5 Years for Thief Who Stole from Kitwe Mayor’s House

The Kitwe Magistrate Court has sentenced to five years a burglar who broke into Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe’s house where he stole property worth K 31,000.

This in a matter Emmanuel Chisha was charged with one count of theft contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence were that on August 22, 2018, Chisha, while acting with other persons unknown, broke into Kang’ombe’s house and stole a television set, a DVD player and two Laptops, all valued at K 31,000.

Chisha was initially jointly charged with Webby Mupeta who has escaped the sentence for lack of evidence connecting him directly to the offence.

When the matter came up for judgment before magistrate Dominic Lesa, it was ruled that the prosecution team proved the case beyond reasonable doubt and convicted Chisha accordingly.

In mitigation, Chisha pleaded with the court for leniency and asked for forgiveness, saying he was a first offender.

Magistrate Lesa said he had taken note of the convict’s mitigation but sentenced him to five years imprisonment with hard labour effective December 10, 2018 while Mupeta was acquitted in the matter.


  1. sadf


  2. Hmmm

    A DVD , two LAPTOPS and a tv summing up to K31 pin?? Iyo kwena…
    Nabeene ukutemwa bukabolala ama guys.

  3. pampers

    1 DVD,1 tv , 2 laptops all valued at k31pin….ati Dominic Lesa where on earth stupid mwembushi.

  4. Smart k

    Ba mayor these things can’t worth 31pin dat a lie mwandi.

  5. Idiocy Detector

    Elo the most expensive DVD player is K500.


    It’s my prayer That maybe the mayor provided receipts as evidence before the courts of law..
    But the price is quiet worrisome.

  7. Yamudi silwenga

    It’s a lie ba mayor such amount of money mwilatusebanya offer them some thing to do bakaleka ukwiba

  8. Grace kumwenda

    TVs are expensive depending in the size of inches. Some goes at K34 pin, just one TV

  9. Chanda

    Its not these common TVs you see some TVs are very expensive and there are those 5cd loader DVDs they are quiet expensive as well

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