Water Borne Disease Outbreak Looms in Kitwe’s Buchi

An outbreak of water borne diseases is looming in Kitwe’s Buchi Township following a heavy downpour that has left some houses flooded with rainy water mixed with sewer.

Increased cases of vandalism to Nkana Water and Sewerage Company installation has left most sewer pipes leaking.

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu who rushed to check on the affected areas found some women fetching the contaminated water.

Mpundu has since directed Nkana Water and Sewerage Company to work closely with the council and ensure all sewer leakages are attended to or risk having an outbreak of diseases.

“I rushed to Buchi to check on the reported flooding that has affected several households with a risk of disease breakouts because the flooded waters are mixed with sewer effluents,” Mpundu stated.

He said there are a lot of gaps in the planning departments, starting with how communities, especially new residential areas, were being planned. 

”I want to emphasise the need for synergies between departments of government and workers and the different personnel serving the people, either elected or appointed. That way, our people will not be left destitute,” said Mpundu.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Please Kitwe City Council do something before we record an outbreak of a waterborne disease.

  2. mulobezi

    Sam of thiz families shud jst get bak 2 their villages coz they are conjesting towns and doing nothing .

  3. Corruption now will be worse

    That is what happens when planning is in chaos. You do things hapharzadly in order to get votes during election time and later things turn sour.

    • mulobezi

      Iwe chi corruption learn 2 erase politicking in yo dirty skull.hu ws soliciting 4 vots in Kitwe?or u wer voting with yo family?

      • Corruption now will be worse

        You chi mulobezi don’t you know that councillors are politicians? You are very illiterate ! Planning of drainage in the city is planned by the council (councillors as a group ) The local authority so they are called ! They plan the development of the city on behalf of central government. Everything from street lighting , Markets, Naming of streets , New settlements , Bus stations etc is done by the council. That’s grade five staff. Go back to school or try night school ! I am sure you are the one with a rotten skull because you are an illiterate!!

  4. Fisunge

    What is the name of the compound coming up near the chingola road cemetery is it known by the council we want to know pantu we want to buy a plot there

    • Corruption now will be worse

      It is called cemetery compound ! No need to apply to the council , just go and select a place and ask the people who have started building already to whom to pay money for a plot.That’s all ,the council will come in later!! That is what happens in Zambia ! If you apply to the council it will take decades before your application is seen and I don’t know how old you will be by then!! And you will be making countless trips to check on this or that person! After ten years you will be told to reapply because your application cannot be traced.And by then you will have no money to build or even pay the council if by any chance your application is ‘considered’.

  5. Blàise Yande Sinkala

    ndiye bwafya bwamene ubu,in vonse ati of or mapoliapolitics

  6. Dr Fonicks

    This is a matter of urgency. The authorities must surely act quickly. please ensure that the situation be dealt with as soon as possible. we don’t want situations where a life or lives are lost, then govt moves in. The problem is a disaster. The time to act is now. no politicking in such a scenario.

  7. Beston Goodson Kangwai

    The zambian government and USA government have come together to look after people not to drink an safe water so that company not work in good manner report to the USA agent thats a case they charge them .Especial nkana water and sewerage company if you people don’t know where you can report see usa agents here in zambia they charge zambian government.

  8. Daniel Banda

    The word water borne diseases is mild mention the dreaded mass killer cholera. They will terrified and immediately jump from their seats.

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