CBU Closed After Student Protests

Copperbelt University students last night fought battles with police as they rioted after failing to sit their examinations.

The students took to the streets and blocked Jambo Drive.

The protesting students said in separate interviews that they had not been allowed to sit their exams for failure to attain 20 marks from their Continuous Assessments.

Others have alleged that they have been barred from sitting their exams for failing to pay 80 per cent of user fees.

“Some of the students failed to get 20 or more marks while others have not paid tuition fees and this resulted in them missing out on exams this morning,” one of the students said.

Police, however, curtailed a near riot after they fired tear gas canisters to disperse the students.

Police have since surrounded the university to maintain law and order.

Copperbelt University Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma has expressed disappointment over the students’ behaviour and said the protest would not force the University to lower standards.

Prof Ngoma said the protest had nothing to do with registration fees in which the percentage had even be reduced to 30 per cent.

Meanwhile the university management has shut the institution indefinitely.


  1. Clever Mutunda

    When did they close it down because I cannot see the date and year.

    • Kangwa

      Me I can only see date and month under NOTICE.

  2. Clement

    The institution has not shut down indefinitely, at least not yet. It was just an April fools day prank.

  3. ME.

    lol, nice try but we ain’t fools to believe in such a prank, at least not on April fools day.

    • K

      Ba Chris phiri laka, that was a prank
      Do your research very very well, which school did you people go to Kanshi for such fake reports.

  4. IZZY

    How true is this?

  5. Masowe Hamusonde

    I am a student at cbu and i tell you the university is very much open

  6. Blessed Blega

    You mean whole lot of your management failed to do a proper research.
    Tuleya tulekula ba bungwe imwe

  7. Ormond

    Mmmmmm tuleya tulekula zoona

  8. Bwalya Mulenga

    This is interesting but I don’t believe it

  9. Concerned

    Is this the levy of our journalist now reporting and posting fake news..what a shame

  10. Mwape

    I can’t believe it cause the is no date on it

  11. shadie

    lie lie lie…

  12. Lv graphics

    Its so sad to have such a false and fake news disseminated on this platform…CBU Student

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