OPINION: PF’s Loss in Roan a Loud Wake-Up Call

The people of Roan and Bahati constituencies, and seven wards across the country, have spoken through the vote.

The result in Bahati was somewhat expected – since the former member of parliament Harry Kalaba decided not to field anyone under his Democratic Party – while that of Roan was uncertain considering the interest the by-election generated within the ruling Patriotic Front and Chishimba Kambwii’s opposition National Democratic Congress itself that was out to prove the former member of parliament’s muscle in his area. The NDC, with the support of the UPND, formed an electoral pact which worked to deliver victory for the opposition through their candidate Engineer Joseph Chishala. The Patriotic Front, for its part, mobilised itself, using Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo as campaign manager.

On voting day yesterday, we had wished all participating political parties the best in the by-elections and said the best man of them all must win the polls. All the participating political parties, without question, put in their very best to woo voters for their candidates, but the fiercest contest was in Roan between the PF and Kambwili’s NDC. It was a battle of the ‘bigwigs’! The people of these areas have now decided and elected those they consider the best for them, and capable enough to represent their needs. The voters have the ultimate say and they speak through the vote. The result in Roan has shocked many, and excited the NDC, Kambwili particularly, whose political party has gotten the first member of parliament since its formation just about two years ago.

For the Patriotic Front, however, the loss in Roan constituency, which was considered the bedroom of the ruling party for many years, is a serious wake up call to the entire leadership and the membership of the ruling party. We saw an impressive representation from the ruling party camping on the Copperbelt to campaign for their candidate, Joel Chibuye, and that alone was considered an ultimate ‘victory’ by the party’s leadership, more so the campaign manager. But no, what has come out is totally the opposite of the expectations of many in the ruling party, including the top leadership. It is a shock for the ruling party! What could have gone wrong in the once stronghold of the Patriotic Front? Once upon a time, Copperbelt was PF and PF was Copperbelt. It is quite embarrassing for the ruling party to get such humiliating results from an area they had their grip on not so long ago.

There are too many lessons to be learnt by the ruling party from the loss in Roan constituency. Firstly, the Patriotic Front must realise that internal squabbling is its biggest enemy that has ultimately cost them what would otherwise have been their seat. The NDC won in Roan not necessarily because of Kambwili’s popularity but because the PF was highly split and only counted its luck on the availability of campaign resources. This is a pointer that time has come for the Patriotic Front to shake up and off some people that add little or nothing at all to the ruling party’s wellbeing. The leader of the party, President Edgar Lungu, must, as a matter of urgency, act quickly to discard those that have been lying to him about the situation on the Copperbelt and that everything was “intact”. Not doing anything about this will spell more shock for the PF in 2021. The PF secretary general and his team, and the PF party in general, must smell the coffee from this loss in Roan and do something if they are to expect a different result in the coming general elections.

Like we said yesterday, to all those who have won the by-elections, real work now begins. Be sure to fulfill the promises made to the people in your respective areas. And for the PF, despite losing the Roan seat, follow up on those promises made to the people during campaigns and ensure that the government delivers on them since you are the party in power.

The biggest problem of them all was a focus on an individual, and not the people of Roan. The entire campaign team was only focused on dismantling Kambwili, forgetting about what the voters in Roan wanted to hear. What is even more amazing is that Kambwili was not even the candidate in this election. The entire leadership of the PF was misled!

Lastly, we congratulate the NDC, Chishimba Kambwili himself, and the Patriotic Front, the FDD and UPND for their victories in yesterday’s by-elections.


  1. Longinus

    Harvest of thorns 🔫

  2. Twaileta

    Pa bwato kikiki

  3. miles

    Pf is a corrupt government,come 2021 we won’t vote for you thieves

    • Mpombo

      The most surprising thing is the way UPND is celebrating the NDC’s victory one would think its them who have won The PF should mobilise all those who helped galvanize the party during its formation where are these people where have they gone Politics is the grassroots not Lusaka Otherwise if PF was to lose they will be victimization and jailing of people at a level the country has never seen Hence the aim should be retention of power at any cost


    NDELOLESHAFYE Kikikikikiki ilila itambika

  5. mulobezi

    First nd foremost I wud luv 2 congratulate chishala 4 the victory.coming bak 2 my party th mighty pf let’s jst understnd th sicu its democracy and its fruits, Neva mind abt thoz hu think its the end of th journey patali.

  6. dockfath£r


  7. mulobdzi

    To my prezdo ecl don’t b shaken and Neva mek a mistake of dropin anyone frm their posts.yo team z hard wrking nd I salute them all.its just politics.

    • chiza

      The only person working in pf is the education ps,jobbicks kalumba.

