Xenophobic Attacks in S.A Worry Zambian Govt

The Zambian government has expressed worry over reported attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has appealed to politicians in that country not to issue inflammatory statements against foreigners as they campaign for the May 9 elections.

Apart from KwaZulu Natal Province, Durban has reportedly also been affected by the attacks.

“There are reports of foreign nationals being evicted from homes, beaten, harassed, stoned, or killed especially in Kwazulu Natal Province. Because of xenophobic attacks that occurred in 2008, 2015 and 2016, it is imperative to raise immediate alarm as soon as credible information is received on such attacks. This is to help alert authorities on the attacks and to help prevent and stem further loss of properties and life,” High Commissioner Mwamba has stated.

“Gruesome videos have been circulating on social media the last few days showing foreign nationals being beaten by mobs. Reports from our people indicate that Durban has been affected so far.”


He stated that although no single Zambian is affected so far, “it’s a matter we are watching closely and Zambians in South Africa are urged to call or reach us if they are in distress or assure us of their safety”.

“We recognize that South Africa goes to the national polls on 9th May 2019 and political campaigns are in full bloom. We however call for calm, and for responsible statements from political leaders as any careless remarks against foreign nationals living in South Africa has potential to spark heightened hatred, destruction of property and life targeted at foreign nationals living in South Africa,” stated High Commissioner Mwamba.

“As a community of African Diplomats, we will seek to immediately engage South African authorities to understand the sudden re-occurrence of what appears to be clearly xenophobic or afro-phobic attacks against foreign nationals of African descent.”


  1. bwafya

    God help us


    Let them stop for we are brothers

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    This is stupidity at its best by the south africans.This lack of respect for fellow Africans n humanity at large.

  4. bwafya

    God help us ,yyy sure!

  5. bwafya

    God help us ,yyy sure!
    Awe tefyo cifwile ukuba


    Julius malema and his kaponya party has been very careless in castigating foreigners in their campaigns.thus need to be bared from contesting presidential election. And malema must be jailed for his daily xenophobic utterance.

    • Gift Ndenda

      It’s the head of state who triggered it -Ramaphosa. Malema has spoken against it in favor of African Brother Hood.

    • Umuntu mutwe

      You have been misinformed, it’s the president and inspector General of police in SA who are in support of this barbaric behavior. Malema has spoken strongly against this behavior. The question I always ask people, is there a difference to notice that you have crossed the border? The borders are imaginary lines created due to greed people. In the actual sense we are all one big family.

      • ONE AFRICA

        exactly that is my thinking as well because boarders exist only on paper not in reality. i have never heard that a baby is born with a tattoo saying am a Zambian , souh african, or nigerian. the issue of nationality is just as a result of those that are weak in thinking, in reality we are one. we are depend on one another, and that is a fact. in life we all crave for one thing that is to put food on the table. we just have to embrace one love end of story.just as my brother said we are one big family.

    • Umuntu mutwe

      You have been misinformed, it’s the president and inspector General of police in SA who are in support of this barbaric behavior. Malema has spoken strongly against this behavior. The question I always ask people, is there a difference to notice that you have crossed the border? It’s a no. The borders are imaginary lines created due to greed people. In the actual sense we are all one big family. Hence, we need to embrace each other and live as a united brotherhood. Not this nuisance please


      My bro do a research, malema has been in the forefront in condemning xenophobic attacks on the foreigner. Iam suppliesed you saying that.

    • Freedom fighter Free FFF

      Do you know Malema… ? Or you just arrived from village which country in Africa that people can do what they want working without work locals not working after that you call then in names saying are lazy and not educated. If you see yourself with higher education and hard workers stay in your country and develop it if you go around and poke people they gonna cut you lips. Myself and a cross border driver we don’t provoke people in foreign land. South African are most people that are suffering heavy in Africa they are fighting for land and jobs then foreigners come and grab job with less money that is nonsense teach your people reduce speed especially Zimbabweans and Zambian.

      • Me

        This English awe sure mwee.

      • Elie lotengo

        My dear… There’s no country which has no foreigners, your fellow south African are working in other countries across Africa… Who killed them… You know if you guys can’t get a job because of your stupidity and lack of education and intelligence let those with brains do it, don’t look at the nationality that’s just showing the level of your stupidity…

        As for what i know you South Africans are only good at drinking and formicating!
        And I don’t even know if you’re gay or straight but by reading your silly comment I can tell, that you’re from being fucked by a nigga๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
        Shut your mouths and continue working as maids in foreigners houses ๐Ÿ˜‚
        Or get fucked by whites and get that small money๐Ÿ˜€

    • Not Malema but ANC

      It’s ANC not Eff follow the African news bro

    • Susan

      My brother read the news before u post cos malema is on our side so I knw what I’m talking about I’m in south Africa told,and sorry If I’m rude to your comment

  7. Youth movement

    This is foolish and stupidity from the people behind this evilness.who do they think they are and what is so special abt them?don’t they know that we all need each other in one way or the other.please end this rubbish for once,they’re better ways of solving issues or deport them if they are wrong than killing your friends like animals.

