ATI Law for all Citizens – Siliya

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya has said the recently approved Access to Information (ATI) Bill is not only meant for journalists but all citizens as it will give a legal framework to all Zambians to access information from public institutions.

Siliya said the law would also prescribe what information public institutions could give out to the public and when.

The Chief Government Spokesperson said the ATI bill, once enacted, would also enable government to communicate effectively and avail information in an organised manner.

She said this during a familiarisation tour of the Zambia Daily Mail newspapers in Lusaka yesterday.

Siliya said there was need for the media to fully explain the benefits of the ATI law to the public as opposed to creating an impression that it was only meant for media practitioners.

She said the Access to Information bill which had been approved in principle by Cabinet and undergoing refinement would be taken to Parliament during the June sitting.

And Siliya has challenged journalists to set standards for their profession if it is to retain the respect and position it deserves in society.

She said there was urgent need for media practitioners to come up with measures that would protect their profession from infiltration by unscrupulous people.

Siliya explained that the call by Government for the media to self-regulate is not a sinister move but one that would help improve professionalism among media personnel.

She urged media practitioners to tell their own stories for them to discredit those telling fake stories from an uninformed perspective.

Siliya added that government’s role was only to help the media form and achieve self-regulation backed by the law.


  1. Aaron Mauka

    it is a good and timely move.The ATI policy will bring sanity in politics and society at large.There is just too many voices in the reporting circles of which it is difficult to buy the truth.Public figures have been viewed negatively even when they mean well.



  3. Gift Tembo

    That is accoutability than you

  4. informer

    the ATI is only good for the ruling party this will only put limit of information to the public because the information that will be permitted will only be about the development that the government in power has done but that is not democracy as citizens we need all the information be it bad or good for the betterment of the nation how are we going to know the wrong things which are done by the government if its the one allowing the spread of information this is bad

  5. Family man

    How do we access it and where?

  6. Gangsta grabs

    How about imforming us about how badly elasticated your pussy is due to constant banging to get positions,so much that a pad doest fit you’re using chibindikilo during periods.

  7. bk

    Dora don’t just focus on ATI and other media related issues. ..some media house journalists are paid drops of water in the ocean & some
    are not paid for 7months. Why are you quite about these issues. Speak for them & offer solutions. If you don’t know what to do resign. U just talk about other things leaving the issue of salaries for your journalist WHY ??

  8. chiza

    When is Daily Mail going to be closed for owing ZRA a huge debt,just like what happened to the Post.

  9. Kosapo

    Dola siliti kabwalala ati minister?

  10. Lacoste

    what appears to work well while you are in govt will come to make life miserable on your way out. we need balanced laws that will not be scrapped on account of being selective and bias

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