Nkandu Luo Closes CBU Indefinitely

Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo has announced the indefinite closure of the Copper University.

Professor Luo has also suspended all union activities at the university.

Luo made the announcement at a media briefing in Kitwe saying the behaviour of the students left her with no option but to close the institution.

The Copperbelt University has been engulfed in a state of industrial disharmony following the riot that was sparked lecturers and non-academic staff downing tools.

Students staged a protest in solidarity with lecturers and rioted in protest of being stopped to write examinations on account of non-payment of fees and not meeting the academic quota to be eligible to rite exams.


She said that despite efforts to engage the union leaders the level of lawlessness has continued.

Luo has also banned all union activities at the Copperbelt University further directing that all students leave the University campus by 18:00 hours today.

She said that government will not allow the continued damage of public infrastructure by unruly students.

Examinations were due to start on Monday but the tense atmosphere has left the process disrupted.



  1. Chris tomboh jah

    Finally I can see my girl friend. Its been long since we had fan. Thank you for closing.

    • John Mulele

      CBU riots are not new. They have nothing specific to do with the PF or LUO. Some students not ready for Exams create confusion to avoid embarrassing themselves. Identify ring leaders and expel them for good.

      • AM

        Innocent souls should not suffer the consequences of evil doers.

    • Joshua Daimon Miti

      Lol bro.

  2. Chilankalipa

    This ugly he/she should close her stupid stinking mouth and let our children have some education. It is her and her fellow idiots who have failed, why should the students suffer for the dogs’ incompetence and failure?

    • Maicas

      These unpalatable comments ascribe to you not Nkandu or goverment

    • Daniel Banda

      How can a child coming from a zombie parent like this Chilankalipa start learning about good morals when all he taught them is to insult and destroy public property as seen by his filthy reaction.

      • Chilankalipa

        The two of you above are just idiots who must keep your idle minds and mouths shut. How come out of all the commentators it is only you two who cannot see what everyone is seeing? If you have nothing to say just keep quiet.

        • Daniel Banda

          The two of us? Everyone else? You are hearing your own voice and are seeing your own shadow and think you are many? Seek medical advice as quickly as possible before you also start destroying public property!

    • Larry



      Those coming home from Campus will have to state & Explain if they were involved in the senseless Vandalism.
      No one should abuse opportunities to acquire a University Education for any or whatever foolish reason .
      Parents for knowledge , integrity and moral excellence.

  3. CBU closes

    One of the reasons why Zambian Universities have fallen on the world rankings is having educated leaders from the university but taking advice from cadres who are their social, political and economic advisers

  4. Knowledge Mweemba

    Ixs Amazing Wht Is Happening Guyz

  5. Herv Rena

    This is complete failure by this PF government to address simple issues.We as parents at adversely affected by such moves.Some students come from as far as Mbala and she says by 18hrs.where at we going to get ma transport.?

  6. guard

    This is Zambia. The real Africa.

  7. Kennedy chulu

    Madam bweshenimo naimwe

  8. sloga money

    mu zamuziba yesu.

  9. Corruption now will be worse

    Why can’t you blame the UPND now ? Last time you were blaming them for the chaos at the two learning Universities! Just work and deliver service to the people !!

  10. hadassah

    This is totally insane,they should stop wasting pipo’s tym and money!!!!!

  11. Kadmiel

    Mwaona Manje….. Iyi ni pressure futi

  12. john wise


  13. Evans Mwiinga

    Dont disturb other peoples rights when you have faild to run the university you should go back to square one and restarte the formuler dont be dogma and dosile foolish minister

    • Ignatius

      Ok sir we’ve heard or madam we are packing..

  14. zedoc

    President Lungu has failed the country by allowing a lunatic minister to mismanage Higher education. Truth of the matter for people who do not know is that Nkandu Luo flanked her first year in NS after form five. She went to Russia through the support of late madam Chibesa Kankasa who helped her get the Russian scholarship through Bursaries. That is how come she seems to have a bone to chew with UNZA.

  15. chief

    This is stupidity by the students why damaging infrastructure which will be used by their children to come. The minister has done well

  16. Kutemba kashindi

    What is happening kanshi 😢😢😢

  17. Walick

    Unfortunate story indeed!!!!

