No Tariff Hike Yet, It’s Only a Proposal, Says Minister

Minister of Energy Mathews Nkuwah has said there is no truth in social media stories suggesting that Zesco Limited has increased electricity tariffs.

Nkhuwa, who told ZANIS in an interview, said no electricity tariff increase has been effected and “people should treat such information as false” because ZESCO only made an application to the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) for an adjustment.

He added that the process could take over three months for a concrete decision to be made on whether or not Zesco can partially increase the tariffs.

Nkuwah, who is also Chingola member of parliament, said the Energy Regulation Board would conduct public hearings where consumers would be given a platform to air out their views and called on Zambians to attend these public hearings.



  1. muntungwa

    We hope ERZ will listen to the people.

  2. muntungwa

    Sorry I meant ERB.

  3. Prince Mande

    There is some serious problem at Zesco, how can propose tariff hikes of up to 333.3% for the poor, total madness.
    I am on three phase transformer, i was buying units at K0.54 per unit and Zesco has proposed an increase to K1.07 per unit and that’s an increase of 198%. Do they really know what this will do to the economy. It will fuel inflation to double digits and PF’s popularity will suffer a severe setback. They told the people that PF is pro-poor, this is a funny way of showing the poor that you feel for them. Remember, we are going towards a big election in 2021. ERB should review this proposal very seriously or heads will roll in 2021. You are forewarned.

  4. Al Twacula

    E game twaishiba pa Z tariff UPWARD ADJUSTMENTS. Even if it is to cover misuse of funds, misappropriation, or inefficiency. 333.3% is madness. where else except Zambia

  5. Ulukela Kulata

    Who sits on the ERB panel to review ZESCO’s request?
    Does each of them pay for electricity or its paid by the ERB. What salary scale is each of them on? What other benefits do they enjoy? DOES ANY OF THEM KNOW WHAT A COMMON ZAMBIAN GOES THROUGH? There response to ZESCO will be the answer to these questions. Luziyelehile! haku lulamulele mwa lizoho lahae


    no the stories on social media are false but zesco has proposed it wil take 3months. iwe mp do u hear yo self? idiot

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