OPINION: Harry Kalaba’s Failed Attempt at Relevance

Twelve months ago, Harry Kalaba saw nothing wrong in the management of the country.

Yet today, Kalaba sees everything wrong with what President Edgar Lungu and his government are doing.

Kalaba has spent the last one week disparaging the country and its leadership.

Some of the things he has said include, “Our country Zambia is at the crossroads and your actions determine the difference between total transformation with redemption and total disintegration with the end of the road for Zambia…The current leadership’s dysfunction has not only driven Zambia’s socio-economic stand to the doldrums but has totally collapsed systems for the rule of law, governance and accountability, a situation which continues to abet corruption and lawlessness and further their stay in power.”

This statement coming from a man who a few days ago was projecting Zambia’s international status as a beacon of peace and democracy smacks of the highest level of hypocrisy.

It’s hard to fathom that Kalaba would claim Zambia is at crossroads. If indeed, in Kalaba’s view, Zambia is at crossroads, what has been his role to this end?

Forget his hallucinations, Kalaba is a self-serving politician whose current stand against the Patriotic Front led government is driven by greed.

He is a frustrated fella whose attempt at trying to rise to the PF leadership through the backdoor flopped.

When President Michael Sata died, Kalaba thought of himself as a very important person in the PF. He thought of himself as the anointed one.

And when his hopes faded, he jumped to form a political that has little or no clout to talk about. This man who has left his constituency Bahati wallowing at the bottom of development thought of himself too high.

He didn’t want to listen to others. He knows himself as the most intelligent fella Zambia has ever produced and only his voice should matter.

Politics is far beyond Kalaba’s personal interests. Politics should not satisfy Kalaba’s appetite for unfettered power. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he turned against his country and now is abusing the Head of State on a daily basis without cause.

When Kalaba was given the responsibility to manage the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he used it as a conduit to fund his New Vision newspaper which is now struggling to even meet its operational costs.

And when Kalaba’s excessive power of assigning people into diplomatic service was clipped and ultimately checked for possible abuse of authority charges, he jumped ship and opted to run his briefcase Democratic Party.

And now that he has realized he has no future in Zambian politics, his frustrations are nothing but hot air shooting at anything in his sight.

Today, Kalaba is claiming that political violence continues to escalate even with lip service pronouncements by political leadership to end the vice.

How can a country be plunged into political violence when there is so much political freedom? Kalaba sees no gain in the independence our judiciary and legislature enjoy. The violence being referred to is a gimmick by Kalaba and his cohorts to portray the country ungovernable as we head towards 2021.

These statements are only endorsing this violence so that the opposition can raise enough alarm to attract international interest. It’s really a question of creating a storm in a cup of tea.

When we objectively look at the status quo on the ground, the situation is different from what Kalaba and his friends are portraying.

In fact, Kalaba can today go about business like his counterpart Chishimba Kambwili with no much ado. Kambwili has been on the campaign trail in Luanshya and even unleashed insults on President Lungu and his leadership to an extent of inciting people.

Even when we are aware that Kambwili is provoking President Lungu, law enforcement agencies have let him scot free to enjoy the freedom and tolerance that Zambia is known for.

Just the other day, Kambwili was set free of a charge of unlawful assembly. In Kalaba’s warped view, that is how a dictatorship or intolerant leadership behave. That, in Kalaba’s view, is a breakdown in the rule of law.

But when we critically look at his type of politics, it is easy to tell Kalaba is too naïve to sustain any movement. Little wonder he can’t even field a candidate in Bahati to demonstrate his prowess.


  1. Skb

    Well articulated and precise.Why didn’t he field his son or wife?

  2. prof Chalo Wandya

    You are becoming myopic ba Zambian Reporter. To me, HK makes a lot of sense as compared to other politicians

    • Twaileta

      Pro.BA Zambia report are clearly bias & political allogants.

    • Dj one

      My brother do not be deceived by these people they are just the same when you give them positions they will forget the wisdom they are showing right now.

    • Chilankalipa

      It appears the opinion for ZR is simply PF’s opinion, it knows no balance but weighs heavily where the butter comes from.

  3. Man Jay

    I conquer with you my brother the man #Kalaba was in govt what did he do for people of Zambia particularly in Bahati absolutely most nothing. We should learn to shut our mouths Wen we don’t have nothing special to say instead we guide our govt on what needs to be done around our beloved country 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  4. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Indeed well articulated,let’s respect leadership.When each of these opposion leaders come into power they will want to be respected as well.So let’s respect the government of the day n offer criticism where it is due not anyhow because u r in opposition.