  18. Ngeni

    Zambians, watch out! It’s true the saying that if the head does not function properly, the whole body suffers. The real reason of closing the university is because the govt has no money to pay the lecturers and the students themselves. Students rioting is just a scapegoat to hide their failures. By keeping away everybody, they think they will reduce the pressure. Zambians, we are in problems.

  19. Youth movement

    I don’t think closing the institution is the best solution.why do we like pretending not to know the truth when it’s already in public?Solve the problem for once than leaving unresolved issues everytime and again an appeal to my fellow Zambias,you can just protest peacefully rather than destroying properties moreover what ever is destroyed we are all affected because these leaders are just servants representing the nation on our behalf.

    • BBC

      Who will give them a permit for a peaceful protest.

  20. Ngwenya De castro

    This is what we call Zambian education. Things are happening

  21. fruits

    Do we call this as a solution to payments no they are wasting money on things like bay_elections education is now suffering luanshya people don’t give them a vote

  22. HR

    Too bad,idiot

  23. Angoni

    Unilus the best University in Zambia. The rest its just a name that has remained. atleast i had a good education with world class features not these universities that have structures like they are coming from a war torn country. Well done prof, after being sponsored for free they even brake our properties. please open it after 2021 then lets see who will suffer.

  24. muntungwa

    I got my humble education free of charge and we never had this sort of stupidity. People are paying for education and this is the nonsense we get. Fruits you are very right Luanshya should deny them a vote.

  25. We warned you

    Atulachinjanya imitwe kuti nalwisha nachinja bonse aba voter,!madan nkanduule do you know what that closure mean?maybe you mean they go for a holiday?kuti waseka fimo these people think they are not part of human beings!!!wait and see ba luo?!

  26. Prince Mande

    The Government should tuckle the root cause of these riots and i can gurantee you there will be no go slows, strikes or riots. Students symphathise with their lecturers who are on go slow demanding their salaries. How can one work effectively on an empty stomach? Pay lecturers on time and there be no cause for go-slows or strikes and students will not riot. This is simply failure by the PF government, they have failed in many ways. If Civil Servants were to riot for non-payment of salaries, would you blame them? Come on government put your house in order, you are to blame (or the cause of all these riots, work stoppages).

  27. Gift Chinyemba

    Cbu. Foolish

  28. Concerned Citizen

    How many times has the 2big institutions open/closed within these last 8yrs Kikikiki.
    How many are crying over delayed salaries come on lecturers too iyeee and yhu now blaming students.
    I guess to you the solution is close it. Yah less spending for yhu. Yhu don’t have to pay the students. Yhu don’t have to pay the lecturers .more money for you and your children, since the rest of the country don’t benefit from it. Ohhhkay sit and watch other people’s children suffer


    We can’t blame the Head of state the Electrol Commission of Zambia hope you have seen what you did, Zambians ar now in trouble.

  30. Limbo

    Does fight solve the problem? I don’t think so.
    People let us look unto Jesus for the solution of our problems. Only Him z a solution. No one will be able to solve the problems of our solution. We are in the last days.

  31. Mutwe

    Zambians please Lets stop this poverty mentality of associating stupidity to polictics.This has nothing to do with votes from Luansha. This rioters don’t value their Education nowander they keep on misbehaving without realising who is going to suffer from their nosensical behaviour.this negative attitude will take them nowhere but to delay their callender. Lets understanda that intelliget people tolk sense but stupid people need to be punished. We can not keep on loughing when we see this misplaced students damaging properties worthy millions then when do we develop as a nation? Most of those students you may find that are from poverty striken families and fail to realise the reason why they are in the university.Those supporting these silly act they need medical cheak up!

  32. Phamary

    Our King Lord Jesus come and save us. We waiting for yo coming. We hav been tossed to and fro, and we are really tired living in thing world of suffering.
    God z the solution. Rejection of His grace through Christ Jesus His son,z the cause of all these problems. Why are looking to fellow fallen human being for a solution. Jesus z the solution.
    I hav the hope that very soon, all this will be over. It wil be a story of the past when we get to heaven. Soon and very soon our king will come. He wil surely come. From the East, we wil see a small cloud like a hand, but after sometime, we wil notice that it z no longer a cloud, it wil be becoming big and bigger as it draws near earth, we wil see that it z the glory of God, the son and angels.
    Brethren, why can’t you chose Him today? What reason do you hav for not choosing him. He z the solution to our problems.
    His coming wil glorious, and awesome to those who follow Him wherever he goeth. But to them that hav rejected Him and enjoy pleasures of this world, that glory wil be a consuming fire.

