Mushindamo Council Workers Join Strike Over Pay

Unionised workers at Mushindamo district council have joined in countrywide protests to demand payment of their February and March salaries.

Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZALAWU) Branch Chairperson, Elias Kapata said all unionized workers have withdrawn labour.

He said it was disheartening to see workers not getting paid despite their commitment to duty.

Kapata said the newly created councils had no capacity to pay salaries due to lack of revenue sources, hence them depending on the local government equalization fund.

But Mushindamo Council secretary Pamela Zulu said the government had already disbursed money to the council for February salaries and workers would soon get their pay.

Zulu said that the union branch at the council has however vowed to continue with their go slow until the March salaries are paid in full.


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One Response to “Mushindamo Council Workers Join Strike Over Pay”

  1. Foreigner Mulongoti

    By the way what work do these council workers do? Service provision by these councils is a thing of the past, probably in the Kaunda era. Almost all the councils countrywide cannot even “Sonta apo wabomba” so even they withdraw their ‘labour’ there will be no impact. It is as good as not having councils at all. These councils are only specialised at selling plots and use the proceeds to give themselves loans to buy cars and build houses at the expense of service provision. Find time to visit some of these council offices you will be surprised to learn that nearly everyone drives and owns more than one house. Even revenue collectors are driving and living in mansions.

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