  8. Starboy

    South Africans what aremail you trying to prove? Nelson Mandela delivered you from apartheid by the Boers yet you still continue killing yourlves and foreigners, stop stupidity or maybe you don’t deserve to rule yourselves. The Unit must sanction you to stop migrating to other countries and see if you can develop with such kind of shallow mindness. Idiots

  9. Brighton Mulonga

    It’s time South Africans are lectured about their unbecoming behaviour. If we ask our brother and sisters out of RSA and also boycott South African goods and what they think will become of that country? Let political leaders sobber up because this has got far reaching consquencies in future.

  10. Xhophia

    Last when I checked, I read that mr Mwamba Emmanuel was biding farewell to the S.A community.

  11. Joze

    So, let’s stop buying from Shoprite, PnP, shut down our MTN sim cards, after all, this was all inspired by the ranking SA leadership. What a shame. You’d rather run to a lion if the other side is full of these xenophobic attackers

    • Prisca

      Trusting God will keep us going, as for South Africa politicians they are campaigning with foreigners blood

      • Wilson

        What is causing the barbaric xenophobic attacks in South Afrida are the same demons that caused the Mfecane wars of Shakas error and latter apartheid. South Africans need to be delivered from these demons otherwise peace in the whole of Southern Afrida is threatened.

  12. m.mwambilwa

    Xenophobia is evil and a sign of selfishness. SA was helped by other countries to be what is today and it is time politicians tell their people the truth. Most A N C members were exiled in other countries including our country Zambia. The only way forward is education on the part of their existence as a country. It is very bad and this must be stopped by all peace loving mankind. Let us love one another.

  13. paul usona

    These people can never appreciate,during apartheid they also fred to other countries,their leaders were accommodated in other countries and on top of that a lot of support was rendered to them freely and this is what they can payback?

    • Living legend

      “Apart from KwaZulu Natal Province, Durban has reportedly also been affected by the”
      How doesn’t the reporter know that Durban is also in Kwazulu Natal. Unlike Pretoria and Johannesburg that make up Gauteng, Durban is the largest city in Kwazulu Natal where Pietmaritzeburg is the provincial capital. Also Pretoria is the capital of South Africa. So many times we read of Zambian reporter’s wrongly stating that Johannesburg is. So many surprises. South Africans have forgotten about the support they got from neighbouring SADC countries.

  14. Foreigner Mulongoti

    You see the kind of people HH interacts with? Julius Malema of all people! And this is what will be happening in Zambia in the unlikely event that HH became president of this country.

    • fappi

      No stop talking about HH.Is it not PF NA KASAKA KANDALAMA that are preaching out xenophobia

    • Sk

      You are very Dall just like you friends in South Africa. How can compare these illiterates to HH.

    • Daniel Banda

      You Foreigner Mulongoti you are a danger and an embarrassment to Zambia. Your thinking is lop-sided. Is it a lie that HH associates with spoilt kids in SA like Julius Malena and Musi Maimane? Is the UPND uniform not similar to that of EFF Party? Are these similarities not indicative enough to worry people? Here at home, look at what type of people HH likes to get support from, violent people like you. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling people who say factual things dull, when all the time you spent in school if at all you did came out spelling the word dall to mean dull.

      • Living legend

        It is Malema who is against Xenophobia publicly. You arguments just fall apart

      • Biloko

        So the jerabos who your leadership are now even honouring are peaceful people leave HH out of your cheap and hatred driven politics.

    • Daniel Banda

      Apologies to Foreigner Mulongoti my comments were wrongly addressed to you they are meant to educate the person who spelt dall for dull

  15. Leon

    Our brothers and sisters are killed because they went to look for green and not greener pastures.

  16. Youth movement

    We can’t revenge because we are more civilised than these fools.Governments in Africa should put in place a clear system every one should follow,foreigners and citizens should know their boundaries.please my beautiful Africa why?where have we lost it?