    • kosapo

      Kalaba is paying the price of insulting Dr. Guy Scott the founder member of PF when he wanted to follow the right channel of succeeding the late Data. Until he goes and apologize the great Scot, his political future is doomed. The chap is completely lost. He thinks he can win an election one handedly, never..

  5. hanene

    Chris this is your opinion you re not telling the president the truth & the real situation. Kk suffered the same blow by pipo telling him that he is popular. I have never experienced tough times like these. please let our leader know that he is leading us into a ditch.

  6. hanene

    I might be misunderstood by some pipo. I do not like the use of insults to express our feelings. No person is supposed to insult another. The office of the President should be respected but he should be made to know that things are not ok.

  7. king kong

    That’s how foolish politicians are period!!

  8. mulo1

    Today kalaba tels th nation tht Zambia shud b redeemed from th pf’s corrupt acts including violens,isn’t th sem kalaba hu uzd 2 praise th pf gvt he calls all sorts of nemz 2de?Zambians shudnt b teken 4 granted at th hands of selfish and pawa hungry politicians huz agenda z just 2 fatten their families’ pockets.kalaba and kambwili Zambians ar clozly assessing yo politiko carrers.watch out we ar not fulish 2 b entertained by yo desparations.

  9. Doubt Katwishi

    @prof Chalo Wandya, what do you mean HH is making alot of sense?This is the man who is criticizing govt from head to toe. To him nothing the govt has done is good. How possible is that? Any way all this proves his under 5 politics.He has never been a mayor, nor MP little alone a councilor. How can we trust him with the whole country?

  10. abilima

    Doubt Katwish – Notice how quiet he has been over the reduction of school fees, but so quick to shout loud over the suspension of Council workers in Kabwe. If one wants to be relevant, one has to be consistent.

  11. justice

    Kalaba shud field s candidate to prove his popularity. Hakainde is not a presidential material and those who think so are myopic. I think he will never rule this country. GBM claims that he is worth $50M, but what ekse does he want instead of serving zambians like Dangote does to Nigerians and even Zambians. He was fierce critic of the UPND but joined and accepted to be vice President at the expense of the then appropriate Canisius Banda. Is that being principled? Shame on you!

  12. Doubt Katwishi

    GBM claims to be rich. If he is that rich, why stay in politics?Is he not better off enjoying his money quietly? Why the interest in public office? GBM is the person who has served in the public office before, what was his achievement? People let us critically analyse these guys.They should not take us for granted.

  13. fruits

    Harry kalaba told our nation zambia the truth,why he resigned, it was because of corruption and many reasons with proof just wait and see

  14. Gessik

    These guys should take a leaf from VJ The man served the Nation wholeheartedly as minister in so many positions with contentment. He never in his political career went’ beyond’ why? He knew he could serve the nation at any level .Not these armature politicians who are cheating themselves that they can only serve better only when they are president.Kuwayawaya fye ‘ .Very soon fate will help us forget about them .Yes ! fate will help us .Most of them am already forgetting .Elias is fading ,Brigadier is skipping in my mind ,Jack Democratic Party, most of you have forgotten, is no more,and many more like Kalaba and CK will pass just like that,but Zambia will forever live till the end of the world

  15. FGM

    Kalaba is very factual. Zambians are simply a problem; during Kaunda’s failed democracy and economy thousands saw nothing wrong. In this government corruption is high, poverty levels is on the increase and citizens are triple taxed. If one is on the side of butter it doesn’t mean you should forget about those on the other side of the slice. Civil servants, farmers and ordinary Zambians are truly suffering.

    • Mapesho

      Kalaba may be factual, but does he need to form a party to correct things? If he was that genuine, why not join the other opposition party. No wonder we have so many “na shala neka” parties. Ukuitemwa!

  16. Gessik

    He maybe factual but he was part of these issues 12 months ago that’s what the article is all about .

  17. Ketu

    He was in office illegally when the Parliament was dissolved he didn’t respect the laws of the land he is also a failure to Zambian people.


    ECL should have Fired this guy in good time before he tendered his hypocritical resignation.
    He is now big & swollen headed, and is just farting & Bulls****g about good Governance.
    Where was he all along ? When did he see the corruption ? After word went round of impending Firing?

    Useless & Irrelevant man !

  19. hasty

    Comment Nowonder we are suffering in Zambia.How can sane man write such a silly article and get praised,is a minister a president?.HK resigned because could not see sense in the way the Govt was running,instead of praising u want to demonise him and yet we have ministers with cases to answer and still running the affairs of the Govt.
    Some comments show some shallow thinking .

  20. Lisa

    Having been in foreign service, am sure he promised foreigners all sorts of deals. Where has he found money to parambulate from one district to another. He is not even rated to be one of the top one million richest in Zambia. Could be corruption money obtained when he was in foreign service.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      @Lisa, point of correction. Kalaba was not in foreign service but foreign minister. Their is difference between the two.

