NDC Wins Roan Seat

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has won its first parliamentary seat in Roan Constituency.

NDC’s Joseph Chishala polled 8, 665 beating his closest rival Joel Chibuye of the Patriotic Front who polled 5,533 votes.

Returning Officer Emmanuel Makulila declared Chishala as the duly elected Member of Parliament for Roan Constituency at 02:17 hours.

People’s Alliance for Change candidate Mwansa Chama polled 210 votes while Morgan Banda of the United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia got 143 votes.

A total of 14,701 votes cast were valid while 150 ballot papers were rejected.

And speaking after being declared winner, Joseph Chishala has pledged to represent the people that elected him into office.

Chisala thanked the NDC for having given him an opportunity to contest the Roan Parliamentary seat.

He also thanked the alliance partners for their efforts to ensure victory.



    Job well done

    • Hammer

      Zambia is an example of democracy. The problem is that when opposition loses they cry rigging but when they win it is alright . Keep up ECL for upholding our democratic values and congratulations to the new MP ,

      • Martin Mulenga

        Why suspending Mine operations in Roan ,think twice , there’s no poverty.

    • Chilankalipa

      Let the masquerades go back to Roan with their foolish choir members masquerading as musicians and dance to their embarrassing wallop. Surely the entire masquerade shifting camp to Roan only to be walloped by one man? Awe ca nsoni sana, nici fye ku Bahati ni ku mushi, na ignorance.

    • Ellis

      Chabipa iwe Charity Katanga , Sunday Chanda mumala mwalila, Iwe Nathan Chanda umutwe wa kalipa, Davies Mwila ilino lyatampa ukukalipa, banakulu umyaka yapwa. Pliz dont take people for granted you dont own them. They now know your cheatings. Are you giving youths black mountain or you were just telling lies.

      • chiza

        Why trade a vote for black mountain,ba government pliz.

    • sirjoh

      opposition parties should always win for the better zambia

  2. Simpito Mukandwa

    Twamitotela ba NDC job well done ala Mwachita bwino sana

  3. mulobezi

    Tho I’m a Pf diehard i wud lyk 2 congratulate th NDC 4 scoopin roan,i only hop he won’t b boycotting palament seatings.

  4. Malumbo Lungu

    So what next ……

    • Man B

      Ba roan that is your choice don’t complain if u hv nothing frm ruling part

      • wisdom chansa

        thy 4gt th ck was the strog hold 4 pf wen it comes to compeng imbwili ni bwili

      • Ellis

        What do you mean by voting for pf thats when you can see development. Pliz dont tell lies there is nothing like that in our consitution. such cerntaiments are littlegrasive. Just continue worshipping your ECL.

      • Spy

        National resources are for all Zambian and not only the ruling party. Thats where you are making a mistake.

      • Zebige

        Iwe, kwamba fye namuli ba MMD finshi twachita mo benefit.ifintu started happening when imbwili came in.You don’t stay here fwebene we know better

    • Chilankalipa

      Davies Mwila offered to resign and we are waiting for his resignation not aya amasushi alenya ati he will strategize, yalenunka. The entire group of masquerades should be ashamed that after wasting tax payers’ money in millions babwelako naya lya yene baile nayo mu matoloshi. Do you think you can fool bakopala like you fooled baka mushi ku Bahati? Copperbelt tamwakaimone na kabili nangu mukapele blue, yellow or green mountain takuli mwacilamo bu kabwalala bangwele.

  5. One zed manex

    This is a work up call for government,ithey should put there house in order or come 2021 they will be in big trouble, congratulations NDC you derseve the victory.good lucky & show the difference work with the government of the day.

  6. mambwe

    thumps up NDC congratulation

  7. Akapenya-Mushi.

    I told Ba PF/Nathan Chandra How do you Adopt DC Joe chibuye,a man not known by a common man in Roan Leaving Kanselas pipo like JB “ulubala”out of greedy Chandra went a heard to mislead the pf and the president by adopting his unpopular friend Joe chibuye.Pf intelligent wing you didn’t do your work well Leaving out Councillors has coated you. A DC is never with pipo he is always in office, councillors, suffers with pipo so they are known and popular. Lesson #1!!never use greedy.Akapenya-Mushi

  8. Hev rena

    Let the opposition alliance continue with same strategy till 2021,twacula pafula 90 days is long gone but no money in sight!

