Kambwili Ignores Police Summon Due to Absence of Lawyers

NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili has defied a police summon to appear before them on reasons that his lawyers are not available.

Kambwili was yesterday summoned to appear before police for questioning on issues yet to be known.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said in an interview that Kambwili had not presented himself to police.

Katanga said Police were still investigating a matter whose details she did not disclosed.

And Kambwili has said the police have been informed that his lawyers were not available.

He said he would only appear for questioning once his lawyers were available.


  1. KING

    Why can’t the police root this Dumbo matuvi by force

    • P.M

      Iwe dull King…you cant arrest a person without an arrest warrant and to get an arrest warrant you should have readonable cause or the judge wont sign it. But again this is Zambia where evrrything is in Dununa Reverse.

    • BBC

      Chi King ulichipuba. Go and tell that to your mother wembushi we.

    • Eneli

      Bad comment my brother.

  2. One zed manex

    Don’t insult please just comment,he will appear before police & I’m sure he will answer for his charges,as you know you are innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.

  3. P.M

    The Police cant be summoning people to help them build a case against them. This is rubbish, lazy and stupid. Investigate, build a case the arrest the individual. How do you expect a susprct to use his or her resources to present themselves to the police station in order to help these fucked up police and then get arrested…doesnt make sense.

  4. awan

    king u must be a PF bootlicker with no sense listen to what PM has said. this reverse situation in zed is sickening

  5. KING

    Bafikala machende yanu together with dumbo matuvi..how can i belong to a political party which as failed 17 times and raped 7 chicken imisula sheni ama bulls

  6. Beston Goodson Kangwai

    let the winner walk flee.

  7. daev

    Iwe king……you don’t know wat you are talking about.

  8. Stone gee

    Ba police let ck talk the man has true points to help this nation why concentrating on him when u are failing to catch thieves around u

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