Lungu Invites Macron to Zambia

Zambia’s Ambassador to France Dr Christine Kaseba Sata has presented her letters of credence to French President Emmanuel Macron, and later extended an invitation to him on behalf of President Edgar Lungu.
Dr Kaseba presented her letters of credence alongside five other Ambassadors from across the globe.
This was the first time the French President received such a huge number of Ambassadors in a single day since he assumed office in 2017.

President Macron welcomed all the Ambassadors and spoke highly of the ties France had with among the countries and how they could achieve through greater collaboration.
Receiving letters of credence from the Ambassadors in intervals at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, President Macron hailed and expressed gratitude to their respective governments for entrusting them to represent their countries in France.

The French President further commended the Ambassadors for their relentless pursuit of efficiency despite the continued disruption from the Protest Movement “Gilets Jaunes” in French, also known as the “Yellow Vests”.
“I wish to acknowledge the strides you’ve made since you all assumed office despite having been given limitations, you continued representing your countries diligently. I am also aware of the close cooperation you’ve had with the Elysee Palace, but I must hasten to say that I apologise for the delay,” President Macron said.
And in welcoming Dr Kaseba, President Macron stressed the importance of sustaining the longstanding ties between the two countries.

In her remarks, Ambassador Dr Kaseba said she was delighted to be in France and thanked President Macron for the warm reception accorded to her and the delegation.
She conveyed warm sentiments on behalf of President Lungu and extended an invitation for President Macron to visit Zambia.

“Zambia is endowed with rich Natural Resources like the Victoria Falls and hence Your Excellency as you plan to visit Africa, kindly consider Zambia on your priority list so that you also get to visit one of the seven (7) Natural Wonders of the World. The Victoria Falls,” Dr. Kaseba said.
The Zambian Envoy, who expressed joy after presenting her letters of credence, said she was hopeful of a profound and dynamic relationship between the two countries in the coming years.
Dr Kaseba also told the French President about Zambia’s enthusiasm to strengthen the economic relations with France, mainly in the areas of trade and investment.


  1. Fines@five ,five

    Comment ,,,,Ba mama sata lekeni ukubepa abantu Can France Presidio come to Zambia kuli Lungu ,,Akulyeni fye ba mayo imwe ,,Talk sense not ifyo!!!!


    Even if the French president come into Zambia for political issues,the ZAMBIAN people will not vote for pf and his readership come 2021 never, we are tired of this readership change is coming.

    • Shosho

      Who says we won’t vote for pf? Pf for 2021.

      • Bwalya

        You’re right kuyabebele twakana nabo bakesende notusaka tonse!

    • Lusaka Commander

      Manje readership iyo

    • Mwhitt

      Speak for yourself and not Zambian your dull fool

    • Mwhitt

      Speak for yourself and not Zambian your dull fool. I will vote PF and I speak for myself

      • Zattie Bee

        I will also vote for PF and know there many others who will do the same.


      ON POINT

  3. Hammer

    ECL remains the best presido till 2026.
    Iwe SouthZ keep your sentiments for yourself .

    • P.M

      Why are you not keeping your sentiments to yourself? This is the biggest problem with PF
      You are losing come 2021

    • Kapalo

      Applies to you, remember it’s also your opinion not his, PF Cades don’t feel what you say is a standard, please don’t expose your intolerance to diverse views.

  4. Obatala

    “Zambia is endowed with rich Natural Resources like the Victoria Falls and hence Your Excellency as you plan to visit Africa, kindly consider Zambia on your priority list so that you also get to visit one of the seven (7) Natural Wonders of the World. The Victoria Falls,” Dr. Kaseba forgot to mention that we also have a lot of corruption , inept leaders, disease, poverty and hunger

    • chidyamakanda

      She would have mentioned that over fire tenders issue, social cash monies, pornorable. & corrupt leaders in de country.

    • Mwitt

      Why talk about poverty of your country? Isn’t that washing dirty linen in public? Don’t you think there is poverty in France/Europe? Why do you think their people demonstrate? For a country Zambia that has been independent since 1964, I am sad to say that people have never evolved with time.

      • P.M

        Why should you hide dirty linen under the capert? Everyone knows how useless we are!! Voting for self confessed visonless person. At least he had one vision…Enrich myself and steal as much as I can. One one gets paid for their work but me and my cronies. They are laughing at you as they cash in with each corrupt tender. Poor zambians. Today I saw multitudes of people marching and celebrating Palm Sunday and as I drove by , I couldnt stop and wondering how such good and God loving people could have be given such a predident.

  5. bayoka

    Tata mayoeee ndeloleshafye

  6. Hev rena

    Macron may promise real teachers jobs and export of 2 million goats.Madagascar and Saudi are delaying MWe!

  7. mr life

    Ba lungu please tell all mirrors to reduce the price of meal meal stop joking like comedian soon or later people are starting eating amambazi nomukoyo.