  9. Allan mubika

    Congratulations NDC first signal in Luanshya

  10. zedoc

    Once the Copperbelt begins to move to the opposition, then the ruling party should know things are not going well and it is headed for a huge defeat in the general elections. The win of the Roan seat by the NDC is the beginning of the unraveling of the ruling PF. The President and his entire cabinet camped in Roan at great expense and at a time when employees of public universities, RTSA, ZRA and others have not yet been paid. The insensitivity of the PF government to the plight of so many Zambians was bound at one time or the other to bringing them this electoral defeat to help them begin to seriously reflect on how they have been taking Zambian people for granted. The loss of the Roan seat to NDC is a well-deserved to the PF. BATUCHUSHA BAMAMBALA!!!

  11. Akapenya-Mushi.

    Akapenya-Mushi. Ululumbi-lyamulanda kukakata,the strength of a poor man is in his tongue. Ba shilubema baChishimba kambwili or Mumbwili congratutionswabacefya!!! Umwana ekalisha elyo anya!!!Lopola,Loopola,
    Loooopooolaaaaaaa iyiiiii uuuuuu
    Kkkkkkkkk Akapenya-Mushi.

  12. Joy

    Congratulations, I have liked this spirit of democracy

  13. My opinion

    So that DC who was ushered in dubious on a back door by Chandra Nathan, abandoning his councillors,,is he going to be on a payroll since he resigned? Filya tabacita!!!!

  14. Erastus kaluba

    Congratulations NDC,Twabalopola!

  15. Brain Teaser

    Congratulations to the entire NDC and the ALLIANCE PARTNERS for the job well done. PF where are you? Kikikikikikikiki ☺! you are now feeling the pain of losing. The DC look now, politics teyakubutukila you have crushed. You even from your stable job as District Commissioner. Look you are no where. Neither a DC nor MP. This is the beginning, come 2021 people will cry. NDC keep it up together with your ALLIANCE PARTNERS by-by!

  16. Peneas Daka

    UPNDC Forward fyeee
    Job well done ck

  17. Zimba

    Even in Ndola Central NDC can scoop the seat if elections were held today.The Town Clerk and Ndola mayor are busy grabbing land from people who have been on the land for more than 40years in Dola Hill.

  18. Joseph

    Imbwili ni mbwili, ba Nathan Chanda na ba Bowman where are you??????

  19. Mutale Ernest

    Kopala we want change

  20. Central secretary (sc)

    keep on riding on pf horses u have seen for yourselves how a change is stating ….kopala is a place to fear keep it pf for voting NDC. Ndola central shud go to upnd.

    • Member

      Man k you have spoken my mind . What more can i say ?

  21. ROKA

    This victory reminds of a song by Malelo,St.Francis Secondary School did at baipaya imbwax2,baipaya imbwa bamalole,but in 1972,at Malcolm Moffat training college we changed to time smith nalelo during solidarity match in support of then president who condemned smith for undemocratic government in the then Rhodesia now Zimbabwe! CK you promised to beat and you have done it!!Musenge afwile apeteka umucila nomba!

  22. Man k

    Thanks goes to voters in roan Constituency,and NDC at large,the all entire cabinet against 1 man commando in politics young cobra ck,waba chefya ba pf(poor finishing).

    • Member

      Man k you have spoken my mind . What more can i say ?

    • Spy

      Political Fools (PF) always start very well but have Poor Finishing (PF)


    Kambwili you are a great commando beyond the young soldiers PF.Congratulations ba NDC

  24. Fact

    History just repeating itself, the uprising from roan mine is want led to our independence in Zambia… enough is enough, honestly does PF have any vision for this country? This is a signal for what to come in 2021…

  25. fruits

    Roan people I thank you very much zambia is not for one party Ba chisimba thanks ibwiri ni bwiri

  26. simona

    Job well done.

