Kitwe Man Commits Suicide after Marital Dispute

A 38-year-man of Kitwe’s Twatasha Township has allegedly committed suicide following a marital dispute.

The deceased has been identified as Ronald Chitoshi of House Number 2538, Racecourse Compound.

The incident is believed to have happened between 22:00 hours on Monday and 06:00 hours on Tuesday.

Copperbelt Police commissioner Charity Katanga has explained that the incident happened after the deceased picked up a quarrel with his first wife only been identified as Sharon.

“Anna Chilekwa, 70, reported that her son, Ronald Chitoshi, 38, committed suicide by hanging himself on a mango tree with a rope after a marital dispute with his first wife only known as Sharon,” Katanga stated.

Police have instituted investigations after visiting the scene, Katanga stated.

The body of the deceased is in Kitwe Teaching Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem.


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  2. Emmanuel katebe

    I even saw him hanging in a mango tree around 07:00 when i visited the scene,may his soul rest in peace

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Word son! It takes balls to kill yourself.this man has balls,cojones.Now let the banging of his wife begin,coz we have balls fully loaded with tons of sperm count.

  4. francis Muzondo

    its takes demons to read some body to suicide this can happen to anyone but to avoid this spirit we need to leave the lifestyle of forgiveness, forget and prayers god can help us.

  5. Oxybox

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  6. MWANSA Eluid Mwansa

    too bad for the family

  7. Kafute Robby

    CommentLet us learn to forgive.

  8. Majoni Tyson

    Don’t just marry if u can’t handle the challenges in marriage. Even divorce is better than taking out life. Men be strong no wonder u are called men.

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