    • shilesa hunter

      Mr life are you joking or serious? It’s millers! Go to solar powered hammer mills which pf installed all over the country (actually have never seen any) and buy mealie meal for K5 per 25kg. Leave millers to do business.

  8. Unknown

    Pf has no place in Zambia, 2021 is coming soon.

  9. Unknown

    Pf has no place in Zambia, 2021 is coming soon…

  10. pf

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  11. Mumba

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  12. King

    Satana takatekepo ichalo….Zambia will never produce a tonga bull president these idiots they are fucking dull

    • king

      panyo pabamaibako what did tongas do in this statement?

  13. Mulopole

    After losing Ku roan bamona uwakubashila ka money baonawile.shame.

    • You talk of roan as if upnd won you lost kafue n many other by elections

      Degree in losing. Under 5

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  15. Zesco

    Please ba PF kindly advise your deplomats to preach about poverty, hunger,corruption and political intolerance prevailing in our country rather than pretending that all is well. Shame on you bapompwe.

  16. Wise Leader



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  17. Nimrod

    I can’t live in Zambia if hakaivotela heka becomes president, God forbid he can’t. He is a moliband.

  18. Umupondo

    Iwe ka king you should mind the way you talk chikala, what did Tongas do to you? Never you say Tongas will never rule the country waumfwa chills? Anyone can rule this country as long as he or she is a Zambian. It’s not for Easterners or Bembas Nooooooo,,,,,. Come 2021 you will see with your so called poor foundation, I ‘m sorry patriotic shaniuko.

  19. Umupondo

    Iwe ka king you should mind the way you talk chikala, what did Tongas do to you? Never you say Tongas will never rule the country waumfwa ? Anyone can rule this country as long as he or she is a Zambian. It’s not for Easterners or Bembas Nooooooo,,,,,. Come 2021 you will see with your so called poor foundation, I ‘m sorry patriotic shaniuko.

  20. Can't king

    Ahaaa mwapuma buhata,bwamina which place are you going to keep him?macron in zambia maybe what about the turkey president his journey was to came to zambia but they transfered to south africa,kulata kuca munosi i know that he will go to south africa not in zambia Mina masholi our country still undeveloped MASHOLI GOD he punish you

    • mulobezi

      Some pipo lyk can’t king ar human dogs didn’t the Turkish president com 2 Zambia?is macron God?that he cnt spend evn a day pa zed.usanganu sa nja yo shwela kumina kwa kapolota.

  21. Nimrod

    Ck will be the next president after Lungu. Not heck hech.


    Tonga’s are shit-holes tabakatekepo

  23. No tribal line

    Some of these people they hate hh like masipa younyelile waisting time to hate someone, tribalist don’t think you can corrupt the whole country, you are just making noise if don’t have something to write just keep quiet we Zambian we love each other from North to south West to East One Zambia One nation One love not you foreigner you want to destroy our country zwaaa

  24. Tell them

    You go and vote ck even today my friend kambwili can’t be a president yobe you think Zambia is for your family zwaaa

  25. Fact

    Interesting,so this is the Same lady that wanted to be adopted as PF party president and then consequently lead this country okay…now that’s something.

    • Hadley Namakando

      Fellow Zambians it is shocking to see some of the comments being posted on this platform, the English say,”Manners maketh man” considering what some of us are posting, it shows the degree of shallowness our comprehensive levels are. It is for this reason that Zambia is still under developed, cause if in today’s edge and era people who are supposedly to be the Adults, who should groom the young ones, people who have the responsibility to contribute to the National Economy, people who are the pillars of the society they dwell in can trade insults on social media, it is unfortunate, these are the potential voters Zambia has, no wonder why, we have the caliber of leaders we, leaders who cannot deliver, leaders who cannot accommodate diversity, no wonder we now have a President who cannot Elaborate the Policies of his own Government. Fellow country men Zambia is for us all, if we are to progress as a Nation, their is absolute need for us to shift our focus from Tribe, when choosing the leadership that will Govern the Nation, Zambia. It must also be understood that Development doesn’t come to an area simply because the Area Member Of Parliament Is From The Ruling Party, Development goes to an area because of the Potential an area has. Those of you who are Shallow minded, who allow yourselves to be cheated by these cheap PF, politicians, understand this and check, the PF, has the highest number of seats in parliament, the question is, are these constituencies Developed, most of the places we call towns, they are not Towns.No wonder we have Ambassadors who don’t Represent our country well out there, because they are there for their selfish gain what we need is help from these countries, Not Ceremonial Visits From Them, this is also the reason why of the Heads Of States We Had, Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu, have Failed, because their’s was just making Ceremonial Visits and Calls, that’s not how things are done. Therefore God’s people, let us use this platform to Educate, Encourage, Edify and to Motivate One Another, toward 2021,so much misery has been imposed upon the Zambian People,it is the Responsibility Of Every Well Meaning Zambian, Who Is In His Right Frame Of Mind To Ensure Change Comes To Zambia, Zambia is a wealthy country, we need prudent individuals who have the interests of the people at heart to steer this country in the right direction, Not the PF, come on guys can’t you see that things re right, I wonder what sort of lives you still support the PF, here in Kitwe, they cheated the Youths out of the Black Mountain, what more harm do you want these people to inflict on you before you you realize that they, PF, don’t mean well

