Kambwili’s Continued Absence in Racism Case Irks Prosecutors

Chishimba Kambwili’s continued absence in a case where he is accused of uttering racial remarks has displeased the prosecution team.

A public prosecutor has said if Kambwili fails to appear in court in the next sitting, he may apply for a bench warrant against the National Democratic Congress leader.

This is in a matter Kambwili is facing a count of expressing or showing hatred, ridicule or contempt for persons because of race.

It is alleged that on February 19, 2019, Kambwili, who is on bail, expressed racial remarks on Rajesh Kumar Verma.

When the matter came up for trial before magistrate Humphrey Chitalu, Kambwili, whose lawyers are Christopher Mundia, Gilbert Phiri, Keith Mweemba and Zevyanji Sinkala, was not present in court.

Brian Syanyengo, a prosecutor, told the court that officers prosecuting the matter were not in court as they were on leave and that Kambwili’s lawyers were also out of town attending an annual general meeting.

He, however, said in an event that Kambwili fails to appear in court tomorrow, (Tuesday), the State would have to apply for a bench warrant.

Syanyengo said Kambwili absconded court when he was supposed to appear for mention and “even today he has not appeared”.


  1. Kapunda

    Let’s wait and hear the outcome from court tomorrow

  2. Albert

    Am sure ck thinks he is already President and therefore can not be prosecuted….. Immunity sort of.

  3. Rodger

    Always trying to make things defficult Law is Law

  4. Sinks

    Legal minds what’s bench warrant?

  5. Skb

    Bench warrant is permission to arrest a person who is refusing to appear before a court of law , just like what CK is doing. WINA AZALILA.

  6. Bmw

    I want to give you a leakage . Kambwili is on a campaign trail in Roan . Kindly adjourn the case to 12 / 04 /19 .

  7. One zed manex

    It’s better he appears before court or else he will be coming from chimbos for his case

  8. Wise me

    This CK needs to be aware that politics are not the real threats to his well being but obesity and high emotions which affect his heart function. Take it easy man you have done enough but it’s just not your time yet.

  9. Eneli

    The fact is that you know that Kambwili is on duty and state is pf including the prosecutors no wander they always enter anoller prosecu. The fact is there is no Peace in Zambia.Therefore No equality and justice then no Peace.

  10. Hammer

    How does CK plans to be an executive if he rubishes the judiciary. He didn’t even need to be there in person he could have sent his surety. All these behaviors will cost him. I don’t think this man can look after Z ‘ s interest. He is just trying to save his own skin,

  11. Khan

    Always CK but Zambia one of the poorest country in the world but rich in politics

  12. Gessik

    The guy thinks he is bigger than Zambia .we seen politicians come with so much noise only to disappear quietly and uncelemoni

  13. Gessik

    The guy thinks he is bigger than Zambia .we ve seen politicians come with so much noise only to disappear quietly and unceremoniously .Zambia is big her than one individual

  14. Gessik

    The guy thinks he is bigger than Zambia .we ve seen politicians come with so much noise only to disappear quietly and unceremoniously .Zambia is big her than ‘one ‘ individual

  15. Herv Rena

    Iwe ka so called Gessica,Kambwili is making all this noise on behalf of the downtrodden, poor silent Zambians like u.This is democracy.If u you are comfortable,remain mute.

  16. EJST

    ba zambia why cant u leave him in peace
    Chishimba kambwili let him talk give him chance u just panish him remenber one day CHISHIMBA IS going to be a reader

  17. My opinion

    CK is very busy can’t you see imwe Ba court,!!!

  18. Razor

    This man and his mouth sometimes…. let him just face the music.

  19. enalo

    Don’t explode. Presidence is God given. Cool down.

  20. Mupaz

    This man always in court without realizing that he is spending to the lawyers. Why can’t he just make a passport ”yakumwamba” by helping those Street kids who are everywhere scattered suffering but busy in court’s as nimu restaurant mu court “mutekanye ba tata sungeni potbelly yenu umwaba ba mpundu.

  21. Kings

    Ba Court Naimwe Fimo Mulefiposafye Twalabako, All The Time Ni Kambwili, Give Him Chance To Accomplish His Mission, Haven’t You Heard From Eric Chimese What Happens In Zambian Politics? Just Wait Till Roan Is Cool.

  22. Eleazar

    am just an observer…news is my food

  23. Sichimata

    Who is the complainant in this case Rajesh or the Government. Please don’t politisis this case but let Rajesh sue CK if he is aggrieved.

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