HH Drops Defamation Case Against Tayali, Court Sets Him Free

The Lusaka Magistrates Court has set Equity for  and Economic Party leader Chilufya Tayali free of  seven counts of defamation charges  against UPND president Hakainde Hichilema after the complainant withdrew the case.

Tayali has been acquitted  by magistrate Felix Kaoma after Hichilema’s lawyer, Laston Mwanabo, informed the court that his client wished to terminate the proceedings against the accused because the two parties had reconciled.

Mwanabo made the application to discontinue the matter under Section 8 of the Criminal Procedural Code.

When the matter was called, Mwanabo brought it to the attention of the court that that he wished to withdraw the matter under Section 8 by way of reconciliation.

He has indicated that in light of the reconciliation, it has been agreed that there will be no issues of compensation from either party and that the issues that brought about the action will not be repeated.

Prior to the complaint’s application, magistrate Kaoma said since there were no conditions attached which both parties will abide by, he allowed the application and acquitted Tayali.

Hichilema, on October 9 2018, reported Mr Tayali to Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel, an offence he said he considered serious.

Hichilema said this was in view of  Tayali’s continued libelous statements in total defamation of his standing and reputation both as an individual and president of the biggest opposition political party in Zambia, the UPND.

The UPND leader charged that  Tayali made unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims against him for a long time.

Hichilema indicated that citizens would agree with him that he had been very tolerant of Tayali despite the many defamatory statements he had made against him for simply taking a stand on things and his political beliefs.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Ka tayali

  2. Daniel Banda

    That’s what it should be. Thanks, HH is now preparing for God’s kingdom unlike being entrenched earthly struggles. God rewards those endure earthly suffering.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      For sure God rewards those who endure earthly suffering. But wonders if suffering for political gains is one of them. Only God knows and he be the judge.

      • Kabongo Daniel

        My president that’s we love you

      • Leon

        Political gain when the man is richer than your whole village

      • Leon

        Tayali is a young man being used by an old man

  3. Jimmy shaba

    Wise decision by hh

  4. kezmo tembo

    thanks god for HH may he continue with this kind heart.

  5. Mushemi

    Love conquers all.

  6. copperbullet

    Thanks Mr President that is how a true reader must be.

  7. Innocent

    HH thanks soll much to withdraw the case you are welcome

  8. Rodgers

    That’s a good decision HH.May Good reward you for move.

  9. Rodgers

    That’s a good decision HH.May God reward you for move.

  10. mbwita

    Comment. that’s the spirit Moses had for the people of Israel, bravo hh

  11. BLSimpamba

    You.’ve done the best Mr HH to withdraw the case that is being true Zambian.

  12. Kaba

    I like it, reconcile with more

  13. Nat

    Thanks hh your a president in this country.

  14. ELIJAH

    Thank u Mr president for that extremely that u have used may the Lord be with u all the time

  15. Black Lion

    I hope CT has learnt his lesson and stays off social media for good.

  16. alefisa

    That’s the spirit ba” presida”you know how to avoid embarrassment thanks.

  17. concerned

    True leadership.Job well done Mr hh sir.Toleration n reconciliation is wat will take our country foward.If only all political parties would put aside their differences n work together to develop our nation.Many minds is better that one.

  18. Ken Bwalya

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  19. Musata Obe

    whether hh wacita withdraw Tayali’s case or not u shall never rule this country,nge ng’ombe uukalachema ninani??Tayali cisanse nashimbi insele tacakwata ama qualities yabu president icooo!!!

  20. Rich k


  21. Kelly

    We love u HH

  22. Kelly

    HH is our president for sure ,we love u HH

  23. But why

    Some people are just bitter, to an extent of hating someone for nothing they can point at. God help us.

  24. MM

    Good leader always listen to what people say ,we want u Mr president HH to be in power in 2021

  25. One love

    God bless our nation to in one accord as one Zambia one nation

  26. eggs

    Good move guys

  27. Chinda Alfred

    Forgiveness is expensive and painful. That’s the spirit, God bless you guys

  28. Razor

    Yet we have Sean tembo being charged for defamation of the president.


    A good example has been set. A spirit of forgivness. we are all not perfect and need to be forgiving one another.

  30. Kelly

    I wonder y pipo can still b saying bad things to the President HH for reasons not known, he is the president God has given us,mango taipila pamo eyo

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