OPINION: ‘Sellouts’ In Govt

In the past few days, President Edgar Lungu has been making statements to the effect that some people in his government are misleading him.

Speaking in Chipata on Sunday before departure for Lusaka after a three-day working visit to Eastern Province, President Lungu said the lies he is being told by some leaders are affecting his popularity among citizens.


President Lungu has every reason to express worry about the lies that are being told to him. In fact, the Head of State has every reason to actually get angry at those who tell him lies instead of reporting the truth about what is really going on. He has his name to protect!

There is no leader who will allow his name to be dented for no reason simply because someone employed to do the work and report truthfully about the state of affairs chooses to tell lies to protect their job. This is serious deceit! What President Lungu must actually do moving forward is to begin to fire those who are in the habit of telling him lies because they will never change their ways.

For many, the art of telling lies to their leaders – especially the Head of State – is seen as the perfect way of practicing politics because they consider it as a mechanism to protect the leader from harm. But no, it isn’t. It is actually more detrimental to tell lies than it is to tell the truth. If, for instance, people are not happy about something that has been done by the government, and an official decides to lies to the President that the people are happy about that particular decision, then that person does not deserve to serve in government and anywhere else for that matter. And this has been the biggest problem of the past and current administrations of our country.

When one tells the truth about even the most ugly situation, action is taken to correct the state of affairs. The President cannot be expected to be everywhere to monitor how government functions are being performed. This is the reason why there are leaders at all levels who, then, must adequately communicate situations to ensure action is taken at the highest levels. Failure to do this renders those entrusted with such responsibilities useless. One would not be wrong to even go further to think that for others, they have decided to lie because they have a particular agenda against the President himself and the entire government. It is like seeing your neighbour’s house on fire but choosing to say there is only smoke probably coming out of his kitchen. Telling the truth saves everyone from trouble. And for any government, telling the truth helps those in leadership to take appropriate actions on matters that require their immediate attention.


Lastly, there are those who have chosen to always take decisions on very delicate matters ‘in the name of the President’ when the presidency itself is not aware of such authority given to them. Warnings have been given to those engaging in such practices that in the end have the President’s leadership and the entire government coming to question. But there seems not to be any change. Therefore, in this case, the perpetrators must be fired immediately a lie is a brought to the fore. This way, those in positions of influence will begin to tell the truth to the leadership, no matter how bad it may seem, because it is only through such that change will happen.


  1. beginning


  2. Sibweni

    Ecl warning pf members around the country 2 stop lies and do what pipo voted 4 them wants. We leader who want 2 b praised and if point wrong they do u bcom an enemy 4 advise him or her. During campaign pipo takin party in election do promote football and carry every furnal or dead body and family but after winin election the service we get disappears.

  3. muzani

    failier in disguise

  4. Jim Kamusaki


  5. Jean

    A last kick of a dying horse is very dangerous believe me.

  6. axon

    Confusions Everywhere.

  7. Joe Kawimbe

    This is exactly what, even those of us who are in the diaspora,have been talking about – that the President is being misinformed about certain things by certain cliques of homosarpiens that surround him. For example, when he fired the Army Commander, General Mihova and his deputy, I categorically said that he had made a serious error of judgement, or had been fed some lies about those two. I have personally known Gen. Mihova for years, and this man only had accolades for ECL, describing him as a very wonderful man. he had absolute allegiance to the President – then he got dismissed…. I am happy ECL has now realised that there some liars around him.

  8. Corruption now will be worse

    It depends where the lies are coming from,don’t forget that there is tribalism in this country and those who practice it, can tell lies just because they hate someone based on tribe and want him not to hold a certain office.Some of us who worked in government some time back experienced this. In Zambia if you want to work better don’t take every rumour or report to be true without verification. However for the President he has a lot of ears on the ground therefore it is hard to understand what he means by that statement! The office of the President are in every corner of this country and if he is told lies then it is them who could do it.

