Local Court Thief Jailed 30 Months

The Chipata Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 26-year-old man of Mnukwa village in Chipata to 30 months imprisonment with hard labour for one count of breaking into a building and committing a felony.

Gift Phiri, who appeared before resident magistrate Boniface Mwala on Tuesday, pleaded guilty to stealing property belonging to the Mnukwa Local Court.

Facts before the court are that Phiri, on March 9, 2019, jointly and while acting together with other persons unknown, broke into Mnukwa Local Court and stole five iron sheets and two ridges valued at K600.

In mitigation, the convict asked the court to exercise leniency because he had some crops to tend to in his field and that he was taking care of his grandmother.

Magistrate Mwala said he had taken note of what was said in mitigation, but sentenced Phiri to two years and six months imprisonment with hard labour effective the date of his arrest.


  1. mulobezi

    No liniency shud b shon 2 this fool may b he had stolen a bag of mealie_meal we wud say its coz of his grandy.just jail the bagar.

    • Hankanga haston

      Yes I support you that’s true

    • Rodsnation

      That z your opinion ,bt according to te law that can happen reason being he has admitted the crime without wasting the court’s time the court entered consent judgement.

  2. dockfath£r


  3. Don

    If he knew that he was the one taking care of his grandmother why should he start bringing problems upon himself, he has to be disciplined.

  4. Hanks haston

    Hmmmmmm sure a court if he was taking care of grandy y not still food and medical things at a medical center kkkkkkk

  5. mulase

    He is very lucky to get 30 months only because he didn’t still dockets

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