  33. Lupungu Mpundu

    The downfall of a party in power start small. Today Luo has closed CBU next she will go to the same people she thinks she disciplining to lobby for votes. We only have 2020 before 2021. PF dont be antagonistic you will need everyone’s vote in 2021

    • Future President

      Youths r the majority voters in any country and no one can win elections without them, treat them well o else, start packing.learn to dialogue don’t bully o intimidate opposing views u need them they r very important, but what surprises me despite all the mistakes they r making u keep on voting for them come on guys wake up

  34. Samson

    Too bad to u students

    • Thunahuka


    • justice

      No need for political mileage. The students WHO were involved in property breaking were wrong. UPND must come to terns with this fact.

  35. Isaac Nthukwa

    The University is where you learn the Universal morals and culture,thereby applying them in your day to day living. With this kind of morals and culture, what kind of future are we building for our beloved Zambia. Let us not blame the Government when we’re the problem …shame on you irresponsible students

  36. kings

    Like Chilufya Tayali Said, Ba Lungu These People Your Ministers Are Criticizing Today You Will Need Them 2morrow, Nkandu Luo Is In That Office Becaus We Gave You Our Votes, But Its Like You Like Minded Thats Why You Are Not Even Against What She Is Doing. Nkandu Luo Nga Waikuta Tabanyela Mafi Mumpoto Waciipikilamo Icilyo, Kutumpa Sanafye, Because Tomorrow You Will Be Hungry Again. Solve The Cause Of That Riotous Behavior Of You Kids Than To Close The Institution As If All The Students Were Wrong, What A Mad Decision. Nkandu Luo What You Should Know Is That We Don’t Tolarate Such Nonsanse On Simple Issues, You Have Failed To Manage Your Office. The Gorment Has No Money To Pay Lecturers Thats Why You Are Hiding Your Failure In What Your Students Have Done. Luanshya Don’t Vote For Pf Pantu Batampo Kunyela Mumpoto Balaonaule Calo Cesu Bane. 2021 Ubwato Tabwakabombe Iyoo, Namutuminwa Teti Mutwabushe, Ata Iwe Luo, Mumpoto Sure, Ibwelemo.

  37. Tc

    Mwilachusha an anti imwe ba luo jus bcos u re a minister nd u are chewing the governments money u think everyone is ok…wait c what ll do to u In 2021..dnt forget that u people are the reason why that unza student died.u think we hve forgotten…I miss my president Mr sata man of action..a man who listened to people’s cries and not you our stepfather lungu and your government

  38. Tc

    I miss my president Mr Micheal chilufya sata may his soul rest in peace not this step father nd his government may God forgive u

  39. Thambuli major

    Firing live ammunition that lead to verspes death by police officer mwaikala dwii ati Ba minister ata

  40. Tc

    What was the cause of that….are you one of them?…do you know how parents are suffering jux to pay their children’s tuition fees and you busy talking.if u hve a child thre u would hve felt th pain

  41. fruits

    Why did the students do that, do you know how much money the students pay for their education so the root course is government, they dont pay on time

  42. fruits

    You are wasting government,s resources by firing ammunitions

  43. Voice of The Voiceless

    This is too bad,closing the institution it is nt a solution.Alot of innocent students have been affected…2021 vote wisely.

    • Limpo kwibisa

      It is good to close CBU cause these students they may just fear the exams and maybe of falling too much .And they end up causing liot to avoid imberancement of their results but I am feeling sorry
      to the innocent ones.

  44. Kapijimpanga

    One issue is students are not workers why should they resort to destroyed national property built by. Zambians at great cost the lecturers have a union which should attend to their problems with gvt professor luo is 100%right to close the institution to protect the campus those in favour of these stupid boys are on the pay roll of hakainde who shall never be president of this great nation of. Zambia

    • fruits

      Stupid kapijipanga do you know how difficult it is to pay for school fees it looks you have life whylest you are dead moving bold your reasoning is dead is closing a solution

  45. Students relax and be patient


  46. Daniel Banda

    It has always been very clear that the type of education in this video country was creating morons. How can responsible and capable human beings think they should support violent children surely. The same people you’re are blaming today are part of the Zambian community and the ones you think will change our future are also part of us. If things are not very going well we are all responsible. Don’t spare the rod and continue spoiling idiots. Blame yourselves for wrongly upbringing stupid children. What goes around comes around. You have not yet seen the ugly face of the route you are taking until your own children will come and destroy your own property and beat you up.