      • Jonas

        Yes Dr kalumba is aninterlecture not a political cadre ,he is a man of action he is always pressed by teachers and provincial teams he worked with.keep it up Dr kalumba.it does not cost to make people happy ,just solve their problems.

  8. oliver

    Sorry for this may the lord the baby in safe peace.

  9. oliver

    Sorry for this may the lord keep the baby in ertenal peace.

  10. B W

    Sorry for this.

  11. Truestory

    Firstly I congratulate the NDC & its Kambwili. Second is to the President ECL, tata ba Lungu fire all those who sat and selected the candidate they gave to the people of Roan and cheated you that emuntu balefwaya kuno. Elo ukumipanga nge chipuba by dancing and singing Dununa reverse ilyo nabeshiba ati umuntu twaimika taka winee. Ukubwelelako imiku ibili, but twalusa. I can tell you ba PF nga tamwaka chenjele mu 2021 mukaya ifi ifyakupela abantu umuntu uwo mulefwaya, mukala ivotela mweka. It’s happening here in BAULENI batuletele aka muntu ako tatwaishibe ati ee councillor, kanshi kuwaya waya fye, nomba mukachite chimo cine namu 2021 mukalila ndemyeba. Let the people from the grassroots chose candidates of their choice, stop imposing candidates. Same na imwe bene ba opposition, learn a lesson from your friends, Roan naba lusa. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  12. simo

    The political climate has change
    come pf it’s time to go

    • Future President

      My advice to pf u r the party in power pliz stop behaving as though u r still in opposition, your campaigns should be issue based stop demonizing those in the opposition, lead by example you r our parent this country is under your leadership, all u have to do is to always fulfill your campaign promises.stop bulling and intimidating your colleagues remember people r watching, congratulations NDC

  13. Hellington katongo

    Mr kambwili the language is too much of insults and things that people might think its true but not. My brothers and sister in pf let’s unite and move forward with new strategies in any game there is a win and loss

  14. mr kunda

    Usala nokupela ubutungulushi bane ni lesa,pantu takwaba ubutungulushi ubushifuma kuli lesa abantu ba voter fye ena eusala na 2021km kale asala.

  15. Dr Fonicks

    Congrats to NDC for the win. This serves a wake up call for the PF. what should borne in mind is that things are not ok. my brothers and sisters in govt, remember that you have taken Zambia for granted. There is a lot of suffering amongst most people. some don’t receive their salaries. The people have spoken. where else will the people speak ? you don’t know. The boat has developed holes which are unsealable. You seem to have forgotten the masses who put you where you are and concentrated on enriching yourselves. You are reaping what you sow. come 2021, more losses are foreseen. The PF SG is a miss. ba Mwila is not the right person. Haven’t you realized that ? Naleka, Icibemba citila “ni kolwe piteni ne mbwa”. Mwila is not fit for being SG.

  16. One zed manex

    Wake up PF before it’s too late

  17. bkombe

    PF is going out in 2021 we don’t want DUNUNA REVERSE. ..going back wards. …PF symbol (fist ) means FIGHT. Wakeup zambians open your EYES.

  18. bushdoctor

    The maturity of our democracy can be seen and let’s appreciate the ruling and opposition parties. Who owns NDC? Who has lost this seat in Parliament? Do not be in a hurry to answer but analise the simple questions.

  19. Mr chola m

    I fill very happy for pf losing because these people have failed the people poor economic policies to govern the nation delement in paying civil service workers, lack of stable jobs by youth and coast of living it is the sign of failing to govern the nation properly 2021 it will be waste of time for pf to win

  20. IWE CHRIS THIS TYPE OF OPINIONS just admit not ati its not kambwili?. you calld ck stupid names which are ment 4 you!!


  21. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Indeed a big wake up call to the PF & it’s entire leadership.When you loose in a game sit down and analyze what caused the loss n improve on your weaknesses. To the winner,we say congratulations n do that which the people voted you for.

  22. Mr kambwili

    Roan was just a wakeup call for 2021 BA P.F

  23. john chanda

    Alabane ubutekobuteko wait and see what chishala will cry over funds.don’t play with ubuteko

  24. thomas

    Ubututu bwaakwa ecl ,we re not interested in your koswe mumpoto thing ,we want u to improve on the economic situation that we experiencing in the country,u hve done well in upgrading schools from primary into secondary,clinics into hospitals & gravel roads into tarred roads respectively,but u also consider the living standard of those less privalleged in the community are they also going to feed on those construction works that u have embarked on ?think twice & face the cctv camera ahead of you.