  17. Zambian looters Victim

    Xenophobia must be condemned by every living human being… I had South African friends in Zambia during the Apartheid time andntheyblived peacifuly. I tried to link up with them during my stay in RSA but Incould not find them as they seemed to be using code names in Zambia… This world is globalize dang we should all live like human beings… It’s saddening to read about Xenophobia… My children and I lived so well in RSA and we made family friends whom I shall continue thanking for the love and kindness, but to hear of Xenophobia in Durban and KZN is very detrimental. They must ask Jacob Zuma and others to tell them how they lived peacefully in other countries during the ape their era. Coming to Zambian looters,mtheynought to be ashamed too. We lived peacefully in Johanneburge Nd were shiped back to Zambia by international movers,money to come and have Zambian lawyers and some members of the judiciary looting our belongings , like imbeciles… They are nit different from Thise attacking others in foreign countries. Because they are attacking they fellow nationals just because those nationals came back home from abroad.. Sickening… Shame on Zambian lawyers… And their accomplices.


    The problem what I get is luck of spiritual bcoz aperson who has spiritual he /she can’t abuse each other. Instead let’s look the owner of the world whose name JEHOVAH.

    • Jandomajic 1@gmail.com

      We were thinking that south Africa government should haveto question themselves that how many of south Africa people’s we’re lost there life’s during a white people’s ? and no any of blacks was involved to kill south africa peoples than whits and today they have the country on there on hands of south Africa’s and my question isn’t make sense for south africa to fight back to there own blacks instead of fight back to the whites people’s?

  19. Issa

    stop XENOPHOBIA…you can concentrate on vibrant issues NOT these useless killings and attacks..Stop being lions over your fellow human being for you dont know what tomorrow brings!

  20. Funxo nkangira

    South Africa must be sanctioned and punish the people doing the evil attacks. The whole world shud isolate them since they can be independent

  21. Christopher Mbonge

    since SouthAfrica doesn’t want to repent from such an Evil act, there is need to call for an urgent SADC meeting and slap sanctions on the country if anything isolate it completely.That way they will refrain from xenophobic attacks.

  22. Topboy

    We are in the last days when you see this things happening know that the second coming of Jesus is near..

  23. Millar

    South Africans don’t be insensitive don’t you know other south Africans are in other countries too? Stop that nonsense think your country is not heaven on earth we belong to each other

  24. Daud Zilu Nyirongo

    SA is very selfish, A lot of Countries from Africa helped SA fought White rule, but today South Africans have forgotten and started hunting and killing their fellow Africans, What a shame, Despite all those good messeges from Mandela and Lucky Dube’s songs and Such as together as one. South Africans Remember no matter how you can fight or hate or segregate your fellow Africans You will never become Whites or Americans, You are our fellow blacks. so stop that evil behaviour God is watching you will be punished

  25. Edo

    Why an African killing a fellow African
    Africa please unite

  26. Penelope

    Sad story coming from South Africa.first it was apartheid now xenophobia. God help Africa.

  27. Tsepo

    Leave them alone to enjoy what they fought for.They suffered a lot during struggle for independence

  28. Morris c Mulenga

    Sure sure how can you do such to fellow brothers and sisters?

  29. Morris c Mulenga

    It’s too much and out of hand amnesty international has to come in now and charge south African government for reckless and heartless,against humanity.

  30. Abraham

    one love why fighting each other. if you can’t do the best ask them than killing remember. Zambia has the history of keeping people who seek asylum. what if we chase them back how could you feel. its love we preach not fighting

  31. Jairous onde

    Y can’t we just join them?,let us also tamfya all south African’s who live in Zambia that’s all

  32. Wils

    This is what happens when the head of state just opens up his mouth anyhow. Its the president who triggered this through his speech. So he must come out and condemn this in human acts

  33. Penny

    This is very sad. Africans let’s unite please. For God’s sake we are humans and not animals eish

  34. Bravekid

    Comment let’s fight back…… these people are stupid and heartless, it’s only luck of food…. to much poverty in a black man’s mind……. I would be better if we fight back. these people have stores and trucks here.

  35. Given

    we are all one but look at how foolish south African are

  36. Cyril Mupeta

    Something is really wrong in SA. They are forgetting who helped them to get independence. They are forgetting where they are doing their businesses from. No nation is an ISLAND, we are inter dependent. Why behave in such inhuman way? Him as the head if State, proudly in support of these stupid acts. I think its time SA came back to their senses, if it means leaving SA alone, I would prefer that is done. They need to learn from other nations what Sanctions can do. Why can’t SADC, and other organizations just impose sanctions on that nation and everyone else who isn’t South African leave that country, since its what they want? Illiteracy and ignorance are SINS, and that what’s killing that nation.

