PF Wins Ward By-Election Poll in Chavuma

The Patriotic Front has scooped the Lingelengenda local government by-election in Chavuma District of North Western Province.

Returning Officer Peter Zulu has declared Loyd Mukangwe as the duly elected Ward Councillor after polling 569 votes, beating his closed rival Charles Pata of the UPND who polled 277 votes.

The Lingelengenda seat fall vacant following the resignation of then UPND Councillor Isaac Mupila.

The win has given the Patriotic Front another ward seat in North Western Province, an area considered a stronghold for the opposition UPND.


  1. Chilankalipa

    Na kwena ni ku mushi.

  2. zizou

    Wining local government and parliamentary is the sign of wining 2021 unlike upnd which is loosing continueour,upnd they will cry like young chicks crying for foods on the nest to its mother.

  3. Bush man

    Iwe koswe taumwe ku lwanshya we ukalila niwe. pumbwe iwe

    • Nzunda

      We are just hot PF is the gvt, it’s not a club or just an interesting group like UPND….

  4. Gift Tembo

    It you can not beat them then join them

  5. King HK

    Go go go go go!!!!!! Watch out 2021 PF will keep on controlling….
    UPND will never rule this Graet Nation ZAMBIA….
    We are the Gvt

  6. Fisunge

    Iwe winning is winning even if it’s a village people are people no matter where they stay learn to respect pipo if you insult pipo from the village you don’t deserve to have an NRC because you village reflect which means we are all villagers

  7. Mitete


  8. One zed manex

    2021 will be very tricky but the ruling party should put it’s house in order.

  9. YOU

    I agree with you brother people are people. FISUNGE

  10. Cinyemba boy

    Northwestern province this z when u v now worked up mmmmm

  11. mulobezi

    The luanshyans thot wen NDC scooped roan the whole country ws shaking.Zambia z biga thn a constituency.

  12. Sichimata

    Let Kambwili form one political party with HH for them to face PF .what they did in Roan was commendable. Let Milupi,mmembe,chanda,mulongoti and others follow suit. PF kano mwaitemba.

  13. BW

    Well done

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