Munali Nickel Mine Re-Opens Today

President Edgar Lungu will today flag off the exportation of nickel ore from the Munali Nickel Mine in Mazabuka District.

Munali Nickel Mine has been off operations for the last eight years since being placed under care and maintenance.

According to a programme released by Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba, President Lungu will flag off the operation.

Consolidated Nickel Mines (CNM), a UK based firm acquired the rights to operate the mine from the owners Jinchuan Group out of China in 2014 and has invested more than US$55 million to revive the nickel mine.

CNM, through its local subsidiary, Mabiza Resources Ltd (MRL) has completed numerous studies on the Munali property to improve the economics of the operation to enable the mine to come back into production.

After successfully securing re-start finance in the order of US$40million, the decision was taken in June 2018 to bring the mine back into production with the first ore production planned for quarter one, 2019. All key personnel have since been recruited.

On 14th September 2018 after seven years of care and maintenance, a successful blast underground was undertaken. Construction of the first ever Dense Media Separator (DMS) Plant in Zambia, which will improve head grade from 1% to 2% and improve recoveries.

The recommencement of mining and processing activities is expected to impact 400 direct jobs while an estimated 350 indirect jobs will be created through contractors, subcontractors and spill over effects as a result of operations at the mine.



  1. Jonny splash sakala

    Thatz the way to go…

    • tempor

      Way to go nowhere?
      Economy is bad brother. It is time to recapitalise banking system. As one of the other bloggers has commented, and I fully agree.
      (The picture is gloomier than presented by the writer.

      Non-performing assets of commercial banks are increasing by double digits. Atlas Mara is being systematically finished off by delaying and manipulating judgments on two huge owings by Lamasat (over $13 million) and Larry Sikutwa Group (Madison Insurance, Asset Management and Financing companies) of $16 million. Atlas Mara does not meet capital requirements. Same goes for Zanaco where money laundering and theft by senior executives at rampant. FNB has stopped giving consumer loans. It is really a dire financial industry. Kwacha has gone down by 3% in last two days. Chinese have stopped dishing out loans as the repayment of loan to them is overdue by 123 million dollars)

    • UPP

      HH must fire Gary Nkombo for officiating the opening ceremony with President Edgar Lungu. Lets start preparing for a by- election in Mazabuka.

  2. One zed manex

    Hope people of mazabuka will benefit it’s time locals enjoy the mineral resources of there land.

  3. mailon

    There is something very wrong with having a president who is never in the office,what time does he work?He spent almost the whole of the last 30 days campaigning now he has gone “to flag off” the opening of a mine.Is that not work for a PS?Why cant he just resign instead of pretending to be working?We are in the middle of a serious economic crisis with the kwacha nosedividing and the man is gallivanting?

    • PM

      We are really in big problem with Lungu as president. How can the entire president take time to flag off a micky mouse mine with meagre investment of USD40million? Where is the mines minister or PS? Surely a DC would have done that !! This is the reason why most African presidents are not respected. He fails to pay for important projects like Kazungula bridge and Nakonde road which are key points for the country’s economy but goes to waste time with this little mine which will fold up very soon. What a joke !!!

    • Hollywood

      If it was hakainde you would have apritiate.for it is PF every thing is wrong.

      • nickname

        yeah if it was that boring dude sonny chintombwa you could have heaping songs of praise, muzakafa nacikonko jealous na bitterness

  4. Daniel Banda

    The Word of God is clear in 2 Timothy 3: about the times we are passing through. The characters described in the verses of this chapter. The believers are warned not to join wrong doers.


    After misusing Gov coffers today in Mazabuka whr is the mine ministor?
    Economy is very poor at the end we I’ll hear that the mine was sold, ZAMBIAN whr ar we going?

  6. HH

    Job well done Mr president that’s a good move

  7. Dog bee

    This time around,locals are suffering too much because of corruption in this country,where there z a person put in place to standing up for local,any chance given to locals they have their own relatives to give those opportunities,go to kalumbila you will experience this,only those who are coming from different areas are given jobs locals only to local contractors,who uses people as animals.

  8. desmond

    Hi please send me vacancies

  9. muntungwa

    I support you PM our president has all his programs screwed up. Where are his advisers?

  10. Wamunyima

    It will up left the economy

  11. Southerners

    Good move Mr President now you have shown one Zambia one nation way to go do more. Thx

  12. Ba Barnes

    Let’s learn to appreciate, thanks Mr president for the job well done, may God bless you

  13. enalo

    It is his time. Fyesu bakafishiya. My 2021. Tukalya naifwe.


    Am a craft certificate holder in automotive electrical engineering, also have trade certificate in automotive mechanics

  15. Kapijimpanga

    This mine was on receivership it was almost closed the president worked very to have it reopened why you people don’t say thank you to the president hakainde is now campaigning to have the national dialogue convened in his home walobe ilyauma you will miss it the nation must move on you are not a factor

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