    • fruits

      Foolish Daniel banda be balanced can you stay without a pay

      • Daniel Banda

        That’s how bad Zambia has gone with viewers some rotten elements like you. Does delayed payment deserve property destruction! You are real moron. If you did grade 7 you must have failed both special special paper 1 and 2.

  47. Youth

    The honest truth is that only one window was broken at cbu and znbc reported it saying that students are destroying property worth millions, students never have a one on one meeting with the Government to listen to their views. Students at cbu were not allowed to write exams unless 80% of fees were paid, when the school union went to report such matters they got expelled for trying to voice out the cry of students whose parents are civil servants that have not been getting paid. It is a pity that student’s and their voices can not be heard. Government is supposed to create a good relationship with we youths for we are the crème de la crème of this nation. They are alot of issues at cbu but if the only voice the University has is expelled then it will lead to other unnecessary actions. The saying “One Zambia, One Nation” is slowly getting buried by failure to listen to both sides of the problem in our nation.

  48. Student

    My fellow Republicans please don’t take this matter too emotional rather take time to think, if u were fight ng for a right cause and some one comes with a weapon in the name of Peace making and you are defenceless wat would you do for your survival?and 2 is closing the institution the solution?why not just seat down with our union and resolve issues wat are scared of am sure its because they know where they are taking the money wat a t.h.u.g.l.i.f.e type of government we have but they should owez remember that the hurt you give little ones fucks every one,I pen off

  49. justice

    Stupid ci rotten fruit, how do u justify the breaking of public property. Is that a solution. Culprits must be identified and be chucked out of the university. Viva Luo, Viva ECL.2021 is still waiting for you and not these idiots in the so called popular party.

  50. Fisunge

    Look here it’s not about politics ,the president or the ministers it’s about the foolish students who are raise by parents from different homes these are not nkandu Luo’s children or lunguu s so if your children misbehaves don’t blame the president mwe fipuba mwe teach your children manners for our children at mulungushi,cavendish,unilus,appex,and all other universities behaves why cbu and unza no wonder they don’t get employment so leave the president out of this he’s nt there for the two universities ok he a lot to do than to attend to this climatically lunatics madam minister I support your move to close it and just open it after ,1year so that we see like balanda Ati fyaboma nomba apa landeni tumone

  51. Charles M

    This is really disastrous how the institutions of higher learning are managed despite the Prof heading the ministry. She does not understand student psychology in the midst of poor financial support and tough exams. As a parent you always want your children to progress despite the mistakes they make which may embarrass the parent. Always look at the future of these children and resolve the root causes of the unrest. Pls understand student behaviour instead of just exercising your authority and showing power which ‘re obvious

  52. Retete

    U shuold open it soon plz bcoz others ar graduating this year ,


    Set an everlasting & telling example on those vandals that have been nabbed.
    They should fear & avoid Vandalism more than they fear Exams .
    It is not very long ago that the the Government & public repaired & refurbished their Toilets & Ablution rooms.
    Study hard and swim along & Graduate.
    BUT If you riot & Vandalise you will sink & be expelled …..to maybe….the streets ?

  54. Keith musama

    I don’t blame the ministers i only blame the foolish student who don’t know what they are doing. I don’t know how there parents did when they were young

  55. Bingo

    The good part is that you are the same people who will vote for them tomorrow but today you complain of them, coz they are your relatives.

  56. Fisunge

    Iwe bingo don’t involve voting in this stupidity you’re also the same pipo who condemn government and you want the government instead progressing you want them to be doing the same things all over again just because of these stupid idiots type of children atase instead of them pleading to the government you want the government to start pleading for them after all they contribute nothing to this nation that’s why let them go olo tabavotele we will vote

  57. Joezman

    Tuleya tulekula ka

  58. Tell them

    Can’t king harm such put far port yarmeaner share, lunar her lunor table fartten

  59. Mweemba Knowledge Nwoosu Lovemore

    ” It’s only a cow that consider the foolishness of life as pride”

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