just breathing.Zesco is a failure that presses it’s decline on the heads of poor citizens,i propose privatise this utility so that Gvt can be defending us from such disaster and ZEMA shoul realise the the use of charcoal is on a great rise as it is the altanatives energy source.

  22. Prince

    What Have We Done To You?
    Iz This Zambia We Used To Kno

  23. concerned

    Honestly speakin this is outrageous.Where r we headed as a nation.Mealie meal prices r high,toll levy n now electricity tariffs.Nikwi tulelola r these the lower taxes they were talkin about.Cry the beloved mother Zambia

  24. Nemo-yi

    Economic factor….failed nation.

  25. Charles

    We still haven’t recovered from the 2017 electricity tarrifs increments which were made twice in March and September.Hardly two years later other increments and this time of over 200%.Please feel for the people.You are now choking us.

  26. professor

    Don’t think like zesco is your personal company whenever you nonsense then you vomit and you people on the zesco board think like people who have been to you always to call /ask the president to intervene,to your selves how do you interpret the economy of Zambia today and see how people are suffering.

  27. Lams

    Zesco no guda

    • Mr Sikatulu Austin

      i agree with you my freind where are going before you doing something think about the country ecconomy first all the promises you made to the country are fake more over i personaly think that the zesco board managment lacks the capacity and the sensitivity we have been so loyalty to zesco but this is geting worse we do not grow money here in zambia ok so think about the unemployers how are they going to manage that amount of money be serious ba zesco please twapapata

  28. Ph

    We just recently had a 100% tariff increments, the last phase being in September last year and barely a year, you decide to propose a 300 % tariff increments with no proper justification. Looking at how high the previous increments were, ZESCO should be proposing tariff reduction instead. These are people who drive air-conditioned cars, air-conditioned mansions, these are people who buy clothes in Mr price stores. And at the end of it all they pay zero ngwee for electricity with retirement pensions for common Zambian as their salaries monthly.
    With all duo respect I say NO to exploitative strategy by ZESCO to milk the poor Zambians.

  29. abel

    Mmmmmm Zambia will be sold one day.. too much

  30. One love

    Its time,the hour has come to complain,you never knew ,who to blem ,this is more money in your pocket ,its there time your time will come leave them to work from the pipo not for the pipo.

  31. Chilankalipa

    Witches, wizards, murderers, stupid idiots, ritual killers that is what they are,

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