Tembo Denied Police Bond

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo has been denied police bond and will remain in custody until he appears in court tomorrow.

Acting police spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the development saying Tembo has been charged with defamation of President Edgar Lungu and is being held at Lusaka Central Police Station.

The offence is contrary to Section 69 Chapter 87 of the Penal Code of the Laws of Zambia.

Tembo spent his weekend behind bars and will have to wait for court appearance for an alleged defamatory statement against  President Lungu on social media.

The statement that got Tembo into trouble were his claims that President Lungu was possibly suffering from a mental illness, “which might be the primary cause of his various irrational national decisions in the recent past”.

Police this morning recorded a warn and caution statement from Tembo but allegedly  insisted that he would only be cleared and possibly granted  police bond in the afternoon as they were still investigating the matter related to defamation.

Opposition Alliance leaders, among them UPND president Hakainde Hichilema,  Elias Chipimo of NAREP and ADD’s Charles Milupi visited Tembo, who is the spokesperson of the Alliance.

Hichilema said he sympathized with the men and women in uniform as they were operating under “severe pressure” from Patriotic Front government.

He said civil servants had no salaries, students in some higher learning institutions were not learning because lecturers have not been paid their salaries, “prices of mealie meal and other essential commodities are ever on the rise and our people remain hopeless, yet the country has  Lungu claiming leadership focusing even his little energy on  misplaced priorities”.

“This PF Government must leave. 2021 is far because by then, the damage would have been done and it will take us centuries to fix. Let us claim our country back. These PF cadres have failed. This is not time to fear.” said Hichilema.


  1. Albert

    (2021 is far. This pf government must leave.) These are yo actual words Mr. Hh.
    What exactly do yu want the People of Zambia to do Mr. president?
    Do yu want the People of Zambia to raise and remove this government by force or take to the streets until it steps down?
    Be clear Mr. Hh, what do yu want the People of Zambia to do?

    • PM

      He wants the PF to either step down or call for an early elections. Why are you trying to do by implying that HH wants the people of zambia to rise, go on the streets and remove PF? No its you who is saying that and not HH. You should be arrested for treason by inciting people to rise against PF. Your motives are as clear as your empty head.

    • father

      We need a government for the people

  2. Winner

    We have a democratically elected government in place,try again in the next general elections.

  3. Truestory

    You are right bwana Albert, what does HH want us to do? Let him give us the solution on how he wants Zambians to remove PF from power before 2021 when he knows that elections comes only after 5 years. Maybe he should do it the way he thinks he can do it himself or tell ECZ to call for a General Election? Which is impossible. Does calling Lungu mad solve the problems we are going through? Will this guy Sean Tembo stand in 2021? Or ba Milupi, will he stand? Pantu bonse aba Ku waya waya fye. So aba Bambi bale panga fye ichongo. Coz during election time tabamoneka niba cha mwenso.

  4. Truestory

    Chipimo, Milupi all these guys are not politicians but jokers. To HH he is just losing more of his popularity by engaging himself in supporting such useless guys, every now and then going to sympathies with under 5 politicians who don’t even make sense in the political arena. Y can’t he imitate the late king cobra for once? The man had his own way of doing popolitics, he had his slogan. More money, lower taxes and more jobs. What is HHs slogan that will make us vote for him. Free Education up to grade University?

    • Doubt Katwishi

      @True story,don’t you know what desperation can do? When you are desperate you can do anything. You think failing 5 times is a joke? For me I have actually started sympathising with him, cause I see him failing for the 6 th time come 2021.

  5. Zambian voters

    Where is ckambwili?

  6. BLSimpamba

    This is a christian nation our president just forgive the man the stuation that day was not ok with him which made him speak carelessly.But in other ways he was serious and correct,Just forgive him.Aleader must bedeaf.

  7. love

    Your leadership should not be questioned by the nation, but your fruits should speak to the nation

    • what

      God loves reconciliation he will never change he is love

  8. fruits

    Now people knows who is a child of darkness

  9. Jimmy shaba

    An alliance with political nonentities is a sheer waste of time and a sign of desperation on the part of upnd

  10. alefisa

    Lost sheep ba hh,akubuteni notwaice tunenu.kikikikikikiik

  11. concerned

    He can show true leadership by forgiving the person.he wasn’t wrong about some of the things he said but he was wrong to say the president is mentally ill.If he vowed to fight corruption why didnt he fire chitotela. The country might be doing well economically but most of the citizens are living below the poverty line.his mps and ministers are plundering resources like no mans business.Spending vast amounts of money on by elections and campaign material while there is not enough medicine in clinics n hospitals.Ama cadre ebaleumfya bwino

    • PM

      Yes this sheer madness and sheer madness comes from a mentally sick person.

  12. Gessik

    No one single politician will ever make life the way you want it .You can only make it better yourself .How ? Stop following politicians ‘mungulu mungulu ‘.Begin to do smithing that will bring food onto your table ,and participate in politics by voting with an informed mind .

  13. father

    Ba Gessik do you know the importance of voting


      to give someone ajob and you continue living in povert without been remembered even if you helped him/her with your vote

  14. Musata Obe

    You have heard 4 urselves!bushe hh kuti ateka icalo?Lungu wz legally elected and if it is to remove him,thats 2021-by the balot,and yet here this brat hh is sayng 2021 is far!!u r inciting somethng here,hh for president-my foot!!tekanya ur time will come but i doubt

  15. kalumwa

    Do not point out one person’s mistake but all the presidents are you HAPPY with what is happening


    CAPTAIN; were is that small boy ntembo oo sorry mr tembo we recieve here at the peace guest house oo sorry at the prison that adyeko ya beans aoneka aikonda ngako.uoneka naiwe niwewantota maningi no problem the GRZ shall help you by being panel beating that you become agood boy.WELCOME TO THE PANEL-BEATING CENTRE

  17. Hev rena

    What happened to “more jobs,less taxes and more money in our pockets?

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