  26. Batambefye Balevoka


  27. Can't king

    That’s why you are still mulobezi weight and see whenner have you ever heard a European head of state to come to Zambia since you where Born whenner Who, don’t like insults some of you I don’t know whether you are kid’s you don’t fear God, any insult is a sin you will be judged over that,you take it for granted because it on internet, you insult even your father respect you mulobezi

    • D'Kap

      As far as I can recall, the Queen of UK has been here, so has a sitting President of US, Carter, the Pope and a few others. There’s nothing difficult about European leaders coming here. It just depends on the relationship between the two leaders, or the interest of one in the other.

  28. King cool

    In 2021 the votes for Lungu will be disturbed by Chishimba Kambwili, and they will give a chance to HH to go through. Chishimba Kambwili will be on number three. 2021 it’s a year for HH, because of the two guys Lungu and Kambwili will share the votes.unless otherwise. Ngafyayaluka imono .

  29. INDETU

    It would seem NDC supporters are over the moon, translating the Roan by election result into national census! Not yet bane, and so far from it.
    May I take back a bit, and let you know that the UPP, then led by OUR FATHER, FREEDOM FIGHTER, SIMON MWANSA KAPWEPWE, had won the Mufulira seat from UNIP by an even larger majority. But it didn’t translate into a national majority.
    What this calls for is hard work. Not dancing in triumph.
    There’s a very, very big difference between a general election and a by-election.
    Eh, if I were you, I would be going to the mountain to pray other than dancing in the street.

    • Hadley Namakando

      Prayer… Politics and Christianity re two 2,different things. Christianity is Godliness, the Lord God is Sovereign, he is in control, God created Man, in his own image, Man was created a Free Moral Agent, ie Man was given the power to chose, what he deemed necessary. Hence, in the garden of Eden, the Lord instructed Adam and Eve,… of this tree you shall not partake, meaning Man was given a Responsibility to choose to do or not to. POLITICS, is a man made philosophy, it was bred by Democracy, politics centre’s more on individualism, So their is nothing Christian in politics, politics is an earthly system to do things, if and only
      iff, Do you mean to tell me the PF, was appointed by God, if it was, why are you complaining, do you mean the Lord made a mistake. The two re very different, politics and Christianity, in politics their is a lot of deceit, all sorts of evil, where as Christianity involves people moving from earthlyness to Godliness hence the reason Jesus christ came to show us the way to salvation, the Theme in Jesus teaching was,.. Depart from the things of earth, aspire for the life above. Is it wrong for Christians to join politics, Galatians 6:1… If someone is caught in a sin, you who re spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself or you also may be tempted. It is not wrong, except because of the flesh, chances are that you get entangled in the vices of politics you might even leave the church, unless you are indeed a deep spiritual person. Now when you say you are going to Pray, know that, if you don’t live your faith, even when you pray, it is worthless, Hebrews 8:8..By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would receive as an inheritance, obeyed even though he did not know where he was going. Note, the Lord God will never do what you as a Human Being can do, because we re on Earth, the system we use to Govern ourselves is the politics, which run through an acceptable political system, we have the “Human Responsibility” to choose the leadership we deem necessary and fit to govern us. We do this through the God Given Right, that was “Instilled In Adam” at the Beginning, the power of choice, So the choice you make Bwana, is solely your responsibility, what follows after is your own baby to nurse. So the Leadership we choose during election time is Not From God, it is our own making, hence the importance to choose people who are God fearing, people who are pragmatic, God is always in control, but as humans we have to do everything we can to get the right candidates, we put in place the policy document which is binding to govern all of us, not subjecting all powers to one individual president, like the current constitution, that is dangerous hence the abuse of authority we re witnessing, so prayer can only work Bwana when you Live Your Faith, if you are in study and pray, then you will pass, prayer alone it wont suffice, read the Bible and understand it, The Duty Of Church, Isaiah 61:1-2 also Luke 4:18

  30. Kalumba Banda

    Sorry country men and women,it’s quite appalling to every respectful citizen of this nation at the decay of our moral conduct in the maner we insult and relate our nation to the global world,
    Yes everyone understands the aggrievenent surrounding us but let’s handle it within our boundaries ourselves.

  31. I

    Ba fikala 2021 Ni HH

  32. Kings

    But Patriotic Fools Must Go,come 2021, They Are Now Insulting Us Zambians For Manifesting Our Democratic Rights In Roan, What A Visionless Leadership.

  33. SIR MUSH

    the day is coming…

  34. KING

    Imagin having a tonga bull as prezido of Zambia kikikikiki 😂 what the fuck……HH’s name is not written in the book of presidents if you know that you re tonga or lozi fuck you bamstar nyoko

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