  27. fruits

    It is people,s choice so respect ba ck so your comments should be in line us zambian is called a Christian nation

  28. Lisa

    Had Kalaba defended his seat, he would have increased the opposition number in parliament, but lacks vision & thinks he can win alone. Pf is a violent party and needs a very strong opposition force to defeat it.

  29. man cool

    Let us understand why we are voting for and were we are heading too.Be visualize as you live in this world.

  30. Mpombo

    The loss of the Roam seat should not come as a surprise to PF the reasons are main first and foremost it is a protest vote against the perceived persecution of Imbwili considering what he put in during the general election The intrigue to this was the mystery surrounding his case making people to conclude it was nothing more than victimization The other reason being that CB produced two independent Mps in the the previous general election means individuals may win elections not parties the last reason may be the personal battles between Nathan Chanda and Imbwili This favoured Imbwili who has cast himself as a man of the people being a populist he knows how to exploit the media when ever the government pounces on him Going foward people may not vote an Mp from the same party as their preferred presidential candidate like what happened with the independent Mps The purpose of the 50+1 clause was specifically meant to curtail people like Hechi Hechi to win in the first round so the excitement generated by this win by our southern counterparts maybe short lived in a general election as this may backfire and galvanize the other people to mobilize and move in for the kill as this universal celebration may smack of something sinister The PF should now adopt populist agendas going foward closing of universities shouldn’t be among them late salaries and astronomical cost of livings should be curtailed

  31. DAVIS

    MWAMONA nomba ba PF DC your family members are crying. Acila kambushi kapyangula apokekele congratulations ba roan 4 the job wel done and the entire coperbelt 4 showing the change u ar the heart of the nation u can change ZAMBIA GO UPND dununa reverse pf 2021

  32. Geo

    One imbwili vs the whole cabinet… Bupumwa

  33. simz

    wow 2021 HH now


    PF start paying back all the cash. and in 2021 no pf minister counseler vice or presida in office

  35. Akapenya-Mushi.

    Akapenya-mushi: Mpombo you are correct! Too much greedy in PF authorities thru Chandra Nathan misled the party. DC was never voted for both at district and constituency level but he was ushered in by his friend Chandra Nathan leaving the popular councillors. Nomba mwamona filya tabacita.Congrats U mumbwili and NDC party, to Mr Joe chibuye Had lucky.

  36. sam80

    On the 10/04/19 a guy by the name of Chris Phiri wrote his a useless opinion article on CK..i am just like wondering how this Chris guy is feeling now…Abena Roan tebanobe mune….

  37. Akapenya-Mushi.

    Akapenya-mushi: Ba Editor fandenipo Ka Opinion Kaili.
    Intercity Caders,Cabinet Ministers, Utu Ma MPs,Elonabakandile Baku state House Bones IMBWIIILi yabalongani!!Bakolongana ELoyabalopooola Ukushala impondopondo or palyrased.Akapenya-mushi.

  38. Jimmy Lemba

    Roan never you complain and ask for development from our pf government everything will be done by your kambwili

    • sam80

      Stupid thinking..who told u that PF has got their own mane..Open ur mind..this thinking won’t take u anywhere.No wonder we r in this mess coz of this kind of thinking..it is Tax payers mane that is used for developmental issues and not PFs mane..but again may b u r not a tax payer..so teti wishbe utuntu..

  39. Mcmundhia

    The revolution is reckoning… so muzzled is pf

  40. randy


  41. Chalicho

    I am a happiest person in Zambian.Thanks NDC for teaching this fools a lesson

  42. Vic Amedious

    I can’t see the number of votes for UPND candidate

    • Okay

      They made a pact with NDC…in bahati there stood n failed there was no pact there…

      • sam80

        Ba Okay Luapula moves with Copperbelt..Most of the people from Luapula do their trading from Copperbelt especially in Kitwe.Very soon bwana PF will is lose Luapula to NDC if they are not careful.. Do ur analysis properly.

  43. Okay

    For NDC to beat PF they had to mix up with upnd thus y there was no UPND candidate

  44. Southerners

    Congratulations to the people of Roan and NDC well done job continue with the same spirit,Dr Ck is a senior politician thx.

