OPINION: When Reason Leaves One’s Brain: The Case of Chishimba Kambwili

If there is any politician in this country that fails to think straight, it is Chishimba Kambwili. His behaviour actually sends one to the extremes of even doubting his sanity. Anyone in that situation would be forgiven – you are not alone! Your thoughts are totally justified.

To think that this is a man who was once a Cabinet minister of our country, having served in the ministries of Labour, Foreign Affairs, Sports and later Information and Broadcasting Services, sends us into an endless feeling of shame. Looking at his behaviour over the years makes us realise why he did not last at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nobody, not even countries with the biggest jokers of leaders, would want to associate themselves with behaviour usually exhibited by Kambwili. This is a guy who cannot effectively, and with dignity, carry around Zambia’s good image anywhere. We wonder what motivated that appointment to this very key ministry that requires men and women of unquestionable character.

Kambwili, now riding on the National Democratic Front, a party that he claimed was only consulting him, has gotten into an electoral pact with the UPND for the Roan parliamentary seat. We doubt the sincerity of this partnership. This temporary ‘friendship’ is driven by selfishness because to Kambwili, the Roan seat is everything he has to try and prove his self-proclaimed popularity in Luanshya. He never thought that he would one day be sent out of the party with marching orders. The UPND has done the same for the Bahati parliamentary by-election (the NDC is supporting their candidate in that poll).

Kambwili is one person who thrives on lies. He lies at every opportunity. When he was kicked out of the Patriotic Front, Kambwili, in one breadth, lied that he never cared about that decision but in another went to town singing about how he was still a PF member after he sought the protection of the courts over the expulsion. He lied that he could do without the Patriotic Front but tried by all means to hang on to the party, which had nothing to do with him anymore. He is double-tongued. It had to take Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini to put him in his place by declaring the seat vacant. The reality set in – he had been stripped of the little power that he had remained with. We still remember vividly how Kambwili, as minister, ordered people around and, in some cases, could mobilize all types of cadres to harass whoever he thought was an enemy. That is the kind of person who wants to aspire for the top leadership of this country.

Now, if he can toss people around with the little power he had that time, what more when he is given the mandate to rule this country? I don’t think anyone would make that mistake. In fact, Kambwili rates himself highly to a point where he thinks he has already won the 2021 elections. But let’s wait and see – Andyford Mayele Banda might actually shock him!




  1. Trevor Pambwe

    Dis statement I wish de writer could jst keep it in his phone,vanzelu mulibe u just waisted yo bundles. VIVA Kambwili

  2. Another usless and folish opinion


  3. Mr. Bemba land is great

    First two comments are of people thirst for power they are driven by hate since their leader is a qualified looser all mad men and women know that kambwili is fake those first 2comments and those against. Pf are coming from a cartel of the so called an alliance of 10political parties who are on the pay roll of hakainde all social media comments are sponsored this cartel

  4. Koyotito

    You have expressed yourself adequately. Don’t worry about those who do not agree with you.

  5. Kings

    Kambwili Is Better Than You Idiots Who Always Talk About Other People Instead Of Concentrating On Your Businesses, How Come Almost The Whole Cabinet Is Fighting Against One Man? Rubbish Pf.

  6. abilima

    Opinion is on point. I have always had problems with the authority that gave Kambwili positions of high leadership in the past. This is just a use.less, vulgar and noisy buffoon and to aspire for Plot One just shows what he thinks of the Zambian electorate. Quite a pointer on Andyford Banda actually.

  7. Akapenya-Mushi.

    Akapenya-Mushi. If CK is useless why is the Entire LSK MPs & ministers left their offices team up only for 1person? CK is a threat to of,whether He lose or Win Chishmba mwinalubemba Nabakafya Ba pf,Its the nature of Bemba’s not to surrender easily Ask Ba mucime/Ngonis.Umusha afwa be fyebo mukanwa!!a slave dies with words in the mouth, Again ULulumbi lwamulanda Ku ka kata.the strength of a poor man is in his tongue/talking.That’s CK leave the man alone to hell with your opinion. Akapenya-mushi.