  25. FGM

    Normally, the ruling party should win by elections because voters know who is in control of national resources . Loosing is an indication of a protest from the citizenry. PF should think twice, otherwise the ball is steadily evading them. They should swallow their pride or they will soon remain with no strong hold ( bedroom).

  26. mashoda

    People doesn’t hate PF ,neither President ECL,they hate the behaviours of the ministers,mps and party carders (officials) and they are miss leading the president alot….because they want capitalised on they quitenes and goodness of our good president ,,,,but i don’t know if my president knows this,,,,he has snakes in the green glass…if you can see the rallies held in roan,majority are pf ,but the way official pf acted they soured everything ….i wish my president to change the cabinet,,,these people are the one who made rupia banda lossed the elections,so the better,quickly change the cabinet and you see,how people of this nation going to give support……

  27. mashoda

    I appeal to mr president no matter what those people ,who you are with have done good and played a roll in your life,please stay away from them and go straight to your good plans,to develop this country before those ministers ,try to make fall to run the nation,to i have no problem with pf and ecl,but ministers are really really missleading you ,your exellence,,,,please by the grace of God almight,open your eyes,this is the indication that your minister are poisoners,they bit you are claim you,but you don’t know,mr president i have intend to write an aticle here coz i have no access to talk to you,when you are playing football,you can’t see your mistakes ,but when you are watching that when you can see the mistakes of the players in the football pitch….check this out boss,i love you and let your wisdom preveal…all the best and need to see changes,fearer them or demote them or,change there postions,but to close to you because they are snake…ichipukupempula echikulya.

  28. INDETU

    The results just announced, leave us with more questions than answers.
    To NDC, it doesn’t really show popularity as UPND was supporting you. The question is, how really popular are you?
    To PF proceed to do what you promised the people of Bahati & Roan. You are in power. Don’t show vindictiveness.
    UPND, my young man Steve Katuka, should move around and mobilize the grassroots. He is the biggest and most stable asset to UPND
    DP, what are doing? Where are you? Do you have a campaign symbol or song by which we can know you?

  29. Justine

    This what we call Democracy.If all mps where PF then it means multipatism is not there.People of Roan did not look at the party but the person who can deliver.

  30. JK

    Pf kuya bebele revolution has come pf made an alliance with MMD so leave NDC and UPND work together so that in 2021 u will easily lose your power to Ck and HH.

  31. Sichimata

    We thank God Almighty for everything that happened in both constituencies because it is not by mighty as some people boast but by the Grace of JEHOVAH

  32. Fines @five,five

    Comment ,,,,Now its time for the PF and Lungu administration to move away ,,This is Zambia and one nation ,Lungu has brought divisions in this country ,Now Chishimba and HHhave proved good sight for the people during campaigns ,BFikala ba PF mwaimwena ,the biggest margin this means People no longer want you Lungu uleumfwa koswe iwe
    Those guys around you just fooling you and milking you
    Can Roan miners listen to Bowman Lusambo kabale was pa intercity imwe mwamonamo by Minister !,,,Yaaaaa! Lungu cawama kabiye katushe boy
    Good works clean campaigns and excellent results for NDC HQS ROAN CONSTITUENCY ,,,,,EBWAUME ,,,,MWILA WHERE ARE YOU AND ARE YOU RESIGNING !!,,,,,,,,ZWA ,,,ZWA ,,another Sesheke !!

  33. Samson Soko

    Kikikiki, politics is a game indeed n ruling party has learnt something from opposition

  34. Obatala

    This is very shallow analysis, the simple reason PF lost is that people in Roan are educated enough to see that Edgar Lungu and his PF have no plan for the country. There is massive unemployment in Roan like elsewhere. People in Roan know of the corruption and impunity in PF. Bahati is mainly uneducated villagers who can be lied to. Well done NDC

  35. Sas4 Young Napoleon@nk

    Only those who dream big and know the how to chase their dreams to make a reality. Never 4get story of Joseph, a dreamer. He knew how to make dream a reality by God’s grace…..A dreamer always have something inside which prepare him a good and perfect gift to the Nation or world. Dreaming one day to change the World into a better home of whole worldly races young and old. Every dreamer works hard and he’s always a good manager awaiting being elevated by the Most High God. Stay blessed my fellow dreamers.