  37. Nyambe

    Saw the videos hmm aren’t things
    South Africans

  38. Brian Chibale

    Shame on you south africans, why killing your fellow africans Is this Ubuntu? Remember during apartheid many south africans did seek for asylum in other countries. Is this what Mandela preached about or luck dube? The president and inspector general of police are to blem.

  39. Sydney munsha

    Think like humans what kind of people r u, God help us nizee?

  40. Living legend

    “Apart from KwaZulu Natal Province, Durban has reportedly also been affected by the”
    How doesn’t the reporter know that Durban is also in Kwazulu Natal. Unlike Pretoria and Johannesburg that make up Gauteng, Durban is the largest city in Kwazulu Natal where Pietmaritzeburg is the provincial capital. Also Pretoria is the capital of South Africa. So many times we read of Zambian reporter’s wrongly stating that Johannesburg is.

  41. muke 1

    Comment South Africans are just fools these guys need total displine, who do they think the are it’s just too much our lives are in danger especially us who are using this route

    • Freedom fighter Free FFF

      So what do you want in ther are land if they are fools they good beat you heavy, and you guys you where not forced to help South African fighting for independent that you can use as a passport ther is law enforcement even in your countries.

  42. Kendall Hoare

    Why should africans treat fellow africans like that,like why….its sooo sad ,this spirit of inhuman treatment on others should end…..may God forgive you all…..like really africans are spread through out the world through out africa and if every country starts mistreating people from other countries like that how is it gonna be…..please stop it!

  43. Jj

    What SA people are doing should stop. We all need one another in this world. The leader of that country should be against it and not to support it. South Africans STOP that!!!

  44. Chime

    What the heck is SADC doing about it??

  45. Susan

    I think it’s better they close all the south african shops in Zambia to teach them a lesson that we are all up set about their madness and to stop all the trucks which deliver the goods to stop entering in Zambia cause other wise they won’t stop if we won’t fight back or act

  46. 986

    God help us. its really saddening to hear that

  47. Michael

    God help us, but there is always a better way of expressing your grievances and settling issues than that.

  48. Slindokuhle

    It’s fake news!!! People please don’t get heated up without doing any research. No attacks are on foreign nationals are happening here. Only attacks are on thieves and if you are a thief it doesn’t matter where you from you are a thief and should be treated as such. We are busy fixing our country we don’t have time to attack people especially our own people. I mean seriously people how do you believe a reporter that doesn’t research where Durban is??? The reporter says Durban is outside of KwaZulu Natal!!! This is someone who is new on the internet who needs to be educated about fake news. How does he know that the videos are actually from SA? Even during “Xenophobic ” attacks there were many videos circulated by whites with people killing each other who doesn’t even speak our eleven official languages and those videos were old videos of wars in other parts of Africa… this is to try and decide us because they can see that Julius Malema and the EFF are trying to unite us. Please follow African politics and STAY WOKE my people . One love

    • Slindokuhle

      To try and divide us….

    • Wycliffe

      What do you think of the speeches by president Ramaphosa and police IG?

    • Maureen Banda

      be serious pliz ,, I guess u don’t know d meaning of fake

  49. Evans Chanda

    My sister even if is on your side is the head of that country he has to do something, but if is not using his security forces to stop that killings what can we think ?we are not happy even if we are outside.

  50. Kunda

    South Africa things have messed up Moreover thats how they live, ba zambia jx concentrated on how we can chess those experts in plants who u have kept for nothing, get back to drawing board and see how u can control your copper and gold Australians are stealing Moreover see how u can negotiate ama salaries…

  51. Charlz Beka

    South Africans they forget if they fought together with felow Africans interms of being safe in the country .But now xonofobic is a results of fellow Africans brothers.It’s shame

  52. Zeke

    African brothers killing African brothers forgetting that we are all we’ve got.
    You call your black brothers foreigners and yet call the Boers that invaded your land south Africans..
    An uneducated youth claiming that his job has being stolen by a foreign surgeon doesn’t even make sense…
    Same of y’all even Deny that their is no xenophobia taking place
    Madiba never stood for this
    Malema talked about boarders in his speech that guy has a vision.

  53. Zambian

    They say that foreigners are taking there jobs do they want to work or can they work for as less as 2000 rand I don’t think so but with a foreigner he or she will work for that 2000 hoping that tomorrow will be better people stop killing. Other people there is no country in the the all world that don’t have a foreigner coz for it don’t know who is a foreigner?

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