  45. Mr. K

    The opposition alliance has only worked in. Roan constituency and iteshitesh ward not in chavuma kabwe mansa mungwi muchinga wards and has also failed in kafue council chairperson and bahati so hakainde has only won iteshiteshi ward what ashame

  46. lincoln

    pf Tuleya tulekula Kaa kaa kaa kaa

  47. Dotkubemba

    Now NDC has scooped ROAN seat why this so called pf PF GS Mr Davies c Mwila not resigning from the pf party because he made a promise himself to everyone 😂


    My analysis of the current Zambian politics clearly shows where we are are going. Politics and its analysis calls for strategic thinking and not mere hallucination. Intimidation has no space in this era and age. Roan has demonstrated it. Those who want to trivialize the outcome will all have it wrong. CK is not a small force on the Copperbelt whether you choose to use hurt against him or mere lack of faith in him. The man is a force worth reckoning. As a realist, the 2016 PF victory on the CB, CK had a super contribution towards that victory. The man worked so hard, restlessly. PF must strategise and listen to the people on the ground

  49. Ck

    Mambo tembo wel spoken. Imbwili yabasuma ba pf

  50. The Artillery

    Kambwili has wired, hammered,tortured, slaughtered and butchered the entire PF.Congrates ba NDC

  51. Sibweni

    Pipo preparin 2 contest on roan seat caused pf 2 loss election 2 increase chances of general election in 2021. Luanshaya mayor body language was not campaign bcoz his where bcomin little if pf candidate had own. Ba kambwili cases made pipo 2 develop sympath 4 him and was seen has a victim to votes but come 2021 is difficult. Is chileshe NDC Accept 2 share allowances with Ba kambwili,we wait. Pf time 2 seach 4 candidate.

  52. Kelvin Maseka heavenly showerz

    Kambwili is the best man who knows all the pf strategies over electorates so just wait and see what is going to happen in 2021 general elections.

  53. Aaron

    so which means imbwili baleifwaisha ba luanshia bali monamo ifyo yaba ilalyamo no Kuba job well done ndc

  54. Aaron

    so which means imbwili baleifwaisha ba luanshia bali monamo ifyo yaba ilalyamo no Kubomba. job well done ndc

  55. bus driver

    congratulations indeed ba NDC

  56. CM

    Pf as the party has no problem, but top leadership .My advice to pf leadership is that go back to ck and guy scot plead for them and reinstate them tapaba nsoni this how downfall starts


    MPOMBO is very right pf should know that kambwili is not a push over on the copper belt .Am a strong supporter of pf . so its never too late work hard on grass root mobilization of the party. GS work hard . As for mr kambwili congratulations you remind me of the late sata .thats the way to go.Mr kambwili you can do it alone dont work with HH he is a sadist.Look at what he did to mr sata ,he pulled out of the pact when he was needed the most.He broke the hearts of most zambians including myself. kambwili you are well able .But dont do politics with hatred.You are great man .


    Honestly speaking if upnd contested the roan sit they would have lost. We dont like HH here but we do like pf .Kambwili and NDC have managed to win because of the contributions that he has made to Luashya.He is a good man.AS for HH he is a sadist always wanting to cause pain to people.

  59. Chimwejo

    Thax the people of Roan & Dr CK,imbwili ni imbwili may Almighty God of Peace, Love,Joy & Justice bless both Roan people & CK,Amen.

  60. Sibweni

    Roan seat is a limus paper 4 new pf provincal chairman and his executive. Roan has made ba kambwili popular and due 2 MCC Decision 2 pick pipo out of equation 2 b the answer leavin real valueables.

  61. Nimrod

    NDC can go a long way and form govt, but the mistake that Kambwili can make is to bring hh near him. Like what others have said, hh is a sadist, Kambwili just go it alone you will see, but you reglet if you accept to be vice to hh, knowing that he just want people to use to climb. BA GBM will be easily dumped and try to use imbwili. You are a young cobra we know. Go,go! Next president CK

