Mopani SOB Miners On Safety Drills

Operations at Mopani Copper Mine’s South Ore Body (SOB) shaft in Kitwe have remained suspended following the death of two miners in an accident, the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) has disclosed.

To this effect, Mopani has sent all miners working from same the SOB shaft to its training centre in Mufulira to be retrained in safety.

MUZ general secretary George Mumba said all employees were being re-inducted on safety at the training centre in Mufulira.

“For us, it makes us happy that despite there not being production, our members are being retrained and inducted on safety issues because there can be no production which supersedes life. The move will help improve safety levels and reduce on worries when miners are underground,” Mumba said.

He, however, said he was not sure when operations would resume at the site but further indicated that Mopani Copper Mines would give a clear direction on the SOB shaft.

Following the mine accident at the SOB shaft on March 19, the mining firm announced temporary suspension of operations to pave way for investigations into the accident.

The two miners who died were working for Reliant Drilling, a contractor engaged by Mopani Copper Mines.


  1. Lawrence

    The ministry of works and supply together with the ministry of labour shpo

  2. Nosiku

    Mopani copper mines Plc is likely to become a world class mine in the near future, meaning they just have to continue with “SAFEMINING” Campaign.

  3. george kabwe

    it is such a good idea mopani sending its people to learn about safty…this will stop accidents..good move

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