Stakeholders Demand Sales Tax Implementation Guidelines

With only a few days to implementation of the Sales Tax announced in the 2019 National Budget, stakeholders have raised concerns on the failure by government to provide guidelines.

The Centre for Trade Policy and Development is worried that the lack of information to the business community would have serious repercussions.

Executive director Isaac Mwaipopo said the situation had potential to impede economic growth and stability.

“Silence on the part of government to communicate such important economic policy changes to the business community in due time in order to allow for prudent business planning may impact negatively on business and the economy at large,” he stated.

Mwaipopo stated that the country risked experiencing a significant reduction in private investment, foreign direct investment and economic growth if economic agents were not well informed on key policies.

He has since asked government to publish guidelines on Sales Tax implementation, stating that with only a few days to implementation, there is very little knowledge shared.

Mwaipopo stated that Civil Society Organizations had cautioned against such situations because policy direction needed adequate time for preparation.


  1. Mabumba

    My appeal to madam mwanakatwe is that kindly share with the general public and relevant stake holder all the necessary information that the implementation of the Sales Tax will undergo. Clearly tell us what are the advantages and the disadvantages that we expect to see going forward in as much as govt is trying to avoid increamental payebles of VAT refunds. I applaud you for your works. This is democracy

  2. Christopher CJ Mutambo

    I agree with Mr mabumba..
    Please give us a clear indication.

  3. Saviour

    Great piece of work, information and polies should be communicated especially to those who are deserving of it. Research ethics detects the opposite is a crime.

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