  62. Kings

    Now I Can Eat And Drink Comfortably Because My Atomic Bomb Has Worked, Kambwili Is The Atomic Bomb For Kopala Where Campeigning Is Concerned, Even Bashi Tasila Knows Him Very Well That He Is Our Man On The Copperbelt. This Indicates That We Have Changed Camps, No More With You Bashi Tasila, We Want Change. Ck Helped You To Be Where You Are But You Don’t Appreciate Bashi Tasila, Ck Is Really The Cobra According To Some People, He Has Demonstrated To You What He Will Do To You Come 2021, Tewakubelesha. Congraturations People Of Roan For Your Wisdom And Hard Work, You Really Care, God Bless You All For Being With Ck In Hard Time, You Deserve Respect. Kikikikikikikikiki, The Whole Pf Cabinet Against Ck, But Beaten. Where Are You Mwaice Nathan Chanda, Ba Lusambo, Kaizer Zulu, All Gone To Bed. Wait And See NDC And Its Suporters Show You What They Can Do, Come 2021, Wina Azalila.

  63. Abena vm

    Ck cb yobe manje mdala, hammer them

  64. Anonymous

    Yes bravo to NDC for winning the roan by election.pf uchoka mu 2021.viva opposition alliance

  65. Smart k

    Ck even If u win, u r not goin anywhere mi frnd.

  66. Kabs chief

    Ck even If u win, u r not goin anywhere mi frnd.

  67. Yamudi silwenga

    We need to be belanced in the pariament in order to avoid finger pointing between rullin and opposition party I like and kp it up kabwili my friend

  68. Bwamba bwandi

    Well done

  69. coaches1

    lungu, inoge, lusambo, mwila and siliya baice bandi to tel you the truth ifintu apa fye pena musale amano kambwili mukamwibukisha 2021 its goin to be total destruction of pf

  70. Cycle Mata

    You can fool some people all the time but you can not fool all the people all the time. This is the beginning of the exit for Political Fools. Start packing 2021 is near.

  71. mulobezi

    Im getin saprizd, is it kambwili hu has won or chisala?wining a singo seat daznt min ck is a presidential materio .sekendly,even if the whole kopala votes 4 him it daznt carry weight.mind u Zambia consists of 10 provinces.jubilate with extra care political wise coz u wll b in total shok com 2021.

  72. J. K

    What’s wrong Mr and honourable presido, no more speaches for the people in Roan, mpatamato, and maposa???????

    • Doubt Katwishi

      I agree with you Mulobezi, NDC may be popular in roan but not the entire luanshya, later on the entire CB. To say you are a presidential material after winning one single seat is far fetched.Having said that I will still congratulate them for winning.

      • Bana Simon

        What I like about NDC is that they are not tribal. I am not happy that they won but it would have been worse if was the tribal party that won.I agree if the tribal party contested in roan they would have lost. Congratulations NDC

        • Mapesho

          NIMROD, you are right Kambwili should not make a mistake of going near HH. HH has become irrelevant. This can be shown from the number of seats he has worn from the last elections we have had.

  73. Hon. Nzunda

    Congrats ba Kambewili

  74. Brain Teaser

    I can’t wait to see pf packing their belongs and vacate! kikikikikikikiki

  75. Mamen

    Wakeup Call Please Learn To Listen To Pipo.Remember Pf Also Started With A Single Mp

  76. Fisunge

    The happiness of NDC now is the same happiness the pf felt when they won the chilanga sit even if he wins no one cares all the allowances will be for Mr chishala and his family and not for kambwili pantu chishala akatukwa ngabamutana CK mukamona so pf you Shud give me chishala a ministerial position so that he becomes loyal to you

  77. Hai Hoho

    PF is the most useless party of all time. MMD thought they were indispensable. This party will experience the worst defeat in 2021.

    • Dude

      From your language Hai Hoho, I can tell you belong to a hakaivotela heka HH party. This party is finished. Just full of nothing but insults.

  78. Lisa

    It is only a united opposition that will uproot pf in 2021. United, you wiil win.

    • Bana Simon

      But how united is united when it comes to presidential position Lisa? In short it will be impossible to defeat pf bcoz they are all selfish.

  79. Raphael k

    the young king kobra kambwili kongratulations to you

  80. Zebige

    Iwe, kwamba fye namuli ba MMD finshi twachita mo benefit.ifintu started happening when imbwili came in.You don’t stay here fwebene we know better

  81. Milk

    C.K ……. We’re Praying for you.

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