    • Konfused Musadabwe

      Akapenya-mushi ! 🙈🤔

    • John

      That’s where it gets sad. When you start insulting peoples intelligence. If you want to follow NDC, PF, UNPD be intelligent enough to have factual critique, in depth analyses of political ideology behind the party. Listen to the development policies, the tentative plans intended to be put in place for now and the future, the moral strength of the leader and those around. It is insulting and shallow to first think ethnicity, tribe and after the patnent issues of the very survival of the Nation. THE QUESTION I PUT BEFORE YOU IS HAVE YOU EVER READ IN BREATH, DEPTH, WIDTH OF THE PARTIES SELLING HOPE TO THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE, OR YOU ARE ALSO JUST SINGING ALONG WITH THE CROWD? IS YOUR SELECTION OF THE PARTY OF YOUR CHOICE BASED ON TRIBAL BIASNESS OR LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS BASED ON LOGICAL PROCESSING? Other wise you are just a shallow follower of the crowds.

  8. Chilubula

    Am not a fan of Kambwili but to single him out is being unfair.What about Kampyongo,Kapata,Smiling Sikazwe,Luo,Kabimba,Chikwanda,Chitotela,Kaiser Zulu,Inonge Wina,Kamba look this is a party that is lacking in quality and that most likely why they hired MMD characters like Dora,Mutatietc.Sata had no quality,he even ended up insulting his own ministers calling them Chipuba,it is the whole original PF,even the ones that eventually left the party,mediocrity is what they have in common,you cant compare this lot to Magande,Musokotwane,Prof Lungwangwa,Dr Chituwo etc.

  9. Zennia

    Why are politics so toxic in Zambia now? This didn’t happen when I was growing up – under president Kaunda’s rule. Live and let live.

  10. Member

    If Kambwili were not not a factor in the Zambian politics , pf would not have been so unsettled . The president has gone to Roan twice within a week . The entire pf is in Roan . Look at how many threats and persecutions he gas gone through . Why ? Just for speaking for the poor Zambians ? Anyway we are of different views and understanding .

  11. Jms

    Chris Phiri you have again brought an opinion which should have been given to your grandmother why/how can you forget you see we mostly talk of a fearful person you will never hear someone talking of muliokela I think you are holding a different part which is making you to be providing such bad ideas you should start reasoning wisely otherwise we will miss you by going astray

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Viva kambwili

  13. HH

    Welcome chishimba

  14. Eustus Musonda

    And you think Zambian are so stupid that they can’t read between lines. Pf is in a panic mode, you people have no moral right to even talk abt CKs political capability, right now you have a chance to prove it in the ballot box. In fact it’s time you so called politicians stoped this king of politicking leave CK alone, you have no idea how much people want you out.

  15. Nickdimms

    This sounds too personal to be published. It assassinates character!

  16. Ericano

    Ba Chishimba kambwili is a fat fool who hates the head of state personally,hes far far behind Mr Lungu,tapali efyo Ali , let him concentrate on guarding his small business or else

  17. fruits

    Respect is Good we are all God,s creation imagine ERICANO if some one was telling your father what would you say

  18. Stephen

    The idea here is to remove pf, watch careful in luashya what will happen. Vote well

  19. Jay

    That opinion has no (fundo) points for one to understand why it was even written. What wrong has ck done? Pipo remember this is democracy if mukudya na lungu don’t think all of us tilisame. Honestly how just you get up and support a leader who’s killing democracy afuna yeve yeka. Sure do you honestly call that leadership carders all over mumarkets, bus stops almost paliponse.if you think of your children who are growing do you expect them pass thru that channel of being carders to earn a living? Come on people wise up and stop your nonsense of supporting vaupuba. Pf under Mr lungu has faild it’s clear black and white. Anyone who opposses him has to go down financially and everything now who will remain pa last. Nichamanyazi too much wake up guys your children are growing so what are you creating for them.

  20. Jay

    It’s madness at it’s exerllency to compare ck to president lungu. The two can’t be compared just how?

    • Future President

      At what point did u realise that ck and kalaba were failures?I hope u r not telling us that your eyes only open when you differ with someone

  21. Elias Sambeya

    Why are so called politicians 21st century waste time talking a bout people instead of selling their manifestos.
    UNIP, MMD,PF under Sata Sold their manifestos. Our coliques in PF have the Capacity with the aid of all government resources able to shatter every opposer by developing this Country.
    Eg.Late Mwanawasa was not voted by majory .Mazoka did better but was said to be dribbled .
    He proved to be fair to almost all Zambians.
    PF go head with Development instead of wasting time urguing or comparing yourself to those outside the pitch.You are the main Character. You have enough time to control the economy. We have; land,water, trees, game animals, birds, minerals, grass, livestock , fish ,skilled Labour, general workers,
    It’s unfortunate that Zambia is among the poorest.