  21. FGM

    Kalaba outrightly pointed out he did not agree with the tendance of looting national resources at the expense of safeguarding them. Defending the looting that is at play now is a worst form of unpatriotism and a sign of hating Zambia, the children and indeed the Zambian nationals. I expect responsible Zambians to say Enough is Enough!?!.

    • Bana Simon

      Is Kalaba a responsible person or power hungry? Someone talk to me.

  22. Clement M Chikwendo

    All known opposition political party leaders suffer from 2 syndromes:
    The tongue of insults of other national leaders and their failure to inform the electorate what they do if they came into power.
    Where the voters are elitist and educated, they would probably get very low following. The UPND under Anderson Mazoka had the making of a great future party and hope for Zambia.
    You may note that both the current President and VP are former UPND members. We miss, greatly issue based politics.

  23. Tell them

    Whenner how supporter pf herneaner problem nee whenner but nerzzibba kurlly come so IEca zour far seapulla sir government boughner lulacar bupea far tecle year tuller nar nea whenner lour nearnder

  24. Hakainde

    Kalaba is gone forever for cheating just like me people know very well that am a tribalist so o will never make it

  25. Kings

    Chris Phiri Is An Idiot For Pf, His Reporting Is Full Of Pf Folly, Some Comments Contains Pf Idiocy Of Hate Speach Against Inocent Individuals. Kalaba Made A Normal Decision To Distance Himself From Criminals Who Wanted To Involve Him In The Looting Of National Resourses. Is Their Any Thing Wrong In That? We Don’t Want To Transform This Nation Into A Dictatorial Land By Dancing To Lungu’s Tune As The Police Have Done Just For Fear Of Losing Their Jobs. I Know How Some You Zambians Think, You Think Like Chris Phiri Who Has Failed To Be Neutral In His Reportin, Foolishness All The Time He Reports, Try To Change And Open Your Eyes. Animal Farm.

  26. fruits

    Harry kalaba told our nation Zambia the reason why he resigned,he said corruption and other reasons with proof,so just wait

  27. fruits

    Just keep your comments and wait we know you are joining us soon


    Kalaba work hard and avoid politics of insults then don’t revenge to those twaddling at you.Who Forgives shows maturity in brain.

  29. one saint

    apart from roads, what other thing is lungu doing in your area? i guess, its corruption only

  30. mulo1

    Kings,wy ar u owez bitter on pipo hu sound 2 clearly explain how the country shud b governed?

  31. Herv Rena

    HK,balance clean politics.Its not easy to resign on moral grounds.

  32. Kelly

    U fools y do u involve HH and his party member here ,this article is for hali kalaba.can u b matured

  33. Nimrod

    That’s a problem with a Bantu botatwe party, what they kno

  34. Nimrod

    That’s a problem with a Bantu botatwe party, what they know is insults. Upnd stop insults, let’s just debate here.

  35. Kabongo Daniel

    Pf ,upnd,dp let’s make one part because bonse u know the challenges we facing here in zambia not each and every day insulting each other noo
    !we said is a Christian nationa but to much insult which God whom we worship !! May be is not the one in heaven.

  36. Jms

    Why do we have divorces and why do we have people’s negativity these are some of Phiri’s questions to be answered or lessons to tackle so that we brainstorm

  37. Sas4

    Mapesho! You’re right….


    from the terraces

  39. Jms

    Ba Phiri you think judiciary and legislature both are enjoining

  40. Jms

    Ba Phiri you think judiciary and legislature both are enjoying independence sometimes what you should do is to Interview people before writing issues because I see this issue being given to you by an angry of top official who is selfish enough without realizing that kalaba is true with his own move and in short read and analyze what you write before publishing

  41. BLSimpamba

    KALABA resigned bcoz of corruption pf is a corrupt party .In Nakonde farmers areyetreceivebothfertilizers.&money they sold maize to FRA These are clear axamples.

  42. Fines@five,five

    Comment ,,,,,,Mr Kalaba l see you being a failure in your own land ,You are far by far from HH,and DR CK who stand firm in their own land ,Can you fail to adopted a replement in Bahati your own land ??how will people know your truth ??Multi ba ngwele ,,ngwele ,,See real men defend the democracy of this land not my tu masuit at I nimwe ba President no lupia lwa kulomba kuli Edgar ,,
    Ikaleni fye ,,We wanted to claim Bahati from PF nomba you are the biggest fool ,,
    Magi yenu ,,,


    The tribalist HH can never win an election in zambia.

  44. Joseph

    All ur comments are right according to ur own perspectives, but we must accept the fact that pf has failed not H.k

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