  9. bkombe

    This is DUNUNA Reverse coming to reality

  10. Mario

    These are the consequences of ignoring advice.Wasnt the president told to change his team?He said no one should tell him who to fire. So these are just results of his style of leadership, he should save us the agony of listening to him complain about the competence of his rule,we spoke and he didn’t listen, why complain…

  11. Ze

    PF kuwayawayafye

  12. Leon

    You know a statements like no one should investigate my MPs minus my knowledge made even those MPs with small heads to artificially develop big heads and these are the results but not too late to contain

  13. Mwansa

    Why confusion with yr president?

  14. One love

    Last kick of a dying horse kikikikikiki

  15. FGM

    Economically we are in trouble, and I don’t know what economic advice is being offered. Zambians are suffering due to wrong pieces of advice on economics. What Sata gave civil servants has been diluted by price hikes and multiple taxes.

  16. Hev rena

    More jobs,less taxes and more money in your pockets,within 90 days?What really went wrong .?, because the opposite is wat is happening.PF economic advisers.

  17. Marvin mwamba

    Kcm workers are suffering if you ecl can fnd time to come and see how people are suffering in kcm so dont just talk

  18. Josia Chapuswike

    I thank you Mr President for what you have know about the some leaders, such kind of leadership it’s found in all corners of the country so called Zambia, that’s why people of Zambia are complaining, they see there wrong doing and misusing government Mony and reports lies to you Mr President, Mr President time his now to uprooting the bad leaders who are setting the trap for you, let them be trapped now

  19. JK

    please let the president also know that, the labour office in Muchinga is not active.The minimum wage is not followed,especially in Chinsali (chinese companies) .Peaple are getting as low as K600 per month.Are we really in zambia here in chinsali?Mr president please 90 % of your peaple are suffering.

  20. Mukonkoto K

    God will solve the problems don’t worry!!! It is just the time, the time will come when Jehovah God will change everything in our country.

  21. Kings

    Zambia Has Lost Its Bearing By Choosing A Wrong Person To Plot One, More Problems Are Coming Economically.

  22. Gustavo chola

    Mr president ukwali isoke takwafwile muntu i hope u ar getting the views from the nation,we love u nowonder we ar encouraging u to fire some mps.come To mpulungu n see how the youths are suffering

  23. Truestory

    Lelo lelo, lelo lelo vintu vaipa a lungu aona…..kikikikikikiki, awe mwandi ichalo ichi. Who is cheating our Prezida kanshi? Is ya mukombe ya Sikazwe olo ya Kampyongo olo ya Kaisa Sulu? Ndani uyo alibe ulemu kansi? Come back Mr President, you can’t build a house in one day or 2 days or better still concentrate on building a house and stop buying food at home for the family. Impossible, vintu niku balansa malume Ku manga nakudya, people need food on the table not only seeing a mwenye busy making ma road yo menda menda, ma Chinese uku nauku ba manga, imwe bantu? Pa last ni so chabe nikuyamba kulila ati bani nama.

  24. Truestory

    Business is stuck, there is no money mu seculation, no jobs even people to give small contracts to local contractors ni libwe, niyokosa elo tiyikepo nachilala, kupya nazuba. tizapulumuka? Go back to the drawing board and start doing things in a normal way, otherwise 2021 is getting closer bwana muzakalila. The one who fought the battle didn’t even enjoy nangu ukukulako fye aka yanda as a President, elo mwebalifye ukutali nimwe mwaisa muku lilapo. PF was our beloved party under bashikulu nomba namuyonaula ilifye fimbi fimbi, tukamonana mu 2021.

  25. Mwaba fidelis

    People are perishing becouse reason lack of knowledge

  26. mk

    fire them don’t even hesitate they are making you very unpopular Sir

  27. T c mafinga

    Comment mr president sir come and c de state of de road from Isoka 2 muyombe. Come and c 4 yourself we ar tired pliz

  28. Daniel Banda

    This article is not helpful. We now live in an evidence based world be specific, you might even help the President purge the perceived misinformers or liers. The presidency the world over is a highly protected office receiving information from intelligence units. Don’t demean this office’s capacity.

  29. Mr Sikatulu Austin

    I beleive every problem has a solution us citizens of this country we all know what we are goin through during election you needed our support afterward no answerable to you people i personally think we need a good leader who’s answerable to his people

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