ECZ Allows NDC Rallies in Roan

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has allowed opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) to hold the last rallies in Roan today following its leader Chishimba Kambwili’s threats that the party will obtain an injunction to stop the by-election.

Kambwili’s threats came after police cancelled the party’s rallies scheduled for Saturday and Sunday because Vice-President Inonge Wina’s church programs.

The immediate past Roan PF member of parliament who was expelled from the ruling party wondered why the police had cancelled their rallies when each political party was allocated days for final rallies during a stakeholder meeting.

Following the threats, the Electoral Commission of Zambia has given the NDC chance to hold their rallies.

ECZ spokesperson Margaret Chimanse has, however, told Radio Phoenix that the the NDC should next time utilize all complaints procedures before threatening a court injunction when aggrieved.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Kashimba Chimbwili… Ya ya ya ya!

  2. alefisa

    And then what?

  3. Anrnold

    Imbwili yalila

  4. Kings

    Az Right.

  5. paul njobvu


  6. Lisa

    Well done! Pf is becoming a minority party. Guard the vote tightly. CK is aware of how pf has been rigging elections


    Am very suprised that chishimba kambwili is Manchester United cadre.wafya Barcelona is coming to nail you pa 11 April.

  8. Razor

    Finally ECZ has shown their mettle but is the police going to heed the directive from the ECZ since police are a law unto themselves.

  9. Lombe kalando

    Poor father

  10. John Likando

    The fight is between PF and UPND so why are u wasting your time and money when you that you will lose..

  11. central power

    why can’t u just allow ck to conduct campaigns let him be alaaaaa

  12. Mafwenke

    Wow bakambwili you’re just waiting your time. HH is coming, be careful bamukuta. Pilato where are you? Tell them so that they know!!!

  13. Beston Goodson Kangwai

    we want results ba ck.

  14. BL Simpamba

    This frustration by the police of cancelling all rallies the NDC wanted to hold bcoz of the V/President attending a sunday worship Its vivid to police officers lauthedtoNDC.Our V/!president went to worship to the church of her choice not all the people of Luanshya went to the same church.IFMadam WINA addressed arally yes that is in the rule of law,they can’thold any rallies.A POLITICALLEADER attending church service with full of lies I dont know.This world is put sblaze bcoz of lies in Aden & the first greatest sin man commited.

  15. Fines@five,five

    Yes finally DR CK has been authorised to hold a rarry in Mpata/Roan
    Why do politician remember Luanshya especially mine area when there are elections ?
    The levels of poverty are so high and youth job less is very alarming DR CK is fissioning the impact Viva HH for your effort to visit Mpatamatu and show that you are not a tribalist as people sideline you ??Please when you are the President remember the RAMCOZ issue and open those mines abandoned by Criminals cnmc
    Dr Ck show Lungu that you are material

    • mulobezi

      U ar contradictn yoslf,if Thea ar haya levels of povat in roan don’t u think its th sem kambwili hu failed 2 pefom 2 the pipi’s expectations.and u mek yoslf his candidate

  16. Skb

    People of Luanshya know who will give them development. Is it CK or ECL? The rest please,SHUT UP.

  17. Ba fwaka

    Kambwili deal these fools kaili

  18. Razor

    I see Kambwili ‘s candidate scooping the Roan constituency .

  19. Fisunge

    Mwebantu ba kuroan bemibepa ba kambwili lyonse milandu natwesheko ba chibuye bapwilikishe term yafililwe bakambwili because tabakwete umuchinshi Ku chipuna chawama kateka ifyo timing if it’s true ba CK bakwete fye umuchisha chinani ala 2021 is near let’s give kambwili chance to grow his party so that 2021 akapitepo fye lelo leteni tupwilikishe naba pf

  20. Born to make it

    The truth shall come out, viva luanshya people vote wisely once beaten twice shy learn from the past mistakes.

  21. Elias Sambeya

    May the PF and people of Roan just play it cool.Peace is a rare Commodity In the World. Families face division issues during elections ,which is not good.
    Let not money decide for you .Money must be used to see clearly who to elect.
    Don’t sell your right to chose what is good and bad with money. Consume your Taxes unconditionally.
    Remember to promote the sense of humanism which relates to Love for fellow Zambians .

  22. Elijah Chisenga

    Let not some one miss leading you by giving money in favor of voting for his part, think of tomorrow, not for today, you know politician are clever in the sense that they only remember people during election. Be like jws who believes that God is the one who will change things completely, you vote for him or her today, tomorrow he or she will forget about you, just swallow the honey and throw out the wax



  24. Khan

    Let’s wait and see

  25. CD

    Bebeni ati kuya bebele bakabwalala bendela mu ma expensive jets minwhile no salaries countrywide go ck, go hh, go gbm

  26. Jms

    I like the word THREATS because it is clearly telling me that the ECZ do things deliberately they are unfaithfulness Chris Phiri I recommend you now the report has been fully reported

  27. Kelly

    HH forward we love u more not ba koswe

    • Dude

      Ati Wati forward. Every time he by passes state house. Tell him to slow down.

  28. Mkandawire

    We have been told time and again that voting for the opposition is what had affected development in those areas during campaigns where the opposition is strong. Roan has been a Pf seat since inception without development and high level of unemployment. So who has failed? Pf or CK or both. Now you hear the supervisor blaming his subordinate MP because he had Presidential ambition. Please ba Lungu stop lying.

  29. Mkandawire

    Ba lungu bring back that kasaka we want salaries you heartless man. Start leaving that kasaka at the ministry of finance each time you go for campaigns so that we get our salaries. Where is the money coming from for campaigns if we can’t get our salaries?

  30. VM

    Pf has been compaing for 5 yrs & r failing to convince pipo, shame on them

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