Solwezi’s Kimiteto Cemetery Turned into Cassava Field

The trend of planting cassava on graves is slowly turning Kimiteto cemetery into a Cassava crop field, Solwezi Mayor Nicolas Mukumbi has complained.

Mukumbi said council workers have complained to his office that maintenance of the burial site was now a challenge due to the Cassava that has grown on most graves.

He has appealed to families to consider laying wreaths or use tombstones as opposed to planting cassava on graves.

“We have a serious challenge with our burial site, especially at Kimiteto, I have received reports that some bereaved families have been planting cassava at the graves and this I am told has turned the burial site into a cassava field,” Mukumbi said during the Ordinary Council meeting, adding that  “the current situation is not helpful to the local authority”.



  1. AK

    Tombstone! Mmm too expensive, cassava is cheaper to put on the grave

  2. fuck face

    they are just graves soon or later houses will be belt on top. its okay that its now a grave farm. am going to get some to eat

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