FPP Proposes Amendments to Dialogue Bill

The Forum of Political Parties (FPP) has proposed some amendments to the National Dialogue Bill but says it “fully supports” the process.

The National Dialogue Bill based on Constitutional and Institutional Reforms, Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence, Tolerance, Civility in Politics, Public Order Act (PoA), Electoral Reforms and Political Parties Bill has received dissent from opposition political parties and civil society organizations, some of whom believe this was an avenue for stifling people’s freedoms.

During a press briefing held this afternoon at Mika Lodge in Jesmodine, Lusaka today, FPP chairperson Jackson Silavwe said they had resolved that section 5B of the Dialogue Bill be amended to increase representation of registered political parties outside Parliament to the National Dialogue Forum to three (3) per political party.

He said the FPP had further resolved that Section 15 in the National Dialogue Bill be amended so that government should provide for the payment of allowances to all the delegates to the National Dialogue Forum.

Silavwe added that the FPP had also resolved that  section 14 (1) be amended to extend the initial duration of the National Dialogue Forum to 30 working days and not the 10 days as stipulated in the National Dialogue Bill.

“Lastly, it has also been resolved that the Forum will recognize that the National Dialogue Bill as it affords the Zambian people an opportunity to amend the Republican Constitution and subsidiary legislation,” said Silavwe.


  1. Gessik

    ‘Section 15 be amended so that govt should provide for the payment of allowances to all the delegates to the National dialogue forum ‘.These allowances are the reason you guys fight for ;nothing else .Just draining govt coffers.

  2. jimmy

    Why. can’t each. participating organisation or party cater for it own cadres.by providing need for resource. How .much is going to be wasted during the event and one. Proposes 30 days.its not right thinking..

  3. Corruption now will be worse

    This is nonsense to say the least ! You have an agenda to participate in a national discussion and you want to be paid an allowance by government ? Let’s be serious with things. Why participate if you are a poor party without resources eh !

  4. Foreigner Mulongoti

    This country will never develop because we like wasting time and resources on unproductive issues. Already some people have seen this so called Dialogue Forum as an opportunity to make money. This so called Dialogue Bill will drag on until 2021 and it will have gobbled huge sums of money. What a country?

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