Chiteme Asks World Bank to Approve Climate Change Projects in 3 Provinces

Minister of National Development Planning Alexander Chiteme has called on the World Bank to approve the implementation of the Transforming Landscapes for Resilient Development (TRALARD) to be implemented in Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Provinces of Zambia.

Chiteme made the call for approval and expansion of climate change and environmental projects in Zambia when he met World Bank Senior Director for Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice Karin Erika Kemper, Director Environment Global Practice Mr. Benoit Bosquet, Country Coordinator for southern African region Emmanuel Noubissié and Practice Manager Environment and Natural resource management Africa Olojoba on Thursday at the ongoing IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington DC, United States.

The development objective of TRALARD Project is to increase the ecosystem resilience and land productivity within vulnerable landscapes in the Northern Region of Zambia and, in the event of an eligible crisis or emergency, to provide immediate and effective response to the eligible crisis or emergency.

Chiteme said the Zambian government was highly expectant that the TRALARD projects would uplift lives of people in the catchment areas.

“I want to assure you that Members of Parliament, community leaders and the Government have worked tirelessly to bring this project on board and it currently stands as one of the most eagerly anticipated projects in the country building on the success of the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR),” Chiteme said, according to a statement issued by the ministry’s spokesperson Chibaula Silwamba.

He urged the World Bank to also expand its support to the Zambia Integrated Forest Landscaping Project (ZIFLP) currently being implemented in Eastern Province to be extended to North Western and Copperbelt provinces.

Ministry of National Development Planning permanent secretary  for Development Planning Chola Chabala and Zambia Integrated Forest Landscaping Project (ZIFLP) National Coordinator Dr Tasila Banda, who attended the meeting, emphasised the importance to scale up the ZIFL Project.

The World Bank directors assured the Bank’s commitment to work with the Zambian government in addressing its climate and environmental issues.

“I am happy Minister that you are committed to addressing challenges of climate change. You are a leader and champion of climate change issues,” said Bosquet.



  1. Jms

    Nice advancement but never limit recognition go for all provinces due to that providing means accounting for now the less given it will be impossible to neglect others now in trying to divide blunders comes fourth so its a good idea but try to speak whats on the ground

  2. Zambian Farmers

    What about other provinces?

    • John Mulele

      These projects are already running in Western and Southern provinces. It is not about PF strongholds. Check facts before commenting.

  3. jorge

    I think these three provinces are just perfect

  4. The Zambian

    These are PF Strong Hold PROVINCES.
    Other provinces have to wait for their party UPND to win elections.
    It shows what kind of leadership we have.
    So cheap wake-up Zambians.

  5. Jms

    I think we should turn around by voting those who have huge sums of money plus wisdom and knowledge

  6. John Mulele

    These projects are already running in Western and Southern provinces. It is not about PF strongholds. Check facts before commenting.

  7. Jms

    Its now fun some people have concluded that the program stated before now if it did its just the matter of asking but just say extending to other provinces and if this program is existing in Zambia why not explaining how it has progressed

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