Unruly Cadres Extorting Money from Transporters, Reveals Mushimba

Minister of Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba has said he will soon engage ministers of Home Affairs and Local Government over lawlessness by some mini bus and Taxi drivers.

And Mushimba has disclosed that unruly cadres are extorting money from people in the transport sector.

Mushimba said he has been using mini buses on local and long distances to appreciate the challenges and understand opportunities in the sector.

He said having realised the depth of issues he observed, a meeting has been called with Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo and Vincent Mwale of Local Government to find a permanent solution to the situation.

“It’s true, there is lawlessness by mini-buses, taxis and drivers on our roads. They stop anyhow. Unruly cadres extort money out of people in this sector. Realizing the depth of the issues, I have called for a meeting with Hon Kampyongo and Vincent Mwale for a permanent solution,” said Mushimba.

Many stakeholders in the transport sector have in the recent past raised concerns over political cadres’ behaviour to collect money from bus and taxi operators without any proper structure in place.

Capital Bus Services, which runs popular Flash buses, is reported to have threatened to close down the business due to alleged unfavourable working environment.


  1. Razor

    Good you have started using buses for your transportation ba minister to avoid accidents like you were involved in. Don’t drink & drive.

  2. Ubwamba na bukula

    True more espacially great east road minibus drivers they just stop any where i wonder why is it because all minibus and taxi drivers are uneducated or what these people ※ stupid more especially that lay by near acceds they dont park at layby they 🍐 on the road please put some certain qualification for one to be issued a licence tobecome a driver not ifi fi mafontini chapela indicator palyapene nokukoneka these driver ※ only fit to drive in chongwe

  3. Ubwamba na bukula

    Nice move menister chilankalipa saana

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