    • P.M

      Yes Elias..its unfortunate that zambia with its rich endowment in natural resources is ranked among the poorest countries..why is it so? Poor leadership of course. Leaders who see mine waste dumps as resources should be locked up at chainama.


    HE DESERVES MOST WORTHLES REPORTER OF THE CENTURY AWARD.you sapus one chanda chimba iii.change your reporting iwe kabudo

  23. Raymundo

    You see,it takes big and mature minds to analyse a situation like, “where Zambia is standing at the moment”. Small minds have picked drums and are beating the loudest, just making a lots of noise,. If were at a funeral house, you liken them to women, who cry there lungs out as they approach a funeral house, sometimes even when they don’t know who has passed on. On the other hand Men approach the funeral house differently, with sober minds, they ask after what has happened, they convey their deepest feelings, then they sit down and start the deliberations e.g issues of firewood, food,coffin, burial plot, meanwhile the women who had come in wailing are chatting and gossiped about this and that. We know things are not 100% in this country, and no amount of insults, bad mouthing, hatred will get the economy out of the perceived coma,or is it ICU, .Only Patriotic Zambians, will get the job done, some of these people are screaming the loudest, have neither compassion or real plans that they can implement to bring our beloved Nation out the perceived dodlums. All they are looking for is an opportunity to add to their CV s ,that they ruled Zambia

  24. Morris c Mulenga

    Those are cheap politics of attacking someone if he stops working with the ruling party,it’s very unfortunate and sad.shame on the people who can’t think on others, but tomorrow it will be you be careful you senseless people think before commenting even harry where is he,you mean he has never contributed to any development of this country?

  25. Kamocha.

    This is the only government so far that started with developing our country since our independence, to me its like that’s when we got our independence. It’s started working from day one upto date. For someone to work perfectly well, he or she needs someone to check the ckecks and balances, if you have a bunches of thank you bwana around you, will go no where. For example mr Mwanawasa, worked very well cause of freedom of speech (THE POST NEW PAPER). When you kill the people that are helping you to see where you are going wrong, how do work alone? Cause those people sarounds you has no mouth to speak, all what they do is to keep they jobs by accepting everything you do or everything you thinks is good to suit your needs and the people around you and the fell individual’s but not as a country as whole. Cause the way our economy is as at now, and if the people sarounds you talks, they can’t support you to stay upto 2021 for what? When are we going to see in our country a president stap down with self respect, actually it give owner and respect. Please twilaitemwa, what independent radio stations, news papers are the real things that affects us in this country not what the people sarounds you tell you No! We need our freedom back, so that our future leaders can hear us through radios, tvs, news papers etc…

  26. Joshua

    Will know, the behavers of CK, then why pf cabinet & ECL, their are panicking ?

  27. Concerned citizen

    I bet Kambwili does anything at hand to the best of his ability.
    let it be sarcastic,he did it when in pf under the influence of the current head of state.
    CORRUPTION? Its in gens of our black politicians mother nature blessed us with! No matter who is who

  28. FGM

    Zambian politics demand for such characters if one is to be heard and taken seriously.

  29. chicky dollar

    You are just a reporter, but not a politician…..
    Useless story…..
    Nshimwenemo sense

  30. Chansa

    A Foolish Zambian Is The One Who Is Seeing A Fellow Zambian Who Is A Coucil Worker Been Stoned Because Of His Salary He Worked For, And Yet He Is Supporting That. A Mad Zambian Is The One Who Is Seeing The Mellie Meal Price At K115 Of Which Someone Who Is Paid K500 Kwacha In Industries By The Indians Cannot Manage, And Yet He Is Busy Supporting The Causer. A Stupid Zambian He Is The One Who Leaves His Children Without Food At Home And Yet He Is Excited When He Is Given A K10 By The Corrup Pf Ku Rally, The Ignorant Zambian He Is The One Who Just Watch When The Thieves Pf Tell Us That They Spent K1.3 Million On The Bridge And Yet It Falls In Two Weeks Time. A Lazy Zambian Youth He Is The One Who Sees His Fellow Youths Suffering And Yet He Is Supporting The Stupidity Of Pf And Their Leaders.

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