PF Retains Bahati

The ruling Patriotic Front has retained the Bahati Constituency seat with its candidate Charles Chalwe getting a run-away 11, 481 votes while his closest rival Justine Bwalya of the United Party for National Development received 2, 381.

United Progressive and Prosperous Party (UPPZ) candidate Clement Mwila got 1, 337 votes with Emmanuel Chalwe of FDD receiving 205 votes while tail-ender Isaac Lukwesa of the People’s Allaince for Change (PAC) got 176 votes.

The Bahati seat fell vacant following the expulsion of Harry Kalaba from the Patriotic Front.

Kalaba’s Democratic Party did not field a candidate in the by-election.



  1. One zed manex

    Congratulations to the ruling part & job well done to the opposition UPND@ list they have gained ground.by the number of votes they have received.PF should put it’s house in order & work on issues affecting the people.

  2. Akapenya-mushi

    Congrats!!How I wish Kalaba ushilaba filed in nga mwalusa.Pf intelligence did not report the truth on the ground!!!! Ended up adopting a Unpopular friend of Chandra Nathan instead of Kanselas who are known and above all always in touch with a common man of Roan Councillors like JB “ulubalala” would have scooped a day for PF,but Chandra Nathan dubiously Ushered in his friend the DC I hope is removed from payroll since he is not a cilviservant now.Muleumfwa Ku Bantu…and don’t use greedy do wat pipo want e democracy. Congrats NDC Roan.akapenya-mushi

    • Chilankalipa

      Ifi bantu fya kumushi,ngabafibepa ati tamwakamone development,fyaumfwila,ukushishita.Resources for development do not belong to ruling parties, that is your money,that is why you pay taxes, this is why you have allowed these masquerades dip deeper in the country’s coffers,but one day all the dogs will account for every ngwee they have stolen.Ala mulecinja uko kumushi what is wrong kanshi,are you cursed or blessed with ukushishita?

      • Nzunda Humphrey

        You are just confused my dear As PF we are delivering our best to the People no wonder we keeping retaing seats…
        We appointing at our work….unlike ukubwata bwata fye

  3. Lazi

    PF needs a re- evaluation because they normally highly value themselves. If they are too proud of themselves, if they are not careful their fall will be too near.

  4. Akapenya-Mushi.

    Akapenya-mushi: Lazy you’re right bro,Ba PF made are mistakes(1)out of11 councillors who filed in pipo voted 3instead of the three/3,one to be adopted PF authorities thru Chanda went ahead adopting The DC.(2)How do you expecte a DC who spends rest of his time to be known by the pipo?(3)DC was never Voted by Roan Pipo both at district and constituency level!!! (4)DC was wrongly ushered in by Nathan Chandra at 11th hour,Leaving the well acquaintance Kanselas like bena JB “ulubalala”etc.
    Because of the greedy ness of PF authorities the party has lost to a newly formed NDC.can you Reflect on this do evaluation and fire all who misled the team. Akapenya-mushi

  5. Akapenya-Mushi.

    Akapenya-mushi:Noushalimo akabamo.Chishimba umwaume uushiningwa kani mwikufu.. Wabakolonganika,bonse Cabinet ministers, utuma MPs,Intercity caders Ba official Elo nomba Wabalooopoolaa!!!kkkkkk bamucime ppffff!!!!!I think anything CK and NDC PF will never Dare you!!!One man—-KoMAnDOO/YOUNG COBRA

  6. John

    We are seeing the voices of concerned people speak now.

  7. Jimmy Lemba

    Congratulations our candidate and we thanks bahati people for there votes may God bless u all

  8. Ruth

    pf mayors on the copper belt are busy grabbing land from the poor masses. Instead of empowering women with land they are busy grabbing them.The example is at Dola Hill community.900 people who have been on the land for more than 40years, land will be grab from them.Only less than 500 will be considered and have to pay 12000 Kwacha in 21 days or their plot grabbed. This simply means that all Dola Hill community is for NDC. Who are campaigning for NDC Ndola Mayor and Town Clerk

  9. fockfath£r


  10. Mr. BJ

    Wrong choices by those in higher organs of the party disturb the entire system. Hence ending up loosing elections. Give a listening ear to the masses at grass root. They are the ones who cast their votes. Take a listen! Once beaten twice shy. Ndeloleshafye!!!!

    • mulobezi

      In a democracy don’t expect one party 2 b winning elections otherwiz pipo may bcome suspicious in Zambia its called rigging.

  11. Prince Mande

    Honourable Harry Kalaba should have joined hands with UPND just to keep the seat away from the PF. I know with Kalaba compaigning in Luapula Province in 2021 PF stans no chance in Luapula and Copperbelt.

  12. Anonymous

    Those are fake results.the pf rigged the election

  13. Abena vm

    Bakamushi Baku Bahati ,you are still lagging behind wake up

  14. James silwenga

    BA BAHATI mmmmm eating from the same pot wait and C

  15. Smart k

    Congratulations ba pf.

  16. GN

    Congrats my party PF but life is getting harder

  17. CM

    It shame for the people of bahat to celebrate the victory for the just ended by election when people are living in total poverty with high levels of u nemployement. Muleenda and see vast development in the opposition strong hold.

  18. Dr Fonicks

    Congrats to PF for scooping the Bahati constituency. one thing for sure is that the UPND is making in roads in the perceived PF strongholds, where as there is very little or no in roads in Southern province. The opposition is gaining momentum slowly while the boat has developed cracks here and there. what the PF must know is that northerners are not liberal like our brothers and sisters in the southern and western parts of Zambia. The northerners can easily change goal posts. come 2021, mukamona kwati fyaku bantu. Greedness has engulfed the PF. Shalenipo bonse!

  19. Suzyo

    All those congratulating the pf for scooping the bahati parliamentary seat need a psychatrist doctor to examine them as to whether they mental ability is ok or not. Life for ordinary citizens in zambia as whole is so hard en someone is fooling zambias that pf is delivering. Maybe we are blind en we can see bcoz pf is delivering in the houses or pockets of these people. Its not normal for a normal person to call a wrong thing right. Insoni ebuntu, mwilakwata icibeleshi cakwalunshi icakwikala napa cifii ico tanyene. Ukutemwa ukulakonka indalama isho tawishibe naba mukukulu uko balefumya watampa nokutasha ati abakasaka thats foolishness of the highest. Genuine en trustworthy people with financial muscle they have money bcoz they did the right thing en walked the right path to the right place where money was en did the right business at a right time en not stealing from the poor citizens.

  20. Chipuka

    We all know what u did ku bahati any way not all days are sunday

  21. Harry Kalaba


  22. Haward


  23. Tell them

    Bahati niku munzi there was anopportunity to riggi the election there imwe ukoo ku munshi fintu nafi cinja 2021 mwila votela aba ba pf niba mpopwe bamukukulu baka bwalala balekeni ba fumepo pa mupando muleumfwa nami chanjesha

  24. Chikala

    I see that where there is violence the opposition party win this is because the ruling party trys to steal or to riggi the election so if there was violence in Bahati the opposition party would have wine the election Ummmm so these are thieves corrupt government and the party

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