Govt Restricts Livestock Movement in East After FMD Outbreak

The government has restricted the movement of livestock in Eastern Province following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Eastern Province permanent secretary Dr Buleti Nsemukila told journalists on Monday that Lundazi recorded 600 cases while Vubwi had 412.

Dr Nsemukila said the government, through the Department of Livestock, had since restricted the movement of livestock in the Province to prevent the spread of the disease.

He directed law enforcers to impound vehicles found transporting livestock without permits.

Dr Nsemukila advised farmers to seek advice from the Veterinary Department before buying animals.


  1. SHI PA


  2. Mutuwapafa

    Who is in charge here, Department of Veterinary Services or Department of Livestock Development?

  3. Liberty Mazuba

    i also heard that those who sale chicken here in southern province are blocked on roads & charged… does foot & mouth disease affect chicken, & has the disease reached southern province..???

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