  36. Hadley Namakando

    It was inevitable that the PF, it takes an Enlightened Citizenry to read between the lines and see the fouly in the leadership we have. If only the majority of the Zambian citizenry would realize this, as country we would develop, we have the cheapest politicians in the PF, who accidentally, by shear chance found themselves behind the driving seat of the country.” Country men, plural” we have a Solemn Duty To Redeem this Country from Lungu and his faction, those of you, who still think the PF can Deliver look back, in kabwe the residents were cheated that Mulungushi Textiles would be opened, has it happened, every contract that involves huge Sums of money is given to the Chinese, the Mukula Logs, which are being sold by the PF, who is benefiting, People of Zambia you must understand that even the Infrastructural Development that was being peddled by this PF, Government under the Lungu regime was done in good faith, it was done for personal Expediency, most of the money that was borrowed has been Embezzled, therefore their is serious need to reclaim our Country from these Minions. Many people think, Political Leadership is from the “Lord God” it isn’t this is What Selfish Politicians will make you believe,… The Bible says, God is not an author of confusion, you still Election Material and Declayer Yourself a Winner, then you claim that you were chosen by God, how… For love of Let us get weary of such politicians, PF, Palibe Future, kuyabebele we don’t need your services if at their are any left

  37. Kosapo

    Nathan chanda na kang’ombe muli baiche imwe u cant win elections.. Worse enough u used mmd die hard lusambo as campaign criminal..zwaaaa

  38. imbwili nimbwili

    Roan ni power,2021imbwili ni Zambia yonse

  39. Zigunde

    Ba PF twalimitemwa nomba poseniko amono kuma C/servants, amasalaries tayaweme especially bakapokola mwalibalekelesha their salaries very poor. C/servants their very influential, work with them especially these union guys, they always know the need for their members. Utilise them. PF we still need you.

  40. Fisunge

    Atase you jk you think CK can work with hh indoshi abepele fye nga balemona Ati CK can make hh become president bufi in 2021it will be running for your life don’t play with bembas CK is a Claver cat that could talk if hh has failed to win elections on its own for 20 yrs why Shud you use him to make the looser president it’s better CK becomes Veep to ecl because you have noted GBM where are you going to take him coz kambwili can not agree anything better than that and I know tongas can not allow CK to be Veep when Martha mushipe is waiting to be running mate

  41. Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

    De prblm with PF z dat dey are 2 proud,crooked,corrupt,selfish & dnt consult ppo whn makin dicision.Ministers & cadres ar getting rich wth corrupt money & u dink ppo’ll vote 4u in 2021.No jobs,high corruption,no money & more taxes.De wind of change has km

  42. INDETU

    Good debate, but still full of unpalatable language, which is an expression of something missing!
    I agree with the way the Ngwazi is putting his views across, but I don’t agree with his conclusion.
    May we also hear the views of our women? After all, they are the majority voters.

  43. Kings

    Watch Out Out Ba Pf, Don’t Think That As A Nation We Can Keep On Supporting The Government That Has No Vision, 2021 Ni Lopola Ba Pompwe. We No Longer Trust You, Let The Chinese Nationals Come And Give You Votes. Bravo Kambili And The Alliance.

  44. FGM

    In the past four years, we have seen the government more interested in leaping from the citizens than giving to the citizens: *Endless Fuel and Electricity hicks * Introduction of various taxes * Endless wage freeze imposed on civil servants. * Increased corruption allegations. * Lack of jobs for youths. * Failure to retire and pay pension dues to retirees. * Failure to reduce national poverty levels. * Increased public debt. We are in this economic situation because of the above trends.

  45. jay muzo

    think u mr ck

  46. Tell them

    Me I do not talk to him, hallo bunga bwa dula please you want Zambian to be like Zimbabwe please whennar bunga bwa dula twapapata please i don’t need politics while people they i falling to eat a meal in there home

  47. Mr givo

    Just think of what Mr tell them as said it’s too much unga wadula!!!

  48. Oscar masumba

    together we stand on fire to save zambia,enough is enough.

  49. mbala

    Next lose of PF will be in mbala, cause We ar behind NDC here

  50. hjhjh


  51. Intruder

    PF will remain Pf…zambia is big and OUR PRESIDENT HAS ONE HEAD…it will keep on developing….that place will be renovated soon…time after time


    There is no such thing as Politics dear Zambians. All we see is puppets playing a role set by “the Elite” from claimed enlightenment. Albert Pike claimed to have received a vision on how the (3) world wars were going to occur. so far two world wars have been fulfilled according to the way he planed. he stated that the purpose of the world wars was to bring about globalization. A perfect example is that human rights would not have been without Hitler’s Holocaust. To further back my allegations are two facts. that the British crown was sold to the Pope by the signing of the Magna Charter (by King John) and US presidents are related . Ordo Ab Chao (order out of Chaos) is the order of the day were peoples decisions are influenced by Chaos an example is the recent uptighness for security to the extent of building a wall in the US because of 9/11. I hope you find this comment useful not scary because we are living in the Last days


    Do not be fooled, set your heart with Jesus and he will carry u thru

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