PF Pleads for Votes in Roan

Patriotic Front National Youth chairman Stephen Kampyongo on Sunday joined on-going campaigns in Roan Constituency ahead of the April 12 parliamentary by-elections with a call on electorates “not to make a mistake of voting for the opposition candidate”.

Kampyongo, who was accompanied by MMD Muchinga member of parliament Howard Kunda, joined, among others, mines and mineral development minister Richard Musukwa and Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo in Nkoloma Ward 26.

Kampyongo, who is also home affairs minister, urged electorates in Roan Constituency to vote for Joel Chibuye, the ruling party’s candidate, in the Roan by-election.

He advised voters not to associate themselves with politicians that were “over ambitious but have nothing to point at”, in apparent reference to former Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

Kambwili’s party, the NDC, has fielded Joseph Chishala, for the by-election.

“When the late President Michael Sata made a decision to form a political party, he had achieved a lot when he served in government but today, we see people eyeing the presidency but have nothing to show for,” Kampyongo stated.

“Now you have a chance to make a substitute for a failed player. Can we now put in a number nine who we will work with to realize employment creation for the youth, because the one you had here (Kambwili) did not help in any way.”

Kampyongo has further warned Chibuye against staying away from voters should he win the parliamentary by-election.

And Kunda has told voters in Roan to work with the government of the day to foster national development.

He said some opposition political parties were failing to deliver to their electorates because they see nothing good in what government is doing.


  1. kafwimbi

    uzamwa maanzi !

  2. lo

    Comment: u zamuziba yesu

  3. Muntu!

    Ubepele fye mwana

  4. Hev rena

    Its very rare that an MP can create employment .Its goverment policy.Some constituencies have not seen CDF for sometime and local councils nonfunctional.

  5. Gabriel

    I would like to advise people of roan to pray to Jehovah through Jesus for guidance in their voting so as to vote for a MP Who will bring development,employment ,care for the poor people among other things. Not for the tribe, political party on popularous grounds whatsover.we are tired of dealers in power who trick us with fake promises during campanging and helplessly plead for power but after assuming office they delibaratly put their interest first and forget the reason they were put into power.i will pray for you ,to Jehovah to awaken you by the Holy Spirit and choose a suitably right leader for roan and the nation at large. I therefore, encourage everyone involving in this election to be peaceful ,free and fair to move our b loved nation and our future generation together in a right direction with one love for both the opposition and rolling parties. Remember violence is not the way out. All the best to every voter.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      @Gabriel, politicians are there to fulfil their personal needs. None of them should lie that they are their for us. Intuition should work here.

    • But why

      Sense, Mr Gabriel.Most Politicians of Zambia are there to meet their needs.

    • true caller

      read the article by Sishuwa Sishuwa pa Lusaka times, this the exact thinking which gets us Zambians into trouble….You have the ability to assess who is the right candidate don’t bring god into these matters, am if the elected Mps goes rougue you will say its God who gave us so its okay… no that’s the attitude of refusing to take responsibility for your own actions. Hold people accountable based on promises they made while you elected them in…..not bringing ba jehova into this election no no no no

  6. samd

    which development ar u talking about ubunga ni k120 25kg kamwawina ni mwabutuka bakabwalala

  7. Geebees

    Am still waiting for free wifi from hon. Sampa

  8. Razor

    This is how they beg for votes but immediately after winning this man will shift to Lusaka and will never be seen again until 2021.

  9. Indoshi palupe

    Another motherf**ker!

  10. Truestory

    Ba Kampyongo elubuli lushilepwa ulolwine, y talking about Kambwili and HH? Please no carector assassination twakana, just tell the people what you have done and what that man will do for the people of Roan. Why are you so childish kanshi? Mukakula lilali? For a moment you talk about peaceful campaigns kanshi mule tubepafye ninshi mwabele ifi?

  11. Thomy

    U have failed with replacement of teacher but today you are talking of empowering the youth. Arent u ashamed of yourself

  12. BLSimpamba

    People of roan vote for aperson of your choice is not a mistake.But what I want to advice you is to be more careful vote for a person of your choice even though from the oppsition parties don’t emulate Kampyongo ‘s character assasination

  13. amos

    We seee u in yo beautiful suits.. We see u… Seller outs we see. Muzamuzi yesu… U will nolonger be anywhere to be seen.. Come 2021 we see u

  14. Mulenga

    pf tekwesha

  15. Lisa

    Pf has miserably failed to manage the country. Better they lose ALL the elections to come.

  16. PDCA

    Tamba short pf kuwayawaya

  17. Edga chagwa lungu

    Imwe bonse ba fikala tamutasha mutasha umuntu nga afwa so shakulaufwa ifyabupuba

  18. PDCA

    Tamba short pf kuwayawaya

  19. king

    voting him is getting a passport for to move to Lusaka. ..
    .please let’s note waste our time looking for a job for when we the youths are jobless.

  20. concerned

    Steven chungu promised da pipo of nkungulume good sanitory facilities ,three years on tamoneke nokumoneka.The road along luanshya bakery n wada chovu filling station is badly dilapidated nishi CDF tabapoka.Pf kuwayawaya.Batubepa pafula

  21. muntungwa

    Sort them out. I mean the pf zombies.

  22. fruits

    People of roan were was kapyongo and pf why are they asking votes today just go back

  23. father

    Ba kapyongo from the time you were put in office this is when you have seen that youths from roan have no jobs than why do like cheating people of your aged

  24. CJ

    Batata bakampyongo ubufi tabwama,tamukwete nesoni mwafwala narosary mubepelefye.

  25. kalumwa

    God is watching you bakapyongo stop lies and don’t hide in the name of GOD

  26. Lisa

    Mwamona nomba, your priority was teargas cannisters and machetes to butcher the very people you are appealing for votes. if you used the money wisely for development, this time nga kusonta fye..now nothing to point at in Roan

  27. Zimba

    I repeat do not listen to any promise.Your friends at Dola Hill just nearby were promised Land in 2016.Now the Ndola mayor and Town Clerk have given them tough conditions and the council have successfully grab land from them


    Of wat benefit r theze bye elections to the Zambians, irrespective of who wins?

  29. Peterson

    Pf chimo na Noooo! Ba fika.. muza muziba Yesu

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