Malanji Gives 30 Motorbikes to N/W PF Councillors, Chiefs’ Retainers

Kwacha member of parliament Joe Malanji has handed over 30 motorbikes to 12 PF councillors and chiefs’ retainers in North Western Province to ease their movements during interactions with their electorates.

Malanji, who is also Foreign Affairs Minister, is hopeful that the motorbikes would be put to good use in reaching out to all communities to appreciate challenges people were facing.

He said the Patriotic Front desired to take development to all parts of the country regardless of voting pattern.

Malanji said elected leaders needed to take advantage of the motorcycles to bring to relevant authorities challenges people were going through by use of an effective channel of communication.

Meanwhile, PF North Western Province chairman Jackson Kungo appealed to the Foreign Affairs Minister to lobby for the tarring of township roads in the province.

And Senior Chief Kanongesha of the Lunda speaking people of Mwinilunga expressed gratitude for the gesture.

Senior Chief Kanongesha, Senior Chief Mujimanzovu, Senior Chief Kalilele and Chief Matebo attended the handover ceremony.


  1. cng 4g

    By the time the pf will be done with Zambia, we will be reduced to Sudan’s current situation.

  2. Chilankalipa

    30 motor bikes translates to over $120,000 can someone tells where Malanji or the PF’s long hands were dipped?

    • Chilankalipa

      30 motor bikes translate into over $120,000, can someone tell us where Malanji’s or PF’s long fingers were dipped this time?

  3. P.M

    Indeed I would also like to know where that money came from. And why is foreign affairs involved in this while our missions and embassies are operating on shoe string budgets? One would think he has more on hid plate but instead ho chooses to engage in domestic affairs.

  4. Kelvin Chikwemba K

    I like that Hon.Minister do even in MUCHINGA even to the wards they even don’t have byscles

  5. Aiden Kalolu

    We Thank For That, But A Vry Big Problem Which We Have Here In N/w Is Road Network. The Movement Is Not Good, We Are Sufering Do Something To Solve This Problem. U See How N/w Is Going To Be Happy With U.

  6. sh.k

    umuntu alebomba and yet some if u r just good at condemning why,learn to appreciate guys

  7. Cinyemba boy

    Yyyyy malaji northwestern

  8. Razor

    But even people in your own constituency don’t have motorbikes yet you go and donate to other places. What is your motive here?

    • Andy Daka

      Comment we are going to give malanji a red card in 2021 for abandoning his constituency kwacha.

  9. Anthobalachio

    Ndeloleshafye, tuleya tulekula

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