Breast ironing awareness ‘needed in school’

Breast ironing awareness should be made part of the mandatory school curriculum to protect young girls from abuse, the National Education Union has said.

The practice involves ironing a girl’s chest with hot objects to delay breasts from growing, so she does not attract male attention.

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan said teachers must also be educated, as they have a “very important role to play”.

The Home Office said teachers have a duty to report concerns.

‘Not allowed to cry’

“Kinaya” – whose name we have changed – lives in the UK.

Her family descends from west Africa – where breast ironing originates – and she was subjected to it aged 10.

She said her mother told her that “if I don’t I iron them, men will start coming to you, to have sex with you”.

It is often the child’s mother who will undertake the breast ironing, which usually involves heating a stone or spoon on a flame then pressing, massaging or flattening the breast.

This can go on for months.

“Time does not erase that kind of pain,” Kinaya explained.

“You’re not even allowed to cry out. If you do, you [are said to] have brought shame to your family, you are not a ‘strong girl’.”

Kinaya is now an adult with daughters of her own.

When her eldest turned 10, her mother proposed that she be breast ironed.

“I said, ‘No, no, no, none of my children are going to go through what I went through, as I still live with the trauma.”

She has since moved away from her family, believing there was a real risk they would have performed breast ironing on her daughters without her consent.

It is thought that around 1,000 girls in the UK have been affected by breast ironing.

But while awareness is growing around female genital mutilation (FGM), there are fears that few people know about breast ironing.

One woman told the Victoria Derbyshire programme she only realised breast ironing was not normal when she discovered her body looked different to her classmates during a PE class at her UK school, which led her to become distressed.

Her sister had breast ironed her from age eight, but her teachers failed to notice when she became withdrawn and stopped wanting to take part in PE lessons.

“If my PE teacher had known, if they were trained, I could have had the help I needed growing up,” she said.


(Source: BBC)


  1. Kadmiel

    That’s why kanshi mwee.

  2. Japan

    I think these also makes them lose the sense of being a woman…it can lead to one being prone to becoming Homosexual

  3. Mizinga Blite

    Breast Ironing What About Zayanuma They Shoud Do The Same

  4. Onisher nakajola

    This is inhuman

  5. Mamen

    This Will Increase Breast Cancer

  6. Unknown

    That’s being stupidity of doing that ,does she no that their r some side Infects of doing that? May be she doesn’t want to have sex or to be married she is very useless or cumbersome ,I don’t no what some homosapians think mwee

  7. Prencess Prescovia precious

    If God said a woman shouldn’t have breasts he wouldn’t have given them the homons that makes them have please let’s not be more intelligent than God our creator.

  8. Chibuye Joseph

    I may not have gotten this straight but I don’t think that can make men to avoid women or girls.
    the solution enough is not in breast ironing but intensively teaching our young girls the importance of moral uprightness.
    in fact, even with ironed breasts, a lady/girl ow woman can be pursued by a man.
    (the key is moral uprightness and not ironing breasts.

  9. Hev rena

    Maybe this ironing is better than FGM where a girls private parts at removed and the opening is sewn leaving just a small opening to avoid any sex!

  10. Emmanuel

    You are a fool and uneducated individual

  11. Peacelife

    Let’s talk abound the advantages and disadvantages and then judge.
    For me I think breasts iron is good to some daughters.

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    we can’t promote such nosense in our country zambia

  13. Caterpillar

    Stupid idea…..makaka

  14. willard

    This is insanity. No one has a right to do that. Moral education is the most assured way of raising disciplined children. Use the bible to teach your girl children instead of coming up with such a unlawful scheme.

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  17. Kevin simwala

    Try to reduce poverty especially in urban rural areas,,,,,,, because this are areas which are affected by early marriages. After that you are permitted to do it.

  18. Kevin simwala

    God in control of everything,,,,,,he created and reasons.

  19. Liberty Mazuba

    I percive the reason for breast ironing doesn’t make any sense. Males are not attracted to girls just because of breasts..

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    Ah,this sounds strange

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    You are a fool and an irritrate person tuleya tulekura mwaumfwa

  22. Castrator

    Castrate the perpetrators only why punishing helpless girls.

  23. Dr Fonicks

    This can’t be a solution for preventing girls from sexual abuse. what about those little girls whose chests are almost flat? why are they abused ? personally, the law on sexual abuse should be stiffened so that would be offenders realise the consequences. God made breasts for a reason not to be flattened. This can’t be a solution to sexual abuse.

  24. New balo

    Giris are the ones who have more sex these days, mind u we dont go for breast, as long as it can go inside and feel nice.and no cases of rape

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