IG Receives NDC Complaint on Insulting Cadres

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has acknowledged receipt of a complaint by the NDC over a video posted online of alleged Patriotic Front supporters insulting and threatening violence against Chsihimba Kambwili.

NDC vice president Joseph Akafumba lodged a complaint with the Copperbelt police command and also Inspector General of Police’s office Kakoma Kanganja.

Akafumba in a letter dated April 15, 2019 filed with Kanganja  and Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said that known PF members who recorded a video which has gone viral issuing death threats and insults against Kambwili should be brought to book.

In his letter, Akafumba informed the police chief that he was aware that issuing death threats and use of insulting language against any person amounts to a criminal offence and punishable at law.

“I request you to investigate this matter and bring the culprits to book as quickly as possible because in  matters of such nature like issuing threats to kill someone , urgency in handling the matter is of utmost importance”, Akafumba said.

“I have no doubt at all that with the gravity of the offence , we are reporting to your office investigations will immediately commenceS”, said  Akafumba  .


  1. Simpito Mukandwa

    Awe sure

  2. One zed manex

    Too bad that we reach these levels in life & I hope those involved will get to the table & resolve there differences for the good of peace for our mother Zambia.llets put the fear of God first then will respect one another.may the good Lord bless you all may it be so.

  3. Beston Goodson Kangwai

    Lets Dr ck to walk flee why are you following hin because of one win wait better days are coming.

  4. Sams

    Now that those caders are from the ruling party they are called caders if were from opposition would been all because of the party leader.
    Am not complaining but just raising a motion to those who can’t see for them to see.

    • Jackson

      Sams has a point. When it is opposition supporters misbehaving, it is the fault of the opposition party leader. When it is PF supporters misbehaving, why is it not their party leader’s fault also?

  5. alefisa

    Those thugs are from upnd pretending to be PF carders,who is ck to us? our children are at their best behavior no no no not our children from PF no.

    • Jonas

      How do you expect UPND cadres mentioning the upnd president to soughted out too ,these are jokes,just accept The y arebpf

  6. Edgar Charles lumwana

    So who are we going to bream now ?

  7. Mr. K

    Alefisa you are correct those thugs are NDC upnd pf youths are very well organised they can’t go o the streets with insults let the police do their job you will see

  8. Alexander mufimba

    the video has alot of insults me I don’t care weather it’s pf or upnd should face the law and they should be an example to other people who are thinking of doing the same thing of insulting big man like C.K. these are just politics let’s show respect in everything not only in church but everywhere

  9. Daniel Banda

    Known criminals are supposed to be directly reported by identification not wasting time through investigation.

  10. CM

    We want to see justice

  11. kings

    Let Us See How Competent The Police IG Is Where Protecting Human Life Is Concerned, Without Delay, We Want To See The Culprits Brought To Book For Others Of The Same Feathers To Learn, Because They Are Painting A Very Bad Picture On Our Youths. Z P Asebenze, Go And Sorround Their Homes With Deadly Weapons As Usual.

  12. Razor

    Have the same people been arrested up to now?

  13. Given

    The vedio was vivid why are people failing to identify those guys and tell us from which party they belong.

  14. Kapunda

    Let’s wait and c or hear the outcome .loading. ….

  15. Kapunda

    Remember to carry teargas!

  16. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Pf poor part for the fools

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