OPINION: May The Best Man Win!

PLK RThe campaigns are over. Reality sets in today after weeks of hard campaigning for the Roan and Bahati parliamentary seats.

Speaker of the National Assembly declared these two seats vacant after the expulsion, from the ruling Patriotic Front, of Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba who were Roan and Bahati members of parliament respectively. Kambwili’s party, the National Democratic Congress, decided to field a candidate for the by-election in Roan while Kalaba’s Democratic Party opted not to. For the DP, just like the Socialist Party, they consider by-elections as a waste of money for them – at least that is what they have said so far.

During the campaigns, the participating political parties – opposition and the ruling Patriotic Front – utilized the moment to sell their manifestos and candidates for the two parliamentary by-elections and begged the people of the two constituencies to vote for their respective political parties. The political parties promised the residents of the two areas what they will do if elected in the by-elections. The opposition, the entire campaign period, dwelt most on what is seen as the failure of the party in power. Other participants like the People’s Action for Change The ruling Patriotic Front itself got the chance to reassure the voters of their capability to turn things around because they are in control of the Treasury that disburses money for different projects across the country. This is a fact!

The candidates themselves took time to present their plans to the people of Bahati and Roan constituencies and made promises of what they are able to achieve during the remainder of the current National Assembly. What remains now is for the people of these two areas to vote today for that candidate whom they consider to have the best of ideas that resonate with their needs. During campaigns, all ideas sound perfect and just the best for any electorate but the candidate’s capability to deliver on the promises is usually judged by their political party’s muscle to pool resources together.

One thing that stands out from these two by-elections is the peaceful manner in which the campaigns were conducted. Roan and Bahati have presented a perfect example of how elections ought to be conducted in this country. Zambians were getting tired of the ‘panga to panga’ mentality, which was being planted in some political party cadres at the expense of peace. Prior to the campaigns, President Edgar Lungu made a strong warning against violence during these by-elections and ordered the police to arrest anyone who will be found perpetrating the vice. He repeatedly talked about how the shame of Sesheke was still haunting the country because of mere political disagreements between two political parties. If Roan and Bahati managed to peacefully hold campaigns for the by-elections, why is it difficult for other areas of the country to do the same? Political violence shows a serious lack of civilization because an election should not be about hacking each other with pangas and axes, or stabbing each

other with knives.

Lastly, to all those taking part in today’s by-elections, remember that real work will begin after the voting day when the winner is announced. Remember all the promises made to the people and deliver on them. All the best to you all! May the best man win!



  1. mulobezi

    In short may all Pf candidates win.

    • Zimba

      may thieves win


        Comment :u are sitted in a veicle which is bagared many years ago,are u normo? Think twice.
        lelo nilelo twalamona ukalibwenu.

  2. No No

    No rigging

  3. Lyoney

    The story is known…. Balina kasaka kandalama

  4. mambwe

    may the best candidate win this one

    • CM

      Because of the high poverty levels in zambia, voters can even vote for a useless candidate and vissionless party


    Only God knows who is going to win and serve for the people in their respective areas.


    Only God knows who is going to win and serve people in their respective areas

  7. Hev rena

    We pray that Of does not tamper with the boxes.….

  8. One zed manex

    May the Lord bless the one who will win so that he delivers for the voters? & Let these other violent province’s learn from these two by elections & avoid panga campaigns.to be truly honest it’s only in so called UPND strong holds were you will find violence & violent cadres fighting each other. I pray that let 2021 by peaceful & let democracy prevail.God bless mother zambia we only have one zambia & if we destroy it where are we going to go to?

    • Bana Simon

      We now know where violence comes from.

    • Fight

      One zed manex ,have u not heard that they r fighting at roan? Is this peace? Violence is everywhere

  9. James

    All pf will win

  10. Christian

    It is confirmed . Electoral violence in Zambia is found in one province. And my conclusion is that the people of that province are under siege of a dictator scared of losing all the time and he only uses violence to remain relevant

  11. FGM

    By elections should be completely erased from our constitution; They are a drain on our limping national treasury. They cause divisions in our county
    They make the president sound segregative. They fuel corruption and unapproved borrowing.

  12. Skottish

    Bola night 90, let’s wait n see who makes it

  13. Skb

    After such peaceful campains, we expect the WINNERS and LOOSERS to enteract and congratulate each other and learn useful lessons for future reference.Not in mother ZAMBIA baba,LOOSERS will cry RIGGING and rush to the ICC,AU,COMONWEALTH etc with heavy files of “EVIDENCE” of “MALPRACTICE”. What a shame.

    • Dude

      One thing for sure in roan, there will be no going to ICC.The cry baby is not participating. No wonder we have peaceful elections.

  14. Mr. K

    These 2 parliamentary elections have proved beyond doubt that. U. P. N. D is a very violent party its leader is a blood sucker who believes in satanism he has made all southern to worship him he is a small god there was going to bloodshed everywhere if these elections were in southern province church mother bodies must now come in the open condemn him although it is difficult for them to do so because most of them are on his payroll

  15. Gershom

    It’s true people of Zambia we are one Zambia one nation so please I request all of us together we can diverop and put together our hands my God bless and continue praying the nation

    • DOZ

      From my observation, fights in UPND stronghold erapt when the other parties try to manipulate and vise versa. To avoid fights, let their be peaceful elections, as peaceful as it is to shop at Manda hill game stores

  16. care taker

    let people find it in their hearts to believe that they are doing the right thing by voting for the right candidate,let people not vote because they were given something by any selfish individuals who have no heart for people but for themselves.This country is not going anywhere if we focus on what we are given at that particular moment,let us look to the future, plan for the future and then you will see zambia will be a country of beauty,a country where people would want to visit and say wow i was in a country of hope and good leadership. Thank you

  17. DOZ

    From my observation, fights in UPND stronghold erapt when the other parties try to manipulate and vise versa. To avoid fights, let their be no manipulative acts, then will we have an election which is as peaceful as it is to shop at Manda hill game stores

  18. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Am happy that ediger emphasized on violence…and there was peace comes in your minds guys…as for me,I think that ruling party is the one which is more violent to all the opposition patties.y is it that when their master said now violence there was no violence and the opposition never made violence?

  19. Jimmy Lemba

    May all the pf candidates win in both constituencies

  20. Kevin

    God knows of everything